Tuesday, August 9, 2016

WHOA: Look who was spotted at Hillary’s rally last night

Hillary praises the first Muslim American participant that failed to move up, and never said a word about the First Woman Gold medal winner. She like Obama is always looking out for Muslims and to hell with the American people. They both have Muslim advisers. So is this guy here because he is a Hillary supporter or is was he invited to get Trump Riled up? I don't think its a coincidence.

Hillary Clinton spoke at a rally in Kissimmee, Florida last night just south of Orlando. Her speech was supposed to be about jobs, but she started out by paying tribute to the victims and survivors of the Pulse Nightclub terror attack.
And lo and behold, who “just happened” to be seated right behind her, smiling and taking cell phone videos? Why, Seddique Mateen, the father of Orlando terrorist and mass murderer Omar Mateen.
An eagle-eyed reporter from WPTV recognized the man with the mustache clearly visible just a few rows away from Hillary on the stage

WPTV reports NewsChannel 5 asked Mateen what he was thinking about when Clinton spoke about the Orlando incident.
We’ve been cooperating with the federal government, and that’s about it,” he said. “Thank you.” Mateen didn’t want to answer any other questions, but just hours later, we ran into him by chance at a rest stop on the way back to West Palm Beach. He wanted to do an interview and show us a sign he made for Clinton.
“Hillary Clinton is good for United States versus Donald Trump, who has no solutions,” he said.
We asked what went into his decision to go to the event right near Orlando, where the Pulse Nightclub shooting happened.
“I spoke a lot about that and wish that my son joined the Army and fought ISIS. That would be much better,” he said.
When questioned whether Clinton’s campaign knew he was going to the event and sitting directly behind the presidential candidate, Mateen said, ” It’s a Democratic party, so everyone can join.”
Gee, do you think the LGBTQ lobby who so slavishly supports the Democrats is happy about this one?
WPTV reports they also reached out to the Clinton campaign to find out if he’d been invited or if they’d known he was going to be there, but has not received a response.
Maybe it’s not so surprising — after all, Hillary Clinton did invite the mother of Michael Brown on stage at the DNC as one of the “Mothers of the Movement.” Perhaps she’ll have a rally and feature Omar Mateen’s father, as well as the father of San Bernardino terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook for a touching “Fathers of the Movement” tribute.

What’s that saying about the company you keep?






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