Wednesday, August 10, 2016

America SHAMED…again

While the Boy-King Obama is on vacay and racking up his 300th round of golf, the world continues to spin out of control. There were reports yesterday that Turkey’s President Recip Tayyip Erdogan has issued a very deliberate threat to Europe. As well, Russia’s Vladimir Putin has ordered armored formations to the Ukraine border, from his illegally-established base of operations in Crimea.
We recently shared Putin’s offer to the U.S.- backed Syrian rebels to join forces, support Bashar al-Assad, and fight to defeat ISIS and Al Nusra Front. The report demonstrated the lack of trust the Syrian rebel leader has for our golf pro president. And now it seems Obama’s close friend, Erdogan, has found a new BFF.
As reported by Fox News, “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday after talks with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin that the two nations can rebuild their damaged ties and make them even closer, promising to back major energy projects with Russia.
Repeatedly calling Putin his “dear friend,” Erdogan said Turkey is ready to implement a natural gas pipeline project proposed by Moscow and a deal for Russia to build Turkey’s first nuclear power plant. Putin, in turn, said the flow of Russian tourists to Turkey, halted after the downing of a Russian jet by Turkey in November, will resume soon.
He also promised to gradually lift an embargo on imports of Turkish agricultural products and other restrictions. Putin added that he and Erdogan would have a separate discussion on Syria later Tuesday involving top military and intelligence officials to search for common ground in the crisis, where Moscow and Ankara have backed the opposing sides.”
Here’s the play going down folks. Erdogan threatened Europe that if Turkey wasn’t granted VISA-free travel into the European continent, he’d flood them with some nearly three million refugees. Of course we all realize Erdogan has already done exactly that, and it’s had serious consequences for Europe — due to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ill-conceived border opening.
What Erdogan proposes is a destabilization of Europe at a critical time for domestic security — and his threat could also have ramifications for America — adverse ones. It’s very clear that Erdogan, the survivor of a recent coup d’etat, has been openly allowing the transition of ISIS fighters through his country, along with enabling black market oil sales being conducted through his borders that generate revenue for ISIS.
Erdogan appears to be testing NATOs resolve and at this time, he’s looking for a partner.
Putin on the other hand is solidifying his position in the “new” Middle East. He, along with a willing accomplice in Obama, has managed the strengthening of Iran, positioning them as a regional hegemony with a burgeoning economic and military prowess.
Iran now has presence and control in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, and supports Hamas in Gaza. The Iranian influence and belligerence have been rewarded by the Obama administration and now even an Iraqi Shiite Militia has stated it will attack U.S. forces and not support the effort against ISIS.
Slowly, Obama’s foreign policy blunders are being greatly exposed and our troops are caught in a very tenuous and deadly, situation. It echoes back to the travails of Xenophon and the Ten Thousand — if you don’t know it, read it.
Iran has deployed troops, and even recognized if not encouraged terrorist organizations in various countries in the Middle East — especially in Syria where the Quds Force and Hezbollah freely operate. What Vladimir Putin is accomplishing is bringing together an alliance in the region of Iran, Turkey, and Syria — an unlikely coalition of Sunni, Shia, and Alawite that will enable Putin to be the new power broker in the region supporting what would otherwise be very elongated lines of communication and logistical support.
As Obama plays golf, Putin is playing chess, check and checkmating Obama at every turn. Vladimir Putin is looking to consolidate a huge amount of global energy reserves, which will seal his power and economic status of Russia, which already possesses massive natural gas reserves.
All the while, our little Lord Fauntleroy decimates our oil, gas, and coal industry at a time when we should be seeking to undermine this strategic objective of Russia, and Putin. And it follows that Putin therefore needs Ukraine’s energy resources in order to bring Europe to its knees.
So, the meeting with Erdogan is part of a strategic plan that will secure rights in the Black Sea enabling freedom of maneuver for his maritime forces, and shipments. As for Erdogan, he’s looking ahead to breaking alliances with NATO and finding a new ally in Russia. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and it appears necessity can drive some strange bedfellows.
I’m quite sure the meeting between Erdogan and Putin was all about finding the common ground and setting aside the differences for a greater goal — kinda like Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler forging a relationship. Erdogan has to be convinced about the benefits for his support of Assad in Syria, and why he should turn his back on ISIS, Nusra Front, and other Sunni islamist groups — which after the terrorist bombing in the airport, makes his decision a tad easier. Erdogan is a strong man just like Putin, a Machiavellian-style leader, and the failure of this coup sets him on course to remake Turkey in his own design — not that of Kemal Ataturk.
And in this game of thrones, who will end up being the real loser? The Kurds. They’ll find themselves completely isolated between Turkey and Iran — again, betrayed by America.
Now, if we had a president who was less interested in golf and more into this very demanding game of Stratego, this is what he’d do. Obama should immediately cancel his vacation and fly to Kurdistan, Irbil and Kirkuk. There he should lay down the foundations for a security agreement, along with one of commerce support for Kurdistan’s oil industry. He should find out what the Kurds need by way of military equipment to begin the immediate eradication of ISIS from northern Iraq — namely Mosul.
Obama should lay out his plan for an independent and recognized Kurdistan, to include protection of Christian and religious minorities such as the Yazidis. Unlike the made-up folks called “Palestinians,” the Kurds have a separate and distinct culture, history and language. They are the world’s largest ethnic group without a homeland — now talk about a viable legacy for Obama. That’a much better than men in the women’s bathrooms.
We should explore closing our air bases in Turkey and repositioning them in Kurdistan — Kirkuk AB is an awesome location. After visiting Kurdistan, Obama needs to fly to Jordan, then Israel, and lastly Egypt. He needs to build a viable coalition that can stand against the growing axis being created by Putin.
Obama needs to make a stand, and call for Turkey’s expulsion from NATO as a result of Erdogan’s Islamist tendencies and his violation of freedoms and liberties. Finally, Obama needs to fly to Ukraine and to each Baltic State and lay the framework for a power projection military force that can stand ready as a deterrent to Russian aggression.
Ok, I know, this is all a pipe dream, but in all actuality, this could be a blueprint for the Middle East and European strategy and policy for one Donald Trump. We need a clear, concise, and bold vision because anyone can see that the storm clouds are forming and time is running out.
Putin and Erdogan realize they have until November 8th to set the conditions for reshaping the global order in their favor…along with China. If America makes a foolish choice in November and elects Obama’s former SecState, the infamous deliverer of the “reset button,” then their plans go green light. However, if a different choice is made, they may have to delay and take stock of the new fella’s composition — actually, the national security team of Trump is the key.
This is not “neo-con” stuff; this is what leaders do. They have vision and see the opposition’s move before they make it and get inside their decision cycle, placing the enemy on the horns of a dilemma. This is about how you decrease the options of your adversary and position yourself in a posture of deterrence.
Now, there are many fearful wimps who say we shouldn’t do anything to provoke Putin and Russia — that is folly. It was at the end of the week — when former SecDef Chuck Hagel announced the reduction of our active duty Army and retirement of the venerable A-10 Warthog that Russia launched its non-uniformed assault and seized the sovereign territory of Ukraine called Crimea.
Weakness is an enticement to despots and dictators. As Ronald Reagan said, peace comes through strength.


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