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Bernie Claims Trump Is Turning America Into A Dictatorship

Coming from a Socialist who praises Dictators and Dictator wannabees (Obama)

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders declared Thursday American democracy is regressing into an autocracy under President Trump.
Sanders spoke about threats To democracy at the Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, where he led off with a provocative accusation directed at Trump. “Under President Trump, our country is moving in an authoritarian direction and the very nature of American democracy is under attack,” Bernie said to a room full of attendees.
Bernie cited three ways in which he believes Trump threatens American democracy: dishonesty to his constituents, disdain towards the media, and a disregard for the separation of powers.
“There is no politician that I know, and certainly no President in the history of this country, who has told as many outrageous and blatant lies as Donald Trump has,” Sanders said.
As supporting evidence of democracy fading before our eyes, Bernie noted Trump’s treatment of the mainstream media. “Not unrelated to his pathological lying is Trump’s unprecedented and vicious attacks on the media.” Bernie admits he is no stranger to criticizing media, but insists Trump’s disparagement is worse.
Sanders went so far as to claim Trump is more comfortable with “autocratic and authoritarian leaders” than he is with democratically elected ones.


Virginia Man Charged With Selling Top Secret Documents To Chinese Government

A Virginia man has been charged with selling top secret government documents to Chinese spies.
Kevin Mallory, a 60-year-old former State Department diplomatic security agent and former CIA officer, appeared in federal court on Thursday to face charges of gathering or delivering defense information to aid a foreign government and making material false statements.
Mallory, who has worked as a self-employed consultant since leaving government in 2012, faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted.
According to the Associated Press, Assistant U.S. Attorney John Gibbs said in court on Thursday that Mallory could face the death penalty “if certain conditions are met.”
Mallory, who lives in Leesburg, Va., is accused of selling documents containing information classified at the “secret” and “top secret” levels to a group of Chinese spies for $25,000.
Federal prosecutors also allege that he lied to FBI agents about the scheme.
In an affidavit, the federal government says that Mallory traveled to Shanghai in March and April and met with a person who is believed to be an agent of China’s intelligence services.
Mallory admitted in a voluntary interview he gave to FBI agents on May 24 that his Chinese contact represented himself as an employee of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS), a Chinese think tank that is believed to serve as a front group for Chinese spies.
Mallory told FBI agents that he was first contacted by the spy ring on social media in February. During his trips to Shanghai in March and April, Mallory said he met with his Chinese contact and that person’s boss.
He also acknowledged that he believed that his Chinese contacts “would like to see him obtain a position of access in the U.S. Government,” and to write white papers about U.S. policy issues.
Mallory misled the FBI agents about his use of the communications device, the complaint states.
Mallory said in the May 24 interview that he only sent test messages on the device. But investigators inspected the device and unlocked secure messages which Mallory believed had been erased.
In one May 3 exchange, Mallory told his Chinese contact that he blacked out security classification markings from government documents.
“I had to get it out without the chance of discovery. Unless read in detail, it appeared like a simple note…I have arranged for a USD account in another name. You can send the funds broken into 4 equal payments over 4 consecutive days…When you agree I will send you the bank E.g. instructions,” he wrote, according to the complaint.
In a May 5 message, Mallory wrote to his contact: “your object is to gain information, and my object is to be paid for.”
The communications device also contained a handwritten index describing eight documents, four of which were found stored on the device. Three of those contained classified information, two with top secret information and the other two with secret information.
It is unclear how or when Mallory had obtained the documents or which government agency they came from. His top secret security clearance lapsed when he left government employment in October 2012.
According to the complaint, Mallory lied to Customs and Border Protection agents upon his return from Shanghai on April 21. He claimed on a customs disclosure form that he was not carrying more than $10,000 in cash. But a search of Mallory’s bags revealed $16,500 in currency.
Mallory also asked two former co-workers at an unnamed federal government agency to “help him get in contact with a specific department” at the agency.
The Washington Post reported that two government officials said that Mallory is a former CIA officer and that the people he contacted work for the agency.
That first attempt was unsuccessful, but Mallory followed up with one of the former co-workers and was given a meeting at the agency on May 12.
Mallory told FBI agents that he informed his unnamed audience that he believed he had been in contact with Chinese spies. He also told the person that he had been given a communications device and been trained how to use it. Mallory said that he agreed to meet at a later time with U.S. government employees to examine the communications device.
Mallory went to the May 24 meeting expecting his government contact to be there, but FBI agents were present instead.

Ossoff's defeat is a win for America!

Did the Russians hack the Georgia election?  Leftists are all over media creating straw men to disguise the simple truth that voters have rejected their treasonous Trump resistance movement.  Jon Ossoff losing in Georgia is the fifth election Democrats have lost since Trump's crushing defeat of Hillary.  Losing the Georgia race has to be particularly painful, because, once again, leftists lied to themselves and their base that Ossoff would surely win, just as they did with Hillary.
My question is, how crazy will Democrats' official Resistance Summer domestic terrorism become after their devastating loss in Georgia?  Thus far, leftists have mock-beheaded Trump; mock-put a bullet in his head; mock-stabbed Trump; dreamed of beating Trump with a golf club; talked about blowing up the W.H., physically attacked Trump voters; kidnapped and tortured a Trump supporter; and gunned down Republicans who were practicing for a charity baseball game.
Leftists are disappointed, desperate, deranged, and overflowing with hatred for our president and his supporters – an extremely dangerous mix of emotions.  How much lower will leftists take their depravity and violence?
My fellow Americans, I wish to express my deep, heartfelt thanks for your help stopping Jon Ossoff, "Nasty" Pelosi's latest anti-Trump minion.  A handful of Hollywood leftists spent mega-millions to help their Great Leftist Hope candidate win the Georgia congressional seat.  Ossoff could not vote for himself because he does not live in the 6th District.  Masters of deception, Democrats pretended that their national leftist push for Ossoff represented the thinking of Georgia voters.  They lied.
My wife Mary and I spent months in Georgia with the Conservative Campaign Committee in their boots-on-the-ground effort to inspire Georgia voters to "drop the remote and vote."  We ran radio ads on major stations, conducted numerous sign-waving sessions at busy intersections, sent out mailers, organized phone-from-home, produced videos and tons of social media.  We left no stone unturned to get votes for Republican Karen Handel.

Brothers and sisters who love America, we cannot let up.  Rest assured: leftists will triple down on their insane efforts to remove our president.  We must remain engaged.  Republicans must continue to vote in large numbers, not taking any of the upcoming races for granted.
Again, thanks for your help carrying Karen Handel across the finish line.  God bless.





Spot the difference: CNN vs. Breitbart edition

 Two articles, one in CNN and one in Breitbart.  Can anyone spot the difference?
A police officer was stabbed in the back and neck Wednesday at an airport in Flint, Michigan, and the suspect is in custody and being questioned, according to authorities.
The FBI said it believed the attack was an "isolated incident" and is investigating whether it was an act of terrorism.
"We are aware of reports that the attacker made statements immediately prior to or while attacking the officer, but it is too early to determine the nature of these alleged statements or whether or not this was an act of terrorism," the FBI said.

Officer stabbed in Michigan by man yelling "Allahu Akbar"
Why would CNN leave out what the stabber actually said in the article plus the person's race?  CBS radio also is not saying what the person said or his name and saying it is impossible to tell if it is terrorism.
Somehow, the other day, when a white person drove a truck into Muslims in London, the media were immediately able to declare it terrorism and say the driver's race.  Isn't that amazing?
I am not a law enforcement officer or a reporter, but my deep analysis of the situation leads me to conclude that the stabbing was a terrorist attack done in the name of Islam. 
Why don't the media report what they know instead of intentionally keeping certain information from the public?


On Mueller investigation, Trump should fight fire with fire

John Eastman, law professor at Chapman University, writes in American Greatness this week that the powers invested in Special Counsel Mueller to investigate "Russian hacking/collusion/obstruction poses grave dangers to our body politic and our liberty."  His advice to President Trump: Fight fire with fire.  Turn the law and the courts back on your opponents.  Trump is being investigated without any probable cause of a crime.  The Obama administration, in contrast, is a target-rich arena of criminal activity.
It is unconstitutional to issue a search warrant when there has been no crime and there is no probable cause.  But that is exactly what President Trump's DOJ has inflicted on the president and his team with Mueller's special investigation.  It was not just cowardice, but folly for the DOJ to buckle to the left-wing media's hysterical insistence to investigate our president's alleged collusion with the FSB.  
According to Professor Eastman:
The special counsel will not to track down the details of a crime known to have been committed and determine "who dunnit," but will scour the personal and business affairs of a select group of people – the President of the United States, members of his family, his business associates, and members of his presidential campaign and transition teams – to see if any crime can be found (or worse, manufactured by luring someone into making a conflicting statement at some point). This is not a proper use of prosecutorial power, but a "witch hunt," as President Trump himself correctly observed. Or, to put it more in terms of legalese, this special prosecutor has effectively been given a "writ of assistance" and the power to exercise a "general warrant" against this select group of people, including the President of the United States, recently elected by a fairly wide margin of the electoral vote.
That is the very kind of thing our Fourth Amendment was adopted to prevent. Indeed, the issuance of general warrants and writs of assistance is quite arguably the spark that ignited America's war for independence.

Professor Eastman suggests fighting fire with fire, prosecution with prosecution. 
Unfortunately, the only antidote may be to fight fire with fire. President Trump: Perhaps it is time to make good on that old pledge to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the Clinton "matters" after all. And while you're add it, add in referrals to the grand jury for the contempt of Congress committed by the IRS's Lois Lerner and former Attorney General Eric Holder, an FBI investigation of the destruction of government documents and servers in the midst of the IRS scandal, an investigation into alleged perjury committed by IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in testimony about those matters given under oath to Congress, an "obstruction of justice" investigation against former Attorney General Eric Holder and others (and related perjury charges against Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez) for allegedly ordering that an egregious voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party be dropped shortly before a default judgment was about to be entered in the government's favor, etc., etc., etc.
President Obama and his leftist minions spat on our constitution  and flouted the rule of law for eight long years.  Google "Obama flouts constitution," or see hereand here and here and here and here.  Their abuse of power was ignored by the media and our partisan courts, but it has not been forgotten by conservatives. 
President Trump's voters would like to see equality before the law upheld once again in America.  It is bad for our country that rich and powerful Democrat politicians and bureaucrats harm our national security and ruin other people's lives, in flagrant violation of the law, and are never held to account for their crimes.  
Professor Eastman's advice to fight fire with fire stops short.  Based on his own analysis, it is unconstitutional to do warrantless searches with no probable cause.  Ending the baseless "Russian collusion" witch hunt is fundamental to upholding our constitution. 
Those who counseled President Trump to not prosecute Hillary Clinton said a Clinton investigation would distract the White House from furthering Trump's positive agenda.  That was a strong argument – then.  But as Professor Eastman points out, it backfired.  Perhaps Trump's civility was taken as a sign of weakness.  Hillary launched the lie that the Russians made her lose the election.  Democrats instigated this phony Russian collusion investigation of Trump, precisely in an effort to distract the White House and halt the Trump agenda.  The best defense is to return to offense.
President Trump has the responsibility to re-establish the rule of law in our country, and he will have the enthusiastic backing of his base if he does so.  It is time to end Democrats' politically motivated abuse of the law.  Stop the Mueller investigation, and go after Obama Inc.'s multiple crimes.
H/T: Powerlineblog.com

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Alan Dershowitz new Interview on Fox & Friends June 212017 FOX News Today

Dershowitz is a Democrat but honest on all issues.   Good interview

Dem Senator Blames Russia For Ossoff’s Crushing Loss (VIDEO)

These Leftist Ass Scabs are off the wall NUTS!  This is why they are not winning elections

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) blamed the non-stop talk about Russia for Jon Ossoff’s loss Tuesday in the Georgia special election in his appearance on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’.

Senator Murphy appeared on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ to talk about Jon Ossoff’s loss in Georgia’s 6th District and the future of the Democrat party. When asked if Democrats need to be more progressive or more moderate to win elections, Murphy responded, “I think the Democrats need to be hyper-focused on an economic message that tells people that the Republican party is all about the economic growth for millionaires and billionaires and the Democrat party is about economic growth for everybody.
…The fact that we have spent so much time talking about Russia has been a distraction from what should be the clear contrast between the Democrats and the Trump agenda.”



Another Total DipShit


PAYBACK=> Senate to Probe Obama Administration For Obstruction of Justice


The Democrats have exposed themselves to a legal probe since using former FBI Director, James Comey as a weapon to investigate the Trump administration. 
After an 8 year crime spree under the Obama administration, the Democrats think they are invincible so their own arrogance will be used to hang them.

Paul Sperry of The New York Post reports:
Under sworn questioning, Comey has veered off the topic of President Trump and Russia and revealed several damning incidents in which his predecessor’s administration politically interfered in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. And now the Senate will investigate Team Obama for obstruction of justice.
Specifically, the Senate Judiciary Committee announced last week it will hold hearings to “examine then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s involvement in the Clinton email server investigation.”
The findings of the powerful panel, which has oversight of the Justice Department and FBI, could lead to a separate criminal investigation and the naming of another special counsel — exactly what Trump needs to distract attention from his growing legal woes.
What Lynch did reeks of obstruction. According to Comey, his ex-boss:
  •  Ordered him to mislead the public about the criminal investigation of Clinton by calling it a “matter” rather than an investigation. (He complied with her wish, even though it made him feel “queasy.”)
  •  Refused to recuse herself from the case after Comey confronted her about a secret June 2016 meeting she had with former President Bill Clinton — five days before his wife was scheduled to be interviewed by the FBI. (Hillary was cleared three days later.)
As TGP previously reported, in an explosive revelation, former FBI Director James Comey admitted that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch attempted to suppress/reframe the investigation into former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server. AG Lynch purportedly directed Comey to immediately stop referring to the Hillary probe as an “investigation” or a “probe” and, instead, refer to it as a much more gentle “matter”.
In another Circa News bombshell report TGP reported on, fired FBI Director, James Comey had a SECOND meeting with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch where he confronted her about her election interference:
During the conversation, Comey told lawmakers he confronted Lynch with a highly sensitive piece of evidence, a communication between two political figures that suggested Lynch had agreed to put the kibosh on any prosecution of Clinton.
Comey said “the attorney general looked at the document then looked up with a steely silence that lasted for some time, then asked him if he had any other business with her and if not that he should leave her office,” said one source who was briefed.
The Democrats will never stop attacking the Trump administration until we hit back harder than ever. The Republicans need to unleash hell fire on the Obama administration for their many crimes and cover-ups. Perhaps if they are facing jail time, they will back off on their witch hunt.

Read Sperry’s full report here.

Some people hate Trump. More people hate liberals.

For Republicans, winning never gets monotonous. 
The Karen Handel victory in the Georgia 6th District special election repeats a pattern depressingly familiar to the left.  There have been four special congressional elections since the hated Trump took office, and Democrats have lost all four.  In each contest, the left predicted victory – largely based on what they perceived was hatred of President Trump by ordinary Americans, which would generate "enthusiasm" for the Democrat candidate and drive people in overwhelming numbers to the polls.
Each of the four Democrat candidates was well financed and received strong support from the national party.  Each Democratic candidate's campaign was augmented by hundreds or thousands of activist  volunteer Democrats.  And each and every race was seen as a referendum on Donald Trump – not his policies as much as the man himself.  He is Hitler and Howdy Doody all rolled into one, a traitorous SOB (although most liberals only hint that Trump has committed treason), a threat to the rule of law, and a joke as a president.
And each and every time, liberals have been shocked to discover that ordinary people don't view the president that way.
In Georgia's 6th, reality once again intruded on liberals' fantasies.  They once again failed to grasp that some people may hate President Trump.  But more people hate them.  And unless they can grasp that fundamental point, 2018 will turn into another GOP victory.

The resentment of ordinary Georgia voters begins and ends with the $23 million that poured into the district from Democrat donors across the country – most prominently, from Hollywood and Silicon Valley.  Handel's money also came from out of state, but it didn't come from people who look down their noses at Georgia voters and try to instruct them on what they should think.
That brings us to the national media.  More than any other Democrat-allied group, the media promoted the narrative that Trump is so unpopular that a deep red congressional district was almost certainly going to flip. 
Of course, the press professed to be neutral, and all those negative stories trying to wrap Trump around Handel's neck were what people were really thinking.
One tweet last night sort of blows that nonsense out of the water:
Have you ever seen such long faces?  Whom are they trying to kid?
As long as the faces were at CNN when it became clear Handel was the winner, imagine the chins hitting the floor at the DNC.  They were so sure of victory, so confident of success.  If $23 million can't buy them a House seat, where do they go from here?
The media are thinking the same thing.  The following is from CNN:
With the inflated price tag and the 15-month lag time between the special election and the November 2018 midterms, the contest might not hold much predictive value.
And if Ossoff had won?  How "predictive" would that result have been?
After the initial glum reaction of pundits to Handel's win came the excuses.  It was the weather, it was the big GOP advantage in registration, it was early voting, it was Republican outsiders, it was history, it was counter-historical, Ossoff wasn't liberal enough, no unions, blacks didn't turn out, and the most common complaint from the left about ordinary voters...
The people refused to vote "their interests."
All of those excuses fail to get to the crux of why the left keeps losing.  Ordinary Americans simply don't like leftists very much.  And when Hollywood and Silicon Valley unite to tell them they are stupid, are ignorant, are racist, are homophobic, hate Muslims, and shouldn't love America so much, what do they expect the reaction from ordinary people will be?
Republicans are not representatives of the people any more than Democrats are.  But they speak the language of the ordinary voter and usually don't put them down.  The coastal elites who run the Democratic Party and liberal establishment cannot disguise their contempt for ordinary Americans.  In Georgia's 6th District, that smug, self-righteous sense of superiority played about as well as one might expect.
Until the Democrats can learn to mask their hatred of the hoi polloi, ordinary people will hate them more than they hate Trump and the Republicans.


The reptilian visage of the American left

"High office is like a pyramid; only two kinds of animals reach the summit – reptiles and eagles."  –Jean le Rond d'Alembert
It took the election of Donald Trump for the progressives to unmask themselves, to reveal their true identities, just like the sinister aliens in that old television mini-series V: The Final Battle.  In the series, having disguised themselves as humans, the aliens are ultimately shown to be reptiles from another planet who came to take over Earth.  Over the years, they had infiltrated governments, businesses, and religious institutions.  The actual humans finally develop a poison that afflicts only the aliens, rather as Trump afflicts Democrats.  It is dispersed, and the aliens are forced to evacuate. 
Those reptilian humanoid aliens are a pretty good analogy for our current crop of progressives.  How else  do we explain the inhumanity of people like now former anchor Scott Pelley of CBS, who opined to his audience that "the [House majority leader, Steve] Scalise attack was to some degree self-inflicted"?  Joy Reid of MSNBC wondered if Scalise's positions on "moral issues" like gay marriage and Obamacare did not make his shooting somehow understandable!  She later tweeted that Scalise "was a white man with a violent background [a blatant lie], and saved by a black lesbian, and yet..."  She could not bring herself to congratulate those two Capitol Police officers.
At whose knees did these people learn to not be civilized adults?  Certainly no one ever taught them the Golden Rule: kindness to others, simple consideration for their fellow humans at times of pain.  Even if they differ on political issues.

A Democratic Party strategist from New Jersey, James Devine, almost immediately after the shooting, launched a couple of hashtags, #HuntRepublicans and #HuntRepublicanCongressmen!  He appeared on the Tucker Carlson program to defend his scurrilous behavior to no avail.  He had tweeted: "We are in a war with selfish, foolish & narcissistic rich people. Why is it a shock when things turn violent?" 
The man is a reptile.
A writer at the Washington Post, Malcolm Harris, tweeted that "the shooting of conservative Republicans could be justified."  He implied that he hoped Scalise would die!  His actual tweet is beyond the pale.  The New York Times embarrassed itself by dredging up the lie that Sarah Palin was responsible for the Gabby Giffords shooting in Tuscon in 2011 because of an ad showing targeted districts in the crosshairs of a gun sight, an ad not even created by her campaign.  The charge was disproven long ago.  Jared Loughner, the schizophrenic who shot Giffords, had never heard of Palin and had been angry at Giffords for years.  The Times knew that the charge was specious but used it anyway in its post-shooting editorial.  Like the rest of the media talking heads and self-described elite opinion editors, they continue to believe that the American people are terminally stupid.  Why anyone reads this propaganda rag is a mystery.  There is rarely an objective word among the paper's full-time anti-Trump campaign. 
The Scalise example isn't the only one.  After the young man, Otto Warmbier, was imprisoned in North Korea and sentenced to fifteen years' hard labor, former late-night comic Larry Wilmore said the young man "might be America's biggest idiot frat boy," a  despicable slander against a young man who was described by eyewitnesses as "mature and polite."  Then he mocked Warmbier's name for sounding like "warm beer."  He called him "Otto von Crybaby.  This is a man so ignorant of the facts about the North Korean regime, he actually thinks his mockery is funny.  Writers at Salon and the Huffington Post also attacked Warmbier.  The HuffPost said he deserved to be imprisoned because he's white.
Who are these vile, thoughtless, cruel people, and how did they come to infect our politics and media?
Albert Einstein wrote: "If the rabble continues to occupy itself with you, then simply don't read that hogwash, but rather leave it for the reptile from whom it has been fabricated." 
This who they are.  It is time for decent people to reject the vicious nonsense perpetrated by the left on a daily basis.  The agony they are suffering since the election is self-inflicted.  One cannot treat the majority of the American people like insects to be swatted away except at election time and expect to win respect or elections.  The repulsive things said and or written in the wake of the Alexandria shooting by the persons cited above are just a few, those that came from news outlets.  Much worse appeared all over social media, which is consistent with the left's venomous rejection of the election results.  Time to take Einstein's advice and not listen to or read their hogwash.  With each passing day, Trump is seeming more and more like an eagle.


Anatomy of a Witch Hunt

When Robert Mueller III accepted his position as special counsel, he knew he would have to procure a scalp, or at the very least real blood from the president or someone close to him.
Mueller is a much admired man; he has had a good, long, and honorable career.  He has bipartisan respect for having served his country with integrity and distinction.  However, in government, integrity is no guarantee of longevity, or even survival, for that matter.  (See?  "Matter" and "investigation" are not synonyms unless you're Loretta Lynch.)  
No one survives in Washington for very long without understanding the establishment and the "game." 
With this investigation, the progressive-elite zealots, who constitute the apparatchik-academia-media triad that controls day-to-day governance, the "news," and what our children learn, will accept nothing less than an outcome that permanently damages this president and his administration.  That would be their worst-case scenario; what they really pine for is impeachment. 
Yet didn't they tell us Comey (who has given new meaning to "I going to take a leak") was a universally respected person as well?  Wasn't he full of integrity, an exceptional leader and administrator as well as a skillful prosecutor?  Didn't they also tell us he was honorable and truthful?  I think the last few months have put that illusion to bed. 

Let's be clear: the president is Mueller's target.  If he didn't know this going in, the Washington Post's recent declaration of the fact sourced by anonymous "officials who described the financial focus of the investigation [and who] spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly" should clarify the matter for Mueller.
They were "not authorized to speak publicly"?  Mueller as special counsel has only recently been appointed, and even more recently his investigation staffed.  Yet already there are leakers on his team?  How is that for integrity and honor?
Another thing: When staff is hired from only one end of the political spectrum, it is not unusual for the result of the investigation to reflect that.  Are these appointees going to throw their lives and careers away in the service of the truth?  History is replete with those who have sold themselves for much less.
Let's go over Mueller's staff.  As Glenn Reynolds pointed out, "he has chosen lawyers who records show have contributed substantially to Democratic campaigns. Indeed, two have given the maximum $2,700 donation to Hillary Clinton last year, while another worked for the Clinton Foundation. No one could accept them as impartial towards the man who defeated her."
In addition, hires James Quarles, a former assistant prosecutor during the Watergate investigation; Aaron Zebley; and Jeannie Rhee, once a senior adviser to Attorney General Eric Holder, are all former partners at Mueller's old law firm, WilmerHale.  Mueller, who got his appointment as the result of leaks orchestrated by his best friend Comey, has now hired his friends in turn.  That's the way it's done in Washington; you have to reward your friends when you have the opportunity. 
Another hire, Andrew Weissmann, headed the high-profile investigation into the wrongdoings at Enron and, earlier, investigated organized crime when he worked for the U.S. attorney's office in the Eastern District of New York.
Starting last century, Weissmann, Rhee, and Quarles alone have donated more than $50,000 to Democrats, according to Federal Election Commission records.
Why was it easy for Trump, who until he was elected probably never gave conservative judges a second thought, to find conservative justices for appointment, but Robert Mueller III can find only progressives and donors to Hillary for his staff?  Perhaps that is exactly what he was looking for. 
With the "Hillary for President" never-ending campaign, which still refuses to acknowledge she actually lost, isn't it na├»ve to believe that donors to her campaign are going to be open-minded and follow the evidence?  Most people would realize how well the Clintons treat their friends when in power and roll the dice for Hillary – that's where the money is.
Just as Chris Rock said money makes a bald spot look like a part, it can also buy quite a bit of loyalty.  It is so much easier to self-delude when there might be personal enrichment on the horizon.
While it's always good to "follow the money," this is not about the money.  Most of the people involved here are already rich.  This is primarily about ideology and the political rewards and appointments that can come with being on the right side.
Even so, say Mueller and his entirely unbiased staff investigate and find nothing.  Does anyone believe that will be accepted by the Patriots of Resist?  No, there will be immediate shouts of "cover-up" and "scoundrels." 
Mueller will no longer be the widely respected man he is today, and he is a widely respected man today because he knows this and he knows how to play the game.  The only way for Mueller to escape his investigation unscathed is for him to find something that proves that Donald Trump should not be president.
James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal says of Mueller's investigation: "Robert Mueller is conducting an investigation in search of a premise. But if this is starting to look like the Seinfeld of federal productions – a show about nothing – recent events suggest it could end up being about something worse." 
Yeah, it's called a witch hunt.


Prof at elite university calls whites ‘inhuman a**holes,’ says ‘time to end this.’ School’s reaction?

Another DipShit Teaching the young minds of this Country.    Another sign of how far the Disgusting left has taken us

Prof at elite university calls whites ‘inhuman a**holes,’ says ‘time to end this.’ School’s reaction?

The best answer to the question posed in the title would be a .WAV file of chirping crickets. The institution in question is Connecticut’s Trinity College, which academically speaking is a good school: It comes in at number 38 in U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of liberal arts colleges. The faculty member in question is one Johnny Eric Williams, who teaches sociology.
One last question worth asking is whether Johnny Eric Williams will still be teaching at Trinity after the administration reacts to a post he made on his Facebook page three days ago. So far there has been no comment from the university regarding the post, which contained the following (via Campus Reform):
Campus Reform provides the back story for Williams’s angry and obscene rant, explaining that two days earlier, he had shared a link an equally over-the-top post at the website Medium titled “Let Them F*cking Die” [the second word is spelled out in the original]. The reference here is to House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others, who were wounded last week on a ball field in Alexandria, Va., when a man armed to the teeth suddenly and inexplicably opened fire on them.
The script that liberals have followed since the shooting ignores totally the fact that the gunman was “one of theirs” — James Hodgkinson was a card-carrying Democrat with radical ideas — because it fails to comport with their narrative that all shooters are right-wing lunatics. Instead they have taken refuge in hyperbole — Scalise is the most anti-LGBT lawmaker inside the Beltway — and what they believe to be irony: One of the Capitol Police officers who rushed to his aide is a black lesbian.
In light of all this, Johnny Eric Williams saw fit to vent in print:
Back in the time of Martin Luther King, the goal of civil rights activists was equality for blacks and other oppressed minorities. Now that that dream has been realized and then some, will Trinity College apply equal justice in judging the suitability of Johnny Eric Williams’s continuing tenure on the faculty? You can bet your bottom dollar that if he were white, he would been cleaning out his desk by Monday at the latest.