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ObamaCare Penalties on the Rise

The least popular feature of ObamaCare is about to become a whole lot less fun. As we head into 2015, the individual mandate dictating that all individuals purchase health insurance or else is ramping up with increased penalties.
In 2014, the penalty was $95 per person, or 1% of yearly household income, whichever was higher, to a maximum of the national average cost of an ObamaCare “Bronze” plan. Of course, this means that if you live in an area where premiums are below the national average, it could cost you more not to buy insurance at all than it would to opt into ObamaCare.
According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the average premium for a Bronze plan this year was $163 a month, meaning that the penalty would max out at $1,956 a year. Premiums are expected to increase significantly next year, and penalties along with them.
In 2015, the costs of opting out of ObamaCare are going to jump dramatically. The penalty (which Healthcare.gov continues to call a penalty, despite the administration’s successful argument before the Supreme Court that it is really a tax) will rise to $325 per person, or 2 percent of income. This means that costs per person could rise as much as 242 percent in one year for people who simply don’t think ObamaCare is a good deal for them.
In short, the government is going to charge you what could amount to thousands of dollars for the sin of not buying the products they tell you to buy.
Earlier this year, the House of Representatives passed a bill to delay the ObamaCare individual mandate, garnering the support of 27 House Democrats, but the bill was promptly killed in the Harry Reid-controlled Senate. But next year, Harry Reid will no longer be Majority Leader, and Republicans have a real chance of building bipartisan support to roll back one of the worst features of president Obama’s signature law.

Premiums for the most popular ObamaCare health plan increase by 10 percent

Our Out of Pocket Premium Payments at Work  just went up again! I thought this Idiot said cost would go down! What a LYING P.O.S. 

The premiums for lowest cost silver plans available on the federal ObamaCare exchange have jumped by 10 percent, according to an analysis conducted by Avalere Health, a consulting firm that generally advocates for the law.
Premiums for 2014 health plans on the individual market jumped substantially compared to pre-ObamaCare rates. This was due to several mandated benefits, taxes and fees as well as significant regulatory changes, such as the age-rating restriction, which prohibits insurers from charging older consumers more than three-times what younger policyholders pay.
Unsurprisingly, however, premiums are still on the rise, largely a result of too few low-risk consumers, higher utilization of coverage by older policyholders, and a lack of insurers participating on the federal exchange. The so-called "administrative fix" for some canceled health plans is also to blame.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released premium data for health plans available on the federal exchange the day before the launch of the second open enrollment period. The New York Times reported that the consumers could face premium increases as high as 20 percent unless they switch plans.
Twenty-eight percent of consumers purchased the lowest cost silver plan during the first open enrollment period, making it the most popular on the federal exchange. On average, according to the analysis, these consumers will see premium increases of 10 percent if they don't login to HealthCare.gov and pick a new plan. If they don't, they'll be automatically re-enrolled for next year.
Another complication for consumers is the benchmark health plan on which subsidies are calculated -- the second-lowest cost silver plan -- is changing in most areas of the country, which could lead to them to see more of the true costs of their pricey ObamaCare coverage.

MEDICAL CARE DELAYS FOR MORE AMERICANS THAN EVER: Obamacare Costs Overwhelming The Middle Class


A Few More Facebook Post

It actually would not have bothered me if thee scumbags would have accidently caught themselves on fire when they were doing this

A Quick History Lesson


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What If We Had A President Who… ➠ Must See Video


What If a president ignored the People, Congress, the rule of law and in many cases the US Constitution?

This video, “What If’, looks at Barack Obama and the fact that he has done all this and more!


Not a single White House official was at his funeral.....

PICTURE ON THE LEFT is of my bro Chris Grant KIA Oct 20th 2013 while conducting operations in Helmand province Afghanistan.....not a single White House official was at his funeral.....

ON THE RIGHT As most of you know is mike brown.....this guy died after robbing a convenience store for some cigarettes at gun point and disobeyed commands of a police officer to stop....3 WHITE HOUSE OFFICIALS ATTEND HIS FUNERAL!!!! This makes me just dumbfounded how stupid our nations priorities as a whole have gone down the drain and how far we have strayed from what our Nation was Founded upon......yes you can make the argument we were founded upon Riots and a Revolution but I'm talking about how we actually cared about the person to the left and right of us....if you stole you were more afraid of what your parents would do to you than even getting arrested and how you had given your family's name a bad reputation...you worked for every penny you earned weren't given any handouts and you respected everyone no matter if you knew them or not and treated others how you would want to be treated....they told the truth even if it meant certain death...they loved our country and our flag and if you talked bad about our nation let alone talked about BURNING our Flag you would have been beaten or jailed for treason....where are you America.....it seriously scares me to have to raise a child some day in this day and age because of how corrupt it is.....please for the love of God please educate yourself and try to turn America starting with ourselves back to the core values of what our nation was founded upon....no computer or scientific breakthrough or new drug or medication is going to help us as a nation pull ourselves together and become a Nation that would make our Founding Fathers proud not make them roll over in their graves.....WE THE PEOPLE must work TOGETHER.....

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Gallup: Peak Number Of Americans Delaying Medical Care Over Costs

One in three Americans has put off seeking medical treatment in 2014 due to high costs, according to Gallup — the highest percentage since Gallup began asking the question in 2001. 
Thirty-three percent of Americans have delayed medical treatment for themselves or their families because of the costs they’d have to pay, according to the survey. Obamacare, of course, had promised that it would help make health care more affordable for everyone, but the number of people who can’t afford a trip to the doctor has actually risen three points since 2013, before most Obamacare provisions took effect.
The hardest-hit: the middle-class. Americans with an annual household income of between $30,000 and $75,000 began delaying medical care over costs more in 2014, up to 38 percent in 2014 from 33 percent last year; among households that earn above $75,000, 28 percent delayed care this year, compared to just 17 percent last year.
The lowest-income section, some of whom can take part in Medicaid and who are more likely to qualify for significant premium and cost-sharing subsidies on an Obamacare exchange, are less likely to delay care this year. Now, 35 percent of those who earn under $30,000 a year are putting off seeking medical care, down from 43 percent last year.
It’s a remarkable shift: after Obamacare’s redistribution of wealth, the middle class is actually delaying medical care due to high costs at a higher rate than the poorest section of the country, which is highly subsidized by taxpayers.
The growing problem could have serious consequences for the middle-class. Twice as many people (22 percent) have delayed treatment for serious illnesses than than for smaller problems (11 percent).
Part of the problem is an ongoing shift towards higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, while health insurance premiums continue to rise all the same. The trend, which existed to some extent before Obamacare, increased in intensity with the onset of the health-care law. (RELATED: 4 Of 5 Companies May Hike Deductibles Due To Obamacare)
Some health policy experts argue that the trend helps cut down on wasteful health care spending. But those who already had health coverage, in many cases, are seeing their deductibles go up along with their premiums, making it more difficult than ever to afford medical care itself, on top of now-mandatory medical insurance.
Gallup’s results corroborate what many Obamacare supporters have confirmed about the health-care law: while it’s named the Affordable Care Act, its purpose was to increase the number of Americans with health insurance, not to make it more affordable for everyone.
New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, the third-ranking Democrat in the Senate, admitted this week that congressional Democrats should not have passed Obamacare in 2010 because it didn’t benefit most of the middle class. (RELATED: Chuck Schumer: We Shouldn’t Have Passed Obamacare In 2010)

Did They Want More Violence In Ferguson? 10 ‘Coincidences’ Too Glaring To Ignore

Was it a conspiracy or was it incompetence?  Those appear to be the only two alternatives that we are left with after the horrific violence that we witnessed in Ferguson on Monday night.  The first round of Ferguson rioting back in August took everyone by surprise, but this time authorities had more than three months to prepare.  They had the ability to control precisely when the grand jury decision would be announced and how many cops and National Guard troops would be deployed on the streets.  But despite all this, the violence in Ferguson on Monday night was even worse than we witnessed back in August.  Either this was a case of almost unbelievable incompetence, or there was someone out there that actually wanted this to happen.  If someone out there is actually trying to provoke more violence in Ferguson, then the rioters are being played like a fiddle.  Most of them have no idea that they could potentially just be pawns in a game that is far larger than they ever imagined.  The only other alternative to explain what we just saw is incompetence on a level that is absolutely laughable.  Something definitely does not smell right about all of this, and let us hope that at some point the American people get the truth.  The following are 10 “coincidences” from Monday night in Ferguson that are too glaring to ignore…
#1 Federal, state and local law enforcement authorities had more than three months to prepare for the violence that would follow the announcement of the grand jury decision.  The mainstream media endlessly hyped this controversy and everyone knew that trouble would be brewing.  But despite an enormous amount of time to prepare, very little was actually done to prevent any violence from happening.
#2 Someone made the decision to make the public announcement about the grand jury decision in the evening.  Anyone involved in law enforcement knows that crowd control is far more difficult after dark.  This also ensured that instead of being tied up with work or school, a maximum number of protesters would be able to be involved in the violence.
#3 Fortunately for the mainstream media, the announcement of the grand jury decision was perfectly timed to provide the largest possible number of prime time viewers for the big news networks.
#4 Just like back in August, no law enforcement authorities of any kind responded while dozens of businesses were vandalized, looted and set of fire.
#5 According to Ferguson Mayor James Knowles, National Guard troops were purposely held back from intervening in the rioting that was unleashed when the grand jury decision was made known to the public…
In a press conference, he called the delay “deeply concerning” and said the Guard troops were availablebut were not deployed when city officials asked.
The troops had been readied last week by Gov. Jay Nixon as the grand jury announcement neared. But as gunshots rang out in the night and looters torched buildings, they were nowhere to be seen.
#6 It is being reported that the heavily armed National Guard troops were limited to “keeping the peace at a courthouse, patrolling the outskirts of town and preventing disturbances in other suburbs” as horrific violence raged in the heart of Ferguson on Monday night.
#7 Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder has accused Missouri Governor Jay Nixon of holding back the National Guard troops because of pressure from the Obama administration.  On Monday night, he angrily made the following statement to Fox News…
“Is the reason that the National Guard was not in there because the Obama Administration and the Holder Justice Department leaned on you to keep them out? I cannot imagine any other reason why the governor who mobilized the National Guard would not have them in there to stop this.”
#8 The Washington Post has documented that Attorney General Eric Holder had been in direct contact with Governor Nixon and had expressed “frustration” with the fact that the National Guard had been activated…
A top aide to Holder called the governor’s office earlier this week to express Holder’s displeasure and “frustration,” according to a Justice Department official.
“Instead of de-escalating the situation, the governor escalated it,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the subject. “He sent the wrong message. The tone of the press conference was counterproductive.”
#9 Firefighters in Ferguson did not immediately respond to calls to put out the multiple fires that were set by protesters.  As a result, many businesses essentially burned to the ground.  But this did make for some amazing television footage.
#10 In the worst of the “war zones”, journalists with cameras and microphones were crawling all over the place while there were hardly any police to be seen at all.  How is it possible that law enforcement could have failed so badly?  Could it be possible that this was orchestrated on purpose?
Sadly, as I have written about previously, the civil unrest that we are witnessing in Ferguson is just a small preview of what is coming to America.
The anger and frustration that are seething under the surface in this country have reached a boiling point.  Instead of coming together, we are seemingly more divided than ever.  Americans have been trained to hate one another, fear one another and blame one another.  I fear that we are not too far away from actually becoming ungovernable.
And when the next major wave of the economic crisis strikes and we start experiencing real suffering in this nation, the temper tantrums that we are going to witness in our major cities are going to make what is happening in Ferguson right now look like a Sunday picnic.
So buckle up and hold on, because it is going to be a really bumpy ride from here on out.
Ferguson is not the end – it is just the beginning of a horrible new chapter in American history.


White House Claims It Missed the Story About Al Sharpton Owing $4.5 Million in Taxes

Again this shows the total Stupidity of these Clowns in the White House!

 major story in the NY Times claims that Rev. Al Sharpton owes millions in taxes. When asked about this, White House spokesman Josh Earnest claimed not to have read the stories.

Earnest was asked about the NY Times report by Fox News' Ed Henry but claimed not to have read "those stories." Pressed by Henry on whether White House advisers should pay their taxes, Earnest would only say, "I think every American should pay his or her taxes."
It's no secret that Sharpton has been an adviser to the President. The White House reached out to Sharpton after the shooting of Michael Brown  and one unnamed source told Politico, "There’s a trust factor with The Rev from the Oval Office on down."
That "trust factor" may be a little more strained since a story published by the NY Times last Tuesday revealed that Sharpton and his National Action Network currently owe $4.5 million in back taxes. And despite this outstanding debt, Sharpton continues to fly first class. The Times notes this is, "the kind of practice by nonprofit groups that the United States Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration recently characterized as 'abusive,' or 'potentially criminal' if the failure to turn over or collect taxes is willful."
Mr. Sharpton and the National Action Network have repeatedly failed to pay travel agencies, hotels and landlords. He has leaned on the generosity of friends and sometimes even the organization, intermingling its finances with his own to cover his daughters’ private school tuition.
Last week after the story broke Sharpton emphatically denied it saying, "I have not owed a dime in current taxes." But New York State verified to CBS New York thathe personally owes $779,576 and $457,968 in corporate taxes. In the same news conference Sharpton also suggested that the NY Times story was politically motivated because of his connection to Mayor deBlasio and President Obama.

Obama Kills Tax Cut Because It Didn’t Help Illegals

His Illegals are More Important than the American People???   Kind of Looks like it here.

 President Barack Obama quietly killed a draft tax-cut because the GOP leadership wouldn’t agree to his demand that valuable tax breaks be given to millions of illegal immigrants, according to a Politico article about the secret negotiations.

Just before Thanksgiving, “the deal fell apart just as it seemed to be coming together… [because] Republicans worried undocumented immigrants targeted by [Obama’s Nov. 21 amnesty] would begin claiming the credits,” Politico reported.
The GOP leadership’s reluctance to award tax-breaks to illegals suggests top leaders may use the required December budget bill to deny funds to operate Obama’s promised amnesty. So far, GOP leaders have not said if they will block the amnesty funds — despite growing GOP grassroots pressure — partly because Democrats are threatening to block the complete budget if the amnesty is blocked.
The now-dead tax bill, dubbed the “tax extenders package,” is a grab-bag of tax breaks that are usually passed late in every congressional session. If the bill is not passed, businesses and voters will both face tax increases.
This year’s draft bill was expanded to include more tax-breaks for businesses, and was reputedly valued at more than $400 billion over 10 years.
Politico’s report said Democratic senators initially offered to approve the GOP’s demand for business-boosting tax cuts if the GOP agreed to extend the popular Earned Income Tax Credit for poor Americans.
But GOP leaders stepped back from the deal because they recognized that Obama planned to award the EITC money to illegals covered by his Nov. 21 executive order.
Senate leaders — such as Nevada Sen. Harry Reid and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer — then agreed to trade the business-tax breaks for tax breaks that would boost revenues for state and local governments.
But other Democratic senators denounced the deal, and also refused to reform the EITC system to exclude Obama’s illegals.
According to the IRS, two parents with three or more children would receive up to $6,143 in 2014 if they earn less than $46,997. Parents who earn less than the income threshold would get $3,305 if they have one child, and $5,460 if they have two children.
Most illegal immigrant households have very low income, and pay little in taxes. For example, in 2011, roughly 22 percent of immigrant households — both legal and illegal — were classified as living in poverty. In contrast, only 13 percent of American households were in poverty.
Also, the EITC program is already poorly monitored and may be subject to large amounts of fraud, according to critics.
GOP leaders reportedly refused to trade the EITC extension in exchange for the business tax cuts.
The tangled deal died when the White House demanded that the illegals should get the unreformed EITC tax payments. “An extender package that makes permanent expiring business provisions without addressing tax credits for working families is the wrong approach… Any deal on tax extenders must ensure that the economic benefits are broadly shared,” read a Nov. 24 statement from the Treasury Department.
Obama’s amnesty was blamed for the breakdown in Poltico’s story. “If the immigration announcement had been delayed, we probably could have gotten something done, a Hill aide told Politico.
But Democratic senators also played a role because they refused to reform the EITC rules to curb long-standing fraud or to exclude Obama’s illegals.
The crash highlights the the GOP’s increasingly assertive response to the president’s immigration policies.
Obama is offering work-permits, $2 trillion in taxpayer benefits and a quick route to citizenship to at least 4 million of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the country. He is also trying to win business support for his plan by boosting the inflow of guest-workers sought by blue-chip companies.
Polls show that Obama’s immigration politics are very unpopular among GOP voters, swing voters and some Democrats.
In the face of Obama’s radical policies, the GOP base has become increasingly determined to block his policies. In 2013, the base pressured House Speaker John Boehner to not pass the Senate’s amnesty bill that would have roughly doubled the flow of legal immigrants and guest-workers into the nation’s stalled economy.
Obama’s immigration policies are welcomed by the business community and by major investors, whose wealth rises as immigrants nudges down wages, according to a June 2013 report by the Congressional Budget Office.
The voter vs. donor fight is likely to escalate as GOP leaders try to win the presidency in 2016.
Obama’s immigration priorities have dominated U.S. national politics for two years, partly because a handful of GOP politicians — such as Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. John McCain — have aligned themselves with business groups that want more low-wage foreign workers.
The business-backed focus on immigration has diverted GOP attention from other priorities that could have helped the economy, including tax cuts, careful deregulation and education reform.
The immigration fight has also widened the base vs. business split in the GOP. For example, the top Republican in the House, Rep. Eric Cantor, lost his seat in June 2014 when he was defeated in a primary by a local economics professor, Dave Brat, who campaigned against amnesty and and what he labelled crony capitalism.
 June 2014 when he was defeated in a primary by a local economics professor, Dave Brat, who campaigned against amnesty and and what he labelled crony capitalism.
The fight has now erupted in the Senate, where Sen. Jeff Sessions, the leading GOP voice against amnesty, is now facing a challenge by Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi for the chairmanship of the critical Senate budget committee.
The chairmanship is important because Sessions could use it to pass a 2016 budget plan. Once passed, the budget would allow the GOP majority more leeway in the complex Senate’s complex debating rules to curb progressive spending priorities.
The chairman will be picked by a secret vote among the GOP members of the committee. The committee members include Sen. Graham and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, both of whom supported the Senate’s 2013 amnesty bill.


Makes a good Point.

To quote the cheery, lighted banner twinkling though the tear gas in Ferguson on Monday night, "Season's Greetings, America."

It is so wonderful in these troubling times that town elders and the politicians who are running this show didn't hang up something offensive, like "Happy Thanksgiving." Or "Merry Christmas."
"Season's Greetings" just hits that sweet spot, like sugared holiday cookies that celebrate everybody's special season, made-up or not. Cookies shaped like Stars of David, the continent of Africa, Christmas trees, crescent moons and fists of black power.
That's when you really have a parade! It's enough to bring tears to your eyes. Which is why everybody brought along their gas masks.
Now I realize that some in the media have taken grave exception to people referring to the riots in Ferguson as the "Ferguson riots." And I must say that I agree with them. They really are not the "Ferguson riots."
They are the "Obama riots."
President Barack Obama will forever rightly hold a distinguished place in American history. That can never be taken away from him.
But it is also true that he owns every single bit of these riots over the tragic killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. He owns the discontent. He owns the ignorance. He owns the mayhem. He owns the looting.
This rioting, it's not about Ferguson. It's not about Michael Brown. It's not about Darren Wilson.
After all, an independent grand jury evaluated all the evidence, heard from all the witnesses and asked every question 12 responsible Americans could possibly think up. And they determined that, however unfortunate, Brown's death was not a police murder.
The American grand jury system is not perfect and has not always been above and beyond corruption. But this system of justice works better than any other system of justice devised by man. And the fact that all these looting rioters haven't the faintest knowledge of this proves that Mr. Obama has personally failed miserably at educating and leading the very people he swears he wants to help the most.
The truth is that these riots are about so much more than Brown. They are about the monstrous discontent over every aspect of life for so many people finally boiling over.
Mr. Obama ran and won two presidential campaigns on promises that he would heal these very people. It was either stupidity or dishonesty to make such reckless promises to such vulnerable people just to win a couple of political elections.
The rioting lays bare the complete failure that is this presidency. In the end, the only thing this president has accomplished is proving that the American people, for all their flaws, would elect a black president. And then re-elect him despite a very disappointing first four years.
Nothing better encapsulated Mr. Obama's personal failure like the split screens carried on every channel showing the president addressing the situation from the White House alongside images of the situation unfolding in Ferguson.
"We are a nation built on the rule of law," he said as protesters smashed the windows of a police cruiser and rocked it back and forth, trying to tip it over.
"We do have work to do here," he said as protesters surged toward police lines and smoke began billowing toward them.
And the police, Mr. Obama said, "they need to work with the community, not against the community." Meanwhile, hissing canisters of tear gas skittered down the street.
The protesters, they must understand, justice "won't be done by throwing bottles." Just then, somebody gets hit in the head with a bottle.
This, the president said, is "an opportunity for us to seize the moment and turn this into a positive situation."
Beside him, on the screen, a reporter is trying to talk into the camera, wearing a gas mask. "If we can get some water," the reporter chokes.
Another reporter asks on air for the network to invest in better gas masks.
Luckily for everyone, President Obama took only one question and quickly exited the stage.


This was posted in the Ferguson Scanner, and later deleted. Shared from a post. (Some words blocked out before it was re posted)

This was posted in the Ferguson Scanner, and later deleted. I copied it before it disappeared, and emailed it to myself. I am posting it here because I found this man's message to be in keeping with my own thoughts about the events going on in Ferguson. It's lengthy, but worth reading. See if you agree, and let me know your thoughts (I blanked out references to the 'n' word, for FB rules):

My Name is William G. Lillas....
I wanted to clear up a few black and white questions and answers. The things I state are facts. They are not downloaded from some media website, not propaganda, just observations from a 83 year old black man, born in America:
"I was told by my parents (yes, a married man and woman with my last name), that I was n*****. We lived in “N***** Town” in a small Texas town, no A/C, grass growing through the floor, no car, no TV. We washed our bodies with lye soap that my mother made, by hand. I thought I was a n*****, until I graduated high school, went to college, did an enlistment in the Army, and got a job. I am now retired, own my own home, have 6 children by ONE WOMAN, and we all have the same last name. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts, a Master’s Degree in Sociology. My retirement, VA disability from combat in the Korean War (I only have one leg), and part-time pay in a local college, is about $125,000 a year. From dirt poor n*****, to old, black, proud American.
Yes, I am black, and I can say “n*****”, because I understand the true meaning of the word.
Let’s clear up a few things about the Michael Brown incident.
-Fact: It is not called "shoplifting or stealing", it's called "robbery", which is a felony. Brown stole something and assaulted someone, that means ROBBERY. It’s on video, and it’s a fact. Not shoplifting, not theft, not “lifting” a few cigars, but ROBBERY!
-Michael Brown, like Trayvon, was portrayed by the media as a “little black boy”, cute little headphones, and his cap and gown photo, gunned down by a ruthless police assassin, executed by “whitey”. First, I have never seen a cop drag a person into their car’s driver door to arrest them. So, let us be clear, Michael Brown was a n*****; a sorry assed, criminal, hoodlum, n*****. Nobody wants to say that, but I will. He had a criminal record a mile long, was known for numerous assaults, robberies, including the one you saw with your own eyes, and still refuse to call it a robbery. He was, like so many others, living a life that he thought he was “entitled” to, just for being alive. Gangsta rap, weed, drinking, guns, and those stupid-assed low profile rims, makes him some kind of bad-ass n*****.
-I have fought communist Chinese and North Korean soldiers in the 1950’s with more honor than that n*****. Yep, I peeled potatoes and shot communists. That’s the only job a n***** soldier could get.
Rodney King? Black Riots!
Trayvon? Black Riots!
-Hurricane Katrina? Black Riots! Stealing TV’s, designer clothes, etc.
-O.J. Simpson kills white man and white woman, found NOT GUILTY? Did white folks riot? Nope!
-In fact, when is the last time white people rioted? Civil War, maybe? That’s because they are, relatively, civilized people, much like many black Americans. Protesting is one thing, hell, I’m all for it. Even if you are an ignorant idiot, you have a right to protest.
-Stop only showing the young black "cap and gown" photos of Michael. Charles Manson may have a few of those laying around, as well. Show the n***** "gangsta" photos of the "poor unarmed teenager" (grown man) pics that have been removed from his Facebook page, holding the loaded pistol, smoking weed, with a mouthful of money.
-Militarization? The stupid-assed media that publicizes this has no idea what “militarization” really is. Cops wear helmets and vests, and drive armored vehicle because unemployed n*****s thrown bricks at them, moron! You put on an "Adam 12" uniform and walk down the streets of Ferguson during the criminal riots. I can guarantee that you'll jump into the first armored "military tank" that you see.
-You only "want the police" when you "need the police", otherwise, you mock and fear what you do not understand about the police. And by the way, the police are trained to take your shit, but I wouldn’t fuck around with those Army National Guard, they aren’t as well disciplined “culturally” to take your shit like police do every day. They will ventilate your black asses with M-16s, with military precision and extreme prejudice.
-And finally, the way we protest and demand justice, is run down the streets breaking shit, looting stores, and acting like a bunch of untrained monkeys? Hell, after Rodney King, criminal n*****s were actually killing people, thinking they were entitled to be worse criminals than they already were. For those black criminals that do that, you are a disgrace to your race, inflamed by idiots like Al Sharpton, instead of listening to logic from proud black Americans, like Bill Cosby, Samuel Jackson, Colin Powell, Allen West, me, etc.
-You blame white people for your ignorance, criminal acts, unemployed laziness, etc.
-You blame white people for 89% of the prisons in America being full of blacks. They did nothing wrong, the racists white cops framed them all, right? No chance at school, no chance for college, military, employment?
-More n*****s kill n*****s, than n*****s killing whites, whites killing n*****s, and whites killing whites….COMBINED. I find this astounding.
-It's not white peoples' faults, the Emancipation Proclamation was signed by a white man years ago. You can go to school, get a job, buy a house, and vote, JUST LIKE WHITE FOLKS!!!! You are not a slave, you are not discriminated against! Slavery is abolished, and nobody alive today, was alive when it was popular. Get over it! You are discriminated against because you are a criminal, sorry-assed n*****. Otherwise, black Americans are treated like everyone else.
-If you choose to create "baby daddy and baby mama", and fake disabilities as an excuse for laziness to draw social security disability…… instead of husband, wife, family, job, mortgage, it's YOUR FAULT, not white folks. And there are a lot of proud black Americans that will tell you the same, as I AM ONE OF THEM!!!
-Remember, the way you act on the camera, is remembered by everyone who sees it. They will never forget it. It shows them how you, as the black race, respond to situations that don’t particularly go the way you think they should. It will become a reference standard, something they expect from you when the next media report doesn’t go your way. Stop being stupid n*****s, and be a proud black American. My parents raised me well, but they were wrong about one thing, I am not a n*****.
I will not be around long. While my mind is still sharp, and my aim is still good, my body is eating away with cancer. It started in the prostate, and is spreading rapidly. After I die, I have asked my children to publish my writings, and include my name. Although I am not expecting any miracles, I can only hope that Americans will stop blaming color, start blaming criminals, and see people for what the y really are. We have too many countries that want us dead. We should not be fighting each other.
"William G. Lillas"
 — with Tony BanksCathy Phipps and Joyce Hitsman.

Self Explanatory


When Liberal Reporters Revealed Officer Wilson’s Home Address, They Never Thought THIS Would Happen



We all know that since the Grand Jury’s decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson that the rioting in Ferguson, MO and across the country has been out of control.
The rioters are seeking justice because they believe that Officer Darren Wilson should be punished more harshly despite the obvious evidence in favor or Wilson’s case.
Two New York Times reporters have even gone as far as to endanger and humiliate Officer Darren Wilson publicly in the newspaper.
The two reporters, Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson, decided to publish Officer Darren Wilson and his new wife’s home address in the newspaper. This is absolutely wrong and immoral.
They have now publicly endangered the officer and his new wife. However, they likely won’t face any consequences…or so they thought.
Charles Johnson, an infamous researcher, found both reporters’ home addresses and decided to post them to Gotnews.
Here is his post, “New York Times reporters Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson published the address of Darren Wilson in the New York Times so here are their addresses. …It would be wrong, for example, to publish Bosman’s address at 5620 N WAYNE AVE APT 2, CHICAGO, IL 60660-4204, COOK COUNTY. It would be similarly wrong to publish the address of Robertson, too. 1113 N DUPRE ST, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70119-3203, ORLEANS COUNTY. So why do journalists think they are beyond examination? How does it advance the story to know where Darren Wilson and his newly wed live?”