Friday, March 31, 2017

WikiLeaks: CIA Uses Computer Code to Disguise Hacking Attacks as Russian or Chinese (VIDEO)

Wikileaks released 676 new source code files today dubbed ‘Marble’, showing the CIA can disguise hacking to look like its coming from Russia, China, Iran.

Friday, March 31, 2017 proves to be another day wherein the CIA has fallen short. WikiLeaks published over 600 more files today that claim to show the CIA used extensive measures to hide its hacking attacks and make it look like RussiaChinaNorth Korea, or Iran carried out the attacks.
The Vault 7 tranche of files and code WikiLeaks continues to drop gives us a better look at what the CIA’s ‘Marble’ software is and how it carries out its attacks.
The code traverses a number of languages from Arabic to Chinese, to KoreanFarsi (the language of the Iranians), and Russian.
It says: ‘This would permit a forensic attribution double game, for example by pretending that the spoken language of the malware creator was not American English, but Chinese.’
This could lead forensic investigators into wrongly concluding that CIA hacks were carried out by the Kremlin, the Chinese government, Iran, North Korea or Arabic-speaking terror groups such as ISIS.
WikiLeaks claims that the release of this new batch of confidential documents on the CIA exceeds the amount published during the NSA-Snowden leaks.
The release is expected to completely rattle the CIA.





BREAKING=> KREMLIN CONNECTION CONFIRMED! Podesta Company Paid One Billion Rubles from Russian Govt.


The Putin Government gave John Podesta 35 millions dollars (1 billion rubles) while he advised Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Investigative reporter and author Peter Schweizer went on FOX and Friends to discuss Kremlin influence on US politics — and how the Clinton camp was in bed with the Putin regime.
Peter Schweizer: In 2011 John Podesta joined the board of this very small energy company called Joule Energy based out of Massachusetts. About two months after he joins the board a Russian entity called RUSNANO puts a billion rubles, which is about $35 million, into John Podesta’s company. Now, what is RUSNANO? RUSNANO is not a private company, Steve. It is a fund directly funded by the Kremlin. In fact the Russian finance minister called RUSNANO “Putin’s Child.” So you have the Russian government investing in one of John Podesta’s business in 2011 while he is an adviser to Hillary Clinton at the State Department.
Steve Doocy: OK. Does anybody in the Trump circle rise to the level that there is this kind of money involved?
Peter Schweizer: No.
And, once again, the frenzy on the left is all a disguise to hide their own rampant corruption.



Perez: ‘Trump Didn’t Win The Election’ — Republicans ‘Don’t Give A S**t About People’ [VIDEO]

Perez looks like another bottom feeding AssWipe that can't accept Hillary got "Bitch Slapped"
Newly elected Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez campaigned for Democrats in Newark, New Jersey Friday by telling a crowd the Republican Party doesn’t “give a shit” about them.
Perez, speaking at a rally hosted by the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, first congratulated protesters on showing up in droves to Washington, DC on January 21, the day after President Trump’s inauguration.

Perez claimed those people gathered and proclaimed, “Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values… Donald Trump you didn’t win the election.”
Later in his speech, President Obama’s secretary of labor added that he doesn’t “care” if people take issue with his speech, just like how “Republicans don’t give a shit about people.”
You can watch the entire rally below.



The Biggest Takeaways From Sean Spicer’s Press Briefing Just Now

WASHINGTON — Sean Spicer held the press briefing from the White House on Friday. The press secretary answered questions on why the president encouraged his former national security adviser Mike Flynn to request immunity.
(Photo: Getty Images)

On Mike Flynn’s request for immunity

“I think that he believes Mike Flynn should go testify,” Spicer said. “[Immunity] is up to him and his lawyer to decide.”

On if Rep. Nunes is aware of who ordered the unmasking of Trump campaign associates

“I don’t know what he knows,” he said. “It’s not in our interest to talk about the process. Chairman Nunes and ranking membership had appropriate clearances and credentials.”
“The substance, the unmasking and leaks is what we should all be concerned about.”
“We are committed to working with the House and Senate, as we have said multiple times, to get to the bottom here. As we continue down this path, if you begin to focus on substance, I think you see more and more a very troubling path.”
“If everyone was treating the president of this administration fairly, you’d ask much different questions about substance.”

On the president’s claim that Barack Obama wiretapped him

“It is fascinating to me that we are now arguing over the date, and not the substance. It’s getting lost that American citizens were potentially surveilled and had their information unmasked. All of this should be very concerning…”

On Hillary Clinton having a stronger relationship with Russia than Trump

“When you compare the two sides of who is engaging with Russia, who is trying to strengthen Russia, it is night and day between our actions and her actions, yet no one questioned her.”

On if he thinks any information Flynn might reveal would be ‘damaging’ to the administration


On when the administration will release its tax reform plan

“When we feel it’s appropriate, we will start to put out appropriate outline,” he said. “At the time, the discussion is ongoing. We anticipated being fully engulfed in health care right now.”

On health care

“I would dispute that we signed on to someone else’s plan. I think this plan is…we came up with a plan we could all agree on.”
“We worked with the House — we were on board.”

Krauthammer: Filibustering Gorsuch Will Deliver Senate Dems A ‘Self-Inflicted Wound’ [VIDEO]

Charles Krauthammer stated on Fox News Thursday that Senate Democrats will give themselves a “self-inflicted wound” by filibustering Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation.
The conservative pundit noted that if eight Democrats — though they might still oppose Gorsuch’s nomination — don’t agree to bring cloture to the filibuster, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will “abolish” it.

“The reason this is all important, the debate now, the argument now, the tussle now is not about Gorsuch,” Krauthammer stated. “Everyone knows he is going on the court.”
“It’s about the next nominee,” he continued. “If the Democrats force the hand of McConnell on this boat, abolish the filibuster — needing only 51 — next time around, when you might even have a liberal seat going up, then, if it is only 51, the Republicans would be tempted to go for a far more hard edged conservative than Gorsuch is.”
“That will be a self-inflicted wound by the Democrats.”

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Planned Parenthood’s Time Is Nearly Up

Yesterday’s vote to overturn an Obama-era rule forcing states to fund Planned Parenthood may have been close, with Vice President Mike Pence breaking a tie in the Senate, but it shows the nation’s largest abortion business is still on borrowed time.
Desperation has been at an all-time high at Planned Parenthood since the devastating loss of their 30 million dollar investment in the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. More bad news arrived this week with the release of a new video from the Center for Medical Progress, the bold little group of guerilla journalists whose exposés of the abortion industry’s sordid underbelly have had Cecile Richards and company bracing for the next P.R. crisis for over a year and a half.
The previously unreleased footage shows Dr. DeShawn Taylor, former Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of Arizona and longtime abortion provider at Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles, graphically describing the techniques used to harvest babies’ organs in late-term abortions. If a baby happens to be born alive? Well, state law says that child must receive medical care like any other, but on Taylor’s watch, “the key is, you need to pay attention to who’s in the room.”
Taylor – a protégé of Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who infamously discussed the finer points of harvesting and pricing hearts, lungs, livers, and brains over wine and salad in CMP’s first video – describes the force needed to dismember a five-month-old unborn baby that hasn’t first been killed with the drug digoxin: “My biceps appreciate when the dig[oxin] works…[when] I was training, I was like, oh, I have to hit the gym for this.”
The new video is another blow to the narrative Planned Parenthood’s spin machine, eagerly abetted by a compliant press, has been furiously churning out.
First came a television ad in which they attempted to rebrand themselves as – of all things – a crisis pregnancy center. Airing during Morning Joe and Fox & Friends, the ad featured a lovely young woman recounting what can only be called an act of grace she experienced at a Planned Parenthood facility. The woman had gone there to obtain an abortion. According to the ad, the nurse, sensing her client was still uncertain, suggested that she go home and come back when she was ready. The woman took the advice and is now the mother of an adorable toddler.
Savor the irony for a moment. Planned Parenthood, which has vigorously opposed waiting periods, characterizing them as “attacks” they must defeat, now endorses waiting periods!
Their latest ad aims straight for the heartstrings by featuring a breast cancer survivor who credits Planned Parenthood with saving her life, even though the context suggests she discovered the tumor through her own self-examination, and Planned Parenthood is not equipped to do mammograms.
The truth is that such beautiful and life-affirming outcomes are unusually rare at Planned Parenthood. Based on their own annual reports, we know that 94 percent of pregnant women who approach their clinics nationwide leave having been sold an abortion.
We can also see that from 2005 to 2015 – the most recent year for which figures are available – total cancer screening and prevention services are down 66 percent; breast exams are down 57 percent. No wonder the release of their annual report for 2016 is several months overdue. What inconvenient numbers are hidden there?
Live Action has brilliantly exposed just how lopsided the odds against life are at Planned Parenthood through their own series of investigative videos. They measured the difference between spin and reality by directly contacting over 160 Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide. Their findings are striking: the vast majority of facilities they contacted could do nothing to help a caller seeking prenatal care or an ultrasound to determine the baby’s health, while employees commented, “We specialize in abortions” and “It’s called Planned Parenthood, I know it’s kind of deceiving.”
If there is one thing Planned Parenthood knows how to do, it’s damage control. We’ve all heard their mantra that such videos are “heavily edited” and have somehow been discredited, a claim that has so mesmerized their mainstream media allies that there is no need to bother with proof. Each new release comes with a predictable set of rationalizations: it wasn’t our fault if people got the impression prenatal care was a core service here. Everyone is just out to get us – who are you going to believe, us, or your own lying eyes? Meanwhile, in a transparent admission of guilt, Planned Parenthood was busily scrubbing affiliates’ websites of references to prenatal care.
Caught up by employees’ own words, the 100-year-old behemoth may finally have more damage than control. As long as Planned Parenthood had a friend in the White House, they could rest easy. That has all changed now. They weren’t counting on President Trump playing hardball, making them what should have been an offer they couldn’t refuse, if in fact their foremost concern was women’s health: stop doing abortions and keep your funding.
When push came to shove, they chose abortion.
Planned Parenthood is an abortion business. Not a kindly pregnancy resource center. Not a health care provider. The failure of the AHCA bill last week was a missed opportunity to reroute 442 million dollars in federal funding to a nationwide network of community health centers that outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities more than 20 to 1 – and that deserve taxpayers’ trust infinitely more. Disappointing as that was, it is not the last chance. Congress can use budget reconciliation, but it must be done urgently, before legislators leave town for their spring break. More than ever, Congress needs to know the truth that American taxpayers have their back when it comes to funding health care and not abortion. Approximately 900 unborn children die each day Planned Parenthood operates. It’s imperative not to miss the opportunity again.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

THE LEFT STILL FIXATED ON RACE: Maxine Waters & April Ryan’s Race Baiting (VIDEO)

April Ryan is a sub-par journalist who was sycophantic to the Obama Administration and Maxine Waters has a horrible track record and low approval ratings as a “politician”. None-the-less, they continue to build careers, not on their actual track records, but on attacking the right under the hollow and superficial guise or ‘racism.’
Maxine Waters was recently “insulted” by Bill O’Reilly on an episode of Fox & Friends that ended up stirring up the hornet’s nest of leftist “controversy”. O’Reilly stated, after watching a video of Waters speak:
“I didn’t hear a word she said. I was looking at the James Brown wig,” which, to be honest, was the greatest possible comparison when it comes hairdos. It looks like it hasn’t been touched since the 70s, it’s more astonishing memorabilia than it is anything else.”
The problem with mentioning anything about a black woman as a white man is that NO MATTER WHAT you are going to be scolded by the entire apologetic leftist media for having done nothing. The comment O’Riley made was NOTHING like the comment that got Don Imus kicked off air years ago. This was a comparison between two haircuts. The joke was in great taste considering Waters incessant and ignorant assault on the right, not to mention her god awful track record and her inability to sound like someone you should listen to. Apparently, it takes nothing but a James Brown wig to be a Representative from California these days. The left believes that any comparison or criticism of minorities is automatically a sign of deplorable racism, and they have been using this tired technique for years.
How many times have they called Donald Trump “orange” or made jokes about his hair? The left even applauded a grotesque naked statue of Donald Trump erected in New York; when a similar statue of Hillary Clinton went up, they tore it down, with chants of ‘sexism.’  They can dish it, but lord knows they can’t take it.
Somehow, they took the Maxine Waters incident even further, saying that O’Riley discussing her hair and her terrible policy/rhetoric is somehow trying to “silence” a “strong black woman.”
Oh! But Maxine was not to be silenced! The old loon (and when I say ‘loon’, I really do mean it, she’s in her own world right alongside Louise Mensch . . .) decided to get on Twitter and pander to the #BlackWomenAtWork hashtag with a cute little tweet . . .
Apparently, every “strong black woman” needs to affirm their strength through social media validation since being strong is no fun when you don’t have anyone to call a “racist”.
April Ryan, a woman who has built her career on race-baiting and being a “victim” rather than on good journalism, also kicked up some dust this week in an attempt to cry “racism”.
The White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks is known for not reporting the facts and for being little more than a race-baiter and in the world of feminist fury, turned on the woe-is-me-I’m-a-woman angle as another to add to her I’m-a-victim arsenal of defense.
While asking the same tired questions of the Trump Administration and “Russian interference” that has been lock step with the liberal narrative since DAY ONE, Ryan didn’t even bother to hear Spicer answer her question. She shook her head when she was scolded by Sean Spicer for not reporting the facts and then she shook her head when she got the answer she did not want.
Is Spicer being attacked by the left, just like so many others these days, based on the color of his skin and the fact that he’s a male? April Ryan obviously didn’t care about what he had to say or the answers she was being given, rather she chose to dismiss the entire thing with condensation – yet Spicer is the one who is racist? For asking her not to condescend to the White House Press Secretary? How does that make any sense?
You’ll never guess what happened next! April Ryan used the purported “racism” to promote her flop of an autobiography half a dozen times on Twitter:
AND THEN Hillary Clinton, still clueless to the American voter, and average American, gave a speech calling both the Waters and Ryan “incidents”. Hillary claimed that it was Ryan who was patronized – while she was shaking her head at Spicer. Hillary claimed that comparing any black haircut to another haircut is “racist.” Hillary then says this is just another example of how “too many women of color [are forced to take] indignity in stride!” What reality are we living in?
Ryan and Waters are prime examples of race-baiters and people who have realized that the merit of their work is so unsubstantial that they had to go and attack one man for a passive comment about rude body language (April Ryan) and the other for a simple comparison. Being a black woman doesn’t mean you can throw temper tantrums and get whatever you want whenever “the powers that be” come at you tough, or with a joke.
These are the techniques – false accusations of racism/sexism/homophobia/etc – the left has been using since the 1970s, they are no longer effective. Let’s see how long it takes them to realize that.




Russian Meddling Is Nothing New!

RUSH: The Senate Intelligence Committee has begun its own poke into the whole Russian-Trump collusion election story. Fox News: “Russia is engaged in ‘information warfare’ on American soil, and its interference in the 2016 presidential campaign is just one part of a strategy to undermine Western democracies that continues today, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee,” who happens to be Richard Burr from North Carolina.
He said, “Unfortunately, you will learn … that these efforts by Russia to discredit the United States and weaken the West are not new. These efforts are, in fact, at the heart of Russian — and previously, the Soviet Union — intelligence efforts.”
This isn’t any news. This is not news at all! Whether Putin is doing it, whether the Soviets did it, they did. Undermining what — In fact, I would suggest to you that call it Putin, call it the Russians, call it the Soviets, call it the communists, whatever it is, the undermining of American democracy is happening at full speed on American college campuses. And that happened to be one of the primary efforts of the Soviet Union was to undermine and infiltrate all aspects of American life, to undermine religion, to undermine and take control of education.
There’s no doubt that they’ve done this. There’s no doubt that they continue to do it. That this is being portrayed as something new and exclusive only to the arrival of Donald Trump on the scene is an insult to our intelligence because this is ongoing. You know what you ought to do? You ought to go back and get some books by Nelson DeMille. I’m gonna have to find the name of this book. How many of you watch the TV show on FX called The Americans? Let me tell you what The Americans is about. It’s said by some critics to be the best show on TV. I think that’s a real stretch, but I still watch it. It’s an intriguing show. It happens to be based in reality.
Do any of you remember the name Anna Chapman from the last five years? A gorgeous, beautiful Russian spy living in New Jersey. She was unmasked as a spy, but she was here, looked American, sounded American. It looked like she had American citizenship, but she was a Russian spy here to undermine whatever, I don’t know what her mission was. And she was sent back to the Soviet Union, Russia, she was deported.
Anyway, the Nelson DeMille book details what was a very famous Soviet operation. And this TV show The Americans is all about. What happened was Soviets would recruit from their own population young men and women, and they would take them to training camps where they would literally learn to become American. These training camps were miniature American towns with a typical American Main Street, a typical American suburbia, a typical American mall experience.
And these Soviet agents learned to totally drop their Russian accent. They learned English flawlessly. They were educated to get American jobs. They were spies. They came and they were dispatched, and they lived in suburban Washington, they lived all over the country. They had kids who ended up being American citizens, because they were born here. Their neighbors never knew that they were Soviet spies.
One of their big objectives was to actually get hired in the government bureaucracy wherever they could, or to recruit other Soviet spies or Americans via blackmail or whatever to learn details of American military operations or what have you. We know that these types of agents existed. We know that they were deployed predominantly during the Reagan years. That’s what this TV show The Americans is all about.
In fact, this show The Americans, I’ve been watching it this season, and I’ve never seen this portrayed. This season happens to focus on the fact the Soviet Union cannot feed its own people, or could not, and we, in humanitarian and strategic ways, ended up selling wheat to the Soviet Union because they couldn’t grow any of their own. Here’s the problem, though. The Soviet Union had a perfect climate for growing wheat. They had everything that we have in terms of natural resources. But their system, communism, slash, socialism, was dead on arrival.
They could not grow food, they could not grow crops, they could not produce. They were a Third World nation. The big department store in Moscow is called Gum, G-u-m. Americans would travel there and come back and say they didn’t believe what they saw. Soviet grocery stores with nothing on the shelves. Four-week-old cold cuts in the butcher department. They could not believe what they were seeing. And this is portrayed accurately on this TV show. The fact that you can’t find anything on the store shelves either at grocery stores or department stores in Moscow.
And one of the elements of this season on this program, they actually have a department in the KGB — and I’m not gonna remember the exact name — but they sent people around to all of the grocery stores making sure that no grocery store had anything more than anybody else. And if the person, the party member that ran a grocery store, say, had more tangerines than another store, they had a unit to investigate how that property of socialism ended up in that store as opposed to some other store. They put people in jail if they ran a store that had more food than any other store. They figured corruption was going on. And they couldn’t have that.
They couldn’t have a series of state-run stores and one of them was sufficiently stocked and none of the others were at all. So the people that ran the stores that operated well, they put in prison. And this is portrayed accurately. Now, I don’t know that the other thing being portrayed here, and that is that powerful forces in the United States poisoned the wheat that was sold to Russia to wipe out the population. And the two agents that live in Arlington in this season of The Americans are tasked with finding out if the wheat is poisoned and by whom and where, which takes them to Oklahoma City and Topeka.
And what’s happening, here’s what you would expect to happen. When I first heard about this is when I read the Nelson DeMille book about it. And the first question I had, I called Nelson, I said, “You’re an expert on this, you’ve written a great novel about it.” I said, “How are they able to keep control over these agents? Okay, they’ve grown up in the Soviet Union, which is just a hellhole. The Soviet Union had nothing, it was miserable. Louis Armstrong could not sing What a Wonderful World and have it be related to anything in reality in the Soviet Union.”
So I said to him, “How in the world, after they’ve educated these agents and they’ve Americanized them, they accepted them to the United States, how do they avoid them defecting, because it is obvious that the United States is robust and a land of plenty and abundance compared to where they’ve come from.” And the answer I got was, “They have been so fully brainwashed, Mr. Limbaugh, that these agents believe that what they see in America is fake and that it’s not like that if they were to leave the Washington area. If they were to travel to St. Louis, it would look just like Moscow, and they believed it.”
And in fact the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union happened when bootleg copies of Dallas and what was the ABC show with John Forsythe and what’s her — Dynasty, when reruns of Dynasty and Dallas, bootlegged editions made it to the underground into the Soviet Union, that gave the lie, that exposed the lie that the Soviet leadership had told its people for decades, that life in the United States was one of misery and prison camps and it was only a matter of time before they imploded.
Reagan knew it, they imploded of their own immorality, but the idea that any of this is new and that it’s exclusively tied to Trump and because of Trump is absurd. As I say, the Soviet Union has been attempting to undermine as much of American traditional values as it can, and I would submit to you that they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in American education. As I said, at Loyola University in Chicago, the university now offers safe spaces where white students can gather and talk about how racist they are.
Loyola University Chicago new campus club exclusively for self-identified white students. In the group, they get to admit their own racist feelings and whine about all the racism that they and their fellow white people are inflicting on the world. Called an “affinity group,” which is the new leftist term for a racially segregated group, the whites-only group is called “Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness.”
In the group, members can examine what it means to be white, they can confess their guilt about their own internationalized racism, internalized racism, and they can begin the journey of operating in solidarity with others and begin to abandon their white privilege. Now, you tell me that the roots of this have anything to do with American values.
Anyway, Richard Burr, the Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee says “The focus of the hearing is on how the Kremlin allegedly used technology to spread disinformation in the U.S. and Europe. Vladimir Putin himself on Thursday dismissed what he called ;endless and groundless’ accusations of Russian meddling. But ranking Democratic member Mark Warner said Putin ordered a ‘deliberate campaign’ to undermine the U.S. election. The Virginia senator said Russian engaged in a disinformation campaign that ‘made effective use of its hacking skills to steal and weaponize information and engage in a coordinated effort to damage a particular candidate and to undermine public confidence –‘”
That is just flat-out BS. Folks, I’m telling you, it is flat-out BS. There is literally no way that that could have led to the defeat of Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was her own worst enemy. It didn’t take any hacking of any computer to tell people what a worthless candidate she was, how unexciting she was. The Russians weren’t behind the fact nobody bought her book.
The Russians weren’t behind the fact that nobody showed up at her book signings. The Russians weren’t behind the fact that nobody showed up at her campaign appearances. The Russians weren’t behind the fact that everybody showed up at Trump’s. The Russians weren’t behind any of that. Furthermore, if the Russians wanted a guaranteed outcome, they would have wanted Hillary to be president because she would have continued the weak dismantling foreign policy of Barack Obama!
RUSH: Okay, this TV show The Americans, now, what’s happening on this show, the husband and wife Soviet agent team, they live right across the street from an FBI agent who’s clueless, and their daughter has found out who they are. And the one thing that bugs me about this show is they spend so much time on this daughter who is about ready to have a nervous breakdown, and to me it delays the advancement of the plot, but that’s just me.
In a recent episode, Philip and Elizabeth, the spies that live in Arlington, the Soviets, they go out to Oklahoma and Kansas on their mission to find out who, if anybody, is poisoning the wheat to be sold to the Soviet Union. And Philip is wearing a wig with a cowboy hat as a disguise, and they’re in the cab of a pickup truck, and he says, “All this land out here. You know what this looks like? It looks like home. We have all this. Why can’t we grow enough grain ourselves?” And his wife, Elizabeth, says, “Well, everybody has problems.” And she’s, you know, in denial.
Philip is starting to see that their mission is a waste of time because the Soviet Union’s not worth saving. And in fact one of the characters in this season’s episode is a former Soviet citizen who got out, lives in America, and hates the Soviet Union and just keeps ripping it to them, and they have to keep their cover, and you can see that they get mad about it. He said, “In the Soviet Union we have some great land, some great climate, but the system is broke. They still move food by horse some time, and by the time it gets to where it’s going, it’s rotten! Soviet system stink.” And Philip and Elizabeth seethe with rage at the guy.
RUSH: Okay, ready for this? We’re now talking about the Senate Intelligence Committee and its examination of the Russians tampering with the election. And remember, the chairman, Richard Burr — the Republican from North Carolina — has acknowledged the Russians try to tamper with everything. Western European democracies, ours. They hack this, they hack that. They’re trying to spread disinformation. So it was time for a Democrat to speak. Mark Warner, senator from Virginia, and you know what he gave and cited as an example of Russian disinformation?
Do you remember the video…? It was 9/11 last year, and Hillary Clinton was, I think, at Ground Zero at the new Freedom Tower. She had to leave early, and she stumbled and nearly fell to the curb and they had to shove her in the back of that van face first. It was patently obvious that she’d had a seizure or some such thing. Mark Warner cited that story as Russian disinformation. When she had her seizure, that the… I mean, it happened. But all that happened was she slipped, that it was Russian disinformation that spread the word that she’d had a seizure.
Well, that’s the… (interrupting) I know, we saw it. We saw the fact she could… They had to have three people carry her out there, prop her up. She did nearly slip off the curb. She was zoned out. Something has happened. She was some kind of a seizure, were making a big deal about it, but Mark Warner cites that as an example. (paraphrased) “All that happened was she slipped. There was nothing to see there. Russian disinformation created the story that she had a seizure.” I mean, you talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel?
As I said, the idea that the Russians colluded… Well, that’s absurd. The idea the Russians hacked the election? It’s absurd. As though it’s something new, something outrageous, something that we’ve never seen before, which is the picture they’re trying to create with this, and it’s just standard operating procedure, and we do it too. May I remind you? We do it out in the open. Barack Hussein O sent a campaign team to Israel to undermine the reelection of Bibi Netanyahu. We interfere in elections in foreign countries all over the place.
Dick Cheney the other day said, “If the Russians did this, this is an act of war.” So right on his tail, here comes Donna Brazile saying it’s an act of war. Well, if that’s true then we have engaged in acts of war, too, because we do it. Not only do we interfere in elections, we actually take out foreign leaders! Remember those days of CIA assassinations of South American dictator thugs like Augusto Pinochet, that everybody supposedly hated.
No, no, no. I’m not defending it. I’m just… Folks, it isn’t this big a deal! But to the low-information crowd, the fact that the Russians tried to tamper with the election and were friends with Trump? You know, they’re trying to make this a much, much, much bigger deal than it is. And if they’re trying to wear people out on it, with me, it’s beginning to work, because I’m getting fed up with this. The whole premise that the Russians colluding and somehow that’s the only reason Trump won? They can’t prove it. There isn’t any evidence, because that didn’t happen.
RUSH: Oh, boy, by the way: We don’t even have to go to Pinochet to find out about the United States interfering in another country’s activity. Hillary Clinton and Libya? Overthrowing Moammar Khadafy, leading to Benghazi? The idea that it’s only the Russians that interfere? Just imagine: If we had just hacked Khadafy, we wouldn’t have had to overthrow him. Oh, well.