Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wow...check this out....

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Congrats to our President for breaking a new record

He broke his own record the last 3 years for Golfing. What an idiot. He should be busy at WORK rather than the golf course. Also if anyone noticed everytime something critical came up to work with  congress, like a scared little b&^%h he was out campaigning or golfing. Not a good leader

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We should be drilling for our own oil!!

Iran Warns it Might Close Hormuz Strait, Stop Oil

Tuesday, 27 Dec 2011 05:09 PM
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's official news agency on Tuesday quoted a top official as saying Iran will close the Strait of Hormuz, cutting off oil exports, if the West imposes sanctions on Iran's oil shipments.
According to the IRNA report Tuesday Vice President Mohamed Reza Rahimi said Iran does not want hostilities but charged that the West continues its plots against Iran.
The West is considering limiting Iran's oil trade over its disputed nuclear program. Some 80 percent of Iran's foreign revenue comes from oil exports.
In Washington, State Department spokesman Mark Toner called the threat "bluster." He said it was "another attempt by them to distract attention from the real issue, which is their continued noncompliance with international nuclear obligations."
Rahimi has no major role in Iran's foreign or military policy.
Iran is conducting a 10-day naval maneuver in the area the of the Strait of Hormuz, where about 40 percent of the world's oil supply passes. Closing the strait would have immense world economic impact.
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Read more on Newsmax.com: Iran Warns it Might Close Hormuz Strait, Stop Oil
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Monday, December 26, 2011

An Obama victory??...what idiots!

I seen on Cnn and Nbc that they both claimed Obama is celebrating a victory in Hawaii for his tax vacation, which was the biggest part of his jobs bill??? I would not be celebrating, He wanted a one year deal...NOT A TWO MONTH DEAL. The Republicans wanted a one year deal and the wimps in the Senate voted two months. You know Obama will screw it up when it comes due again.  I hope this congress votes nothing else this idiot wants in. Its not good for the country and economy.
    Lets see the pipeline go forward....Its jobs for sure without costing the taxpayers a dime. But this goofball won't want it because he is getting paid by unions and environmentalist to do it and not to do it. Anybody gives this guy any mony is a dumbass for beleiving in his ways.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The tax cut issue

I am sticking with the House on the one year instead of two months. They already passed the bill with the pipeline, but the Libtards have to change it to 2 months. Whenever the House wanted a short term extension the Libtards said no way. So lets see if the Liberal idiots come back to cover ther ass and put up a 1 year vote. Obama originally wanted a 1 year extension? hmmmm

Voter Fraud

Officials Plead Guilty in New York Voter Fraud Case

A total of four Democratic officials and political operatives have now pleaded guilty to voter fraud-related felony charges in an alleged scheme to steal a New York election.
The latest guilty pleas expose the ease with which political insiders can apparently manipulate the electoral system and throw an election their way, by the forging of signatures of unsuspecting voters that are then cast as real votes.
"The phrase they use is: 'making sure they vote the right way,'" said a source close to the case, which is unfolding in Troy, N.Y. "It is not a Democratic or Republican thing. ... It is criminal."
Former Troy Democratic City Clerk William McInerney, Democratic Councilman John Brown, and Democratic political operatives Anthony Renna and Anthony DeFiglio have entered guilty pleas in the case, in which numerous signatures were allegedly forged on absentee ballots in the 2009 Working Families Party primary, the political party that was associated with the now-defunct community group, ACORN.
The four have pleaded guilty to one count of various charges, ranging from forgery to falsifying business records, and criminal possession of a forged instrument.
"Getting at the truth has always been the primary goal of this investigation," Special Prosecutor Trey Smith said in a statement, while also thanking New York State Police efforts to "bring those responsible for the voting fraud to justice."
Numerous voters told Fox News that they were stunned that their signatures were faked on absentee ballot applications and ballots, which were cast as real votes in their names in the 2009 primary election.
Brian Suozzo's absentee ballot application claimed that he was "at home recovering from medical procedure," which he told us was not true.
"Someone took my signature and voted with it and I feel extremely violated," Suozzo said when Fox News first broke the story nationally in 2009. "The whole thing seems dirty to me."
Jessica Boomhower's absentee ballot application falsely claimed that she was in Boston.
"I can't believe they thought they would get away with this," she told Fox News. "I didn't get to cast my vote on my own. ... They're corrupt. I am sure this goes on a lot in politics, but it's very rare that they do get caught."
Two of the ballot applications claimed that the voters were unavailable, because they were supposedly on a "bus trip to casino."
Smith, at one point during the two-year long investigation, even obtained court orders to take DNA samples from five of the seven Democratic members of the Troy City Council. The goal was to try and compare the samples to any DNA evidence found on the absentee ballot envelopes.
No Republicans were implicated in the alleged conspiracy, but one political operative claimed that such voter fraud occurs "on both sides of the aisle."
In November 2009, Democratic operative Anthony DeFiglio told New York State police investigators that faking absentee ballots was a commonplace and accepted practice in political circles, all intended to swing an election.
"This is an on-going scheme and it occurs on both sides of the aisle," he told police. "The people who are targeted live in low-income housing and there is a sense that they are a lot less likely to ask any questions."
He said that "it was common knowledge that these people were never going to receive an absentee ballot. This is a political strategy to get control of a third party line."
DeFiglio claimed that "the reason that this came to light in this election, was the sheer number of absentee ballots that went out to the Working Families Party. ... To political insiders in the county, what appears as a huge conspiracy to non-political persons is really a normal political tactic."
Troy City Council President Clem Campana pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to charges including falsifying business records and illegal voting.
When Fox News asked him about the case last year, Campana was adamant that he did nothing wrong.
"No one tried to steal any election," he claimed. "I did nothing wrong, I don't know if anyone did, and if they did, they should be held accountable for it."
City Councilman Michael LoPorto and Democratic County Elections Commissioner Edward McDonough were indicted earlier this year and they face trial on the felony charges next month.
LoPorto also denied the allegations when Fox News questioned him last year.
"Did you do anything wrong?" Fox News asked.
He answered, "No."
"Did you try to steal an election?"
"Did you forge any ballots?"
"No," said LoPorto.
"They did steal an election," claimed Bob Mirch, the pugnacious former Republican Majority Leader of the Rensselaer County legislature, who first discovered the alleged fraud and started the investigation. For his efforts in trying to expose what happened, Mirch says he was voted out of office after serving 16 years and was replaced by a Democrat.
"This is just the tip of the iceberg," he said about voter fraud. "This case in Troy shows that the political insiders had this scheme down pat. Two years ago the public didn't believe me, but they know it now."
The case in Troy echoes a similar election fraud investigation that is now ongoing in Indiana.
St. Joseph County Prosecutor Michael Dvorak, in South Bend, is currently investigating allegations that numerous signatures on 2008 Democratic Presidential primary petitions for then candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, were faked. There are claims that so many signatures were fraudulent, that the Obama campaign may not have actually obtained enough legitimate signatures to have legally qualified for the ballot. And just like the New York voters in Troy who told Fox News that they never signed absentee ballots, voters in South Bend and Mishawaka told us that their signatures were forged too.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/12/21/officials-plead-guilty-in-new-york-voter-fraud-case/#content#ixzz1hDhLHs2p

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Navy buys biofuel for $16 a gallon (from Hot air)

This is going to help the Defense Department weather looming budget cuts, for sure. Teaming up with the Department of Agriculture (which has a cheery Rotary Club ring to it), the Navy has purchased 450,000 gallons of biofuel for about $16 a gallon, or about 4 times the price of its standard marine fuel, JP-5, which has been going for under $4 a gallon.
You won’t be surprised to learn that a member of Obama’s presidential transition team, T. J. Glauthier, is a “strategic advisor” at Solazyme, the California company that is selling a portion of the biofuel to the Navy. Glauthier worked – shock, shock – on the energy-sector portion of the 2009 stimulus bill.
The Navy sale isn’t Solazyme’s first trip to the public trough, of course. The company got a $21.8 million grant from the 2009 stimulus package.
Solazyme’s partner in the biofuel sale is Dynamic Fuels, a Louisiana company owned jointly by Tyson Foods and Tulsa-based Syntroleum. Tyson and Syntroleum are distinguished by having profitable lines of business that do not rely on government grants to unprofitable “green” projects. This does not make their biofuel product price-competitive with fossil fuels, however. (They were induced to develop biofuel manufacturing processes by a combination of subsidies and tax breaks.)
The Dynamic Fuels plant was opened for business in Geismar, LA in 2010, becoming by far the largest biofuels plant in North America – and reportedly, in combination with a plant in Finland, a producer of 94% of the world’s biofuels. This is great boosterism stuff, but the biofuels produced by Dynamic Fuels are still considerably more expensive than the fossil-fuel alternative. Dynamic Fuels has begun supplying aviation biofuel to KLM, the Dutch flag carrier, but of course, the use of more-expensive biofuels by commercial carriers has to be subsidized by governments.
If governments stopped subsidizing biofuels, their artificial “profitability” would disappear overnight. Price-wise, they can’t compete with fossil fuels. The day may come when they can, but subsidizing them while they don’t is not a method with any record of success for encouraging price efficiency. What it does instead is create languishing public dependencies and tremendous opportunities for cronyism, as demonstrated in the Solyndra scandal.
As the Institute for Energy Research article (top link) indicates, the US has enormous reserves of both conventional and unconventional oil and natural gas resources. Opening them up for exploitation would, among other things, ensure that the US armed forces could buy cheaper fuel – cheaper than today’s prices – produced in the USA. At a time when federal debt is spiraling and the Defense Department is facing budget cuts that are guaranteed to gut the fighting forces and render them ineffective, it seems to border on insane to eschew a ready, significantly cheaper alternative and require the armed services to quadruple what they pay for fuel as a proof of concept – apparently with the idea that the forces should buy more of the 4-times-as-expensive fuel. This is, after all, our national security we’re talking about.
J.E. Dyer’s articles have appeared at The Green Room, Commentary’s “contentions,Patheos, The Weekly Standard online, and her own blog,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The dems and the budget and their stupidity

Republicans have over 25 bills that have sat in the democratic senate since their swearing in. the democratic senate has not responded to one house sponsored bill with their own bill. the democratic senate under reid`s direction per obama`s wishes has yet to submit a budget for the country in 958 days, only 51 days less than jfk was president. this is the crux of the problem-THE DONKEYS! in 331, days. 7954, hours. 477241, minutes. 28634476, seconds it will be fixed.     

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dick Durbin

I can't wait till Dick retires or by being voted out. to lberal for me.

Gingrich or Romney

So far Gingrich is looking pretty good?

Taxing the rich

I am not a wealthy person. I consider myself middle class. Everything Obama's wanting to do he is adding or saying tax the rich. How much can they keep paying. I don't agree with all the taxing the wealthy, because whatever you raise their taxes to, it won't be enough to pay the bills! Look at Illinois! we were told we will get a temp tax hike. As of now its permanent because Quinn is still increasing his spending! We need to cut spending.

First posting was on Obama's Jobs bill

I have always been in a union. I have good benefits and pay. Never have I had to use the union for any issues.   I always wondered why our unions wanted us to vote demecrat. Now I understand why.
   Everything in Obama's stimulus and current so called jobs bill was union jobs only!
 What about all the 18 to 25 year olds that are not working and not carrying a union card. Stimulus and the current so called jobs bill would have no affect on these unemployed people. So I am definitly NOT for this jobs bill.  Also the stimulus bill's jobs were temporary. So everytime a union person was called up to work was that job creation?  What a farce.
   So by listening to Obama Unions support Dems by using our union dues for political purposes. I never realized that until the libs were running the show. I am for the middle class and unemployed. Not just unemployed union labor!