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And now the fun begins with Obamacare

Chief Justice Roberts's opinion on the "subsidies" was hard to understand.  However, the Court's decision will keep Obamacare alive for now, and that's good news for those of us who want to kill this terrible law.
According to Robert E. Moffit, it will be very interesting:
Roughly 6.4 million persons in thirty-four states could have been negatively affected if the Court struck down the federal exchange subsidies.
But there is a much wider universe of persons adversely affected by the law: the roughly 15 million persons in the individual and small group market who don’t get -- and won’t get -- the federal government’s health-insurance subsidies.
Under Obamacare, millions of Americans are forced to pay more for their government standardized coverage, regardless of whether they like it or not, whether they want it or not, or whether or not it forces them to pay for medical procedures that violate their ethical, moral or religious convictions. 
A couple of days ago, I spoke with a family member who was complaining about a new premium, almost $1,500 a month for a couple whose kids are no longer living at home and working.   
At church, another person told me another nightmare story about premiums.  
The Obama team claims that the ACA debate is over, specially after the most recent victory in the Supreme Court.  
In fact, the real debate is just beginning as the chickens come home to roost.  We are going to get a taste of just how bad this law is.
If Hillary Clinton is the nominee, she will call for major changes, including the elimination of mandates.
If Bernie Sanders is the nominee, he will say that we should have gone for a single-payer plan instead.
If the GOP wins, I hope that they repeal it!

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Dissolving America

The instant media consensus is in: the Confederate flag atop the South Carolina statehouse has got to go.  The battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, we are told, just doesn’t represent who we are as a nation anymore.
But if we are going to take the Confederate flag down because it no longer represents us, then there is no reason why we shouldn’t take the American flag down, too.  Not just from the government buildings in South Carolina, but from every home, ship, office, and church throughout the entire American territory.  Because neither flag has anything to do with who we are anymore.  Old Glory is now just as much a meaningless relic as the republic that created it -- as obsolete as the Stars and Bars became in April of 1865.
Cohesion based on any form of natural community -- the sine qua non for a political grouping of any size -- is rendered impossible by our radical rootlessness.  We move so easily from one identity to the next that the past, whether our own or our nation’s, can have no possible meaning.  Who or what we might have been yesterday has no bearing on our self of today.  If a flag represents some form of shared memory, some kind of conscious decision to belong to and remain in a particular place, then all the flags throughout the continent -- with the exception of the rainbow flag that once stood for God’s merciful covenant but now mocks the idea of ordered creation itself -- should be cast down into the dust.
We are entering a phase, now, of diachronic civilizational lysis.  The borders that give us identities are dissolving, just as the histories that stabilize us as a people have been rejected.  We are a mutually antagonistic anti-herd of Proteuses, shape-shifting through the hours and coming increasingly to hate everyone who bears allegiance to anything other than violent revolution.  The only permanent thing left to the American people is outrage, but even that is not content to dwell in any one place for more than a day or two at a time.
Although we take our nation-state for granted, it is good to remember that a nation-state is not an organic creature.  It does not form naturally from its constituent parts.  A nation-state is very much a mass fiction, held together largely by a history, a language, a set of values, a religion, a common project, an economic system, a cultural heritage, a political arrangement, and a shared regard among its members.  The Southern states whose leaders and symbols are now roundly despised seceded from the still fledgling American nation-state not one hundred years after its birth.  But those Southern states had more in common with the North than any of us have in common with one another now.  The nation-state forged in civil war is crumbling around us in pre-civilizational recrudescence.
The great catalyst of this out-of-control dissolution is the demiurge of equality.  The Southern states seceded mainly over distinctions and hierarchies.  As glad as we may be to see slavery expired, the excess of equality that eventually resulted has had a cost.  Equality, if pursued to its logical conclusion, is the guaranteed death of the nation-state.
Why is equality the hemlock of the national polity?  Because if everyone is equal, then everything is permitted.  (Who are you, after all, to judge?)  And if everything is permitted, then there can be commonalities that bind together the people who are supposed to make up the nation-state.

Let us say, for instance, that a floodtide of people begin to enter the nation-state who refuse to learn its common language.  Or who abide by a religion that advocates the enthusiastic murder of infidels.  Or who find that religion itself is toxic, and crusade as an army of nihilists.  Or who prefer an economic system utterly antithetical to the one on which the nation-state has been constructed.  Or who find the nation-state’s history to be a conspiracy against one’s own chosen associates.  Or who feel that hedonism is better than shared sacrifice, mutual consideration, and the slow, laborious work of building a livable home.  If all things are equal, then none of these things can be forbidden.  The nation-state will lose its cohesion as its constituent parts increase in entropy.  Eventually, each individual will be so riddled with conflicting identity claims -- varying from one day to the next, driven by the desire to achieve ever greater distinction, but frustrated in that desire by the iron law of “equality” -- that the nation-state will become unrecognizable mush. It is not that the center will not hold.  It is that there is nothing of sufficient inertia or mass to seek a center in the first place.
If we really want to be honest with ourselves, we will display other symbols in our public squares.  Down with the Confederate flag, symbol of a once-proud patrimony and reminder, too, of the suffering of so many who worked thanklessly to sustain it and died to defend it.  Down with the American flag, too, symbol of oppression and injustice to those who live in the highest level of material comfort ever achieved by mankind.  A white flag of cultural surrender might be better, a kind of semaphore to our enemies to invade and take over.  But it would also be redundant.  Our enemies already know of our surrender, and they are long since living among us, spinning their Gramscian webs.
Instead, if we wish to be honest with ourselves about what we value as a people, we should fly sheets of food stamps and fiat currency from our flagpoles.  Or long strips of condoms.  Or posters of Miley Cyrus with her lesbian lover.  Or the cover of Vanity Fair featuring a lost, mutilated man silently confessing that he finds himself utterly unlovable.  Or Hugh Hefner’s robe, perhaps.
Or, perhaps best of all, we should run up our flagpoles, in grisly succession, the dismembered remains of the thousands of children whom we have deemed unworthy of membership in our current “inclusive” utopia.  One tiny limb, one severed head at a time, let us hoist on the flagpoles of our nation-state the ultimate symbol of its conception of unity, diversity, and justice.
If the argument is that no one identifies as a Confederate anymore, then the counter-argument must be that no one could possibly identify as an American.  What was glorious about us is just as dead as Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln alike.  The invaders and anarchists who run wild in our streets are now in control, and they have made it clear that whatever the United States of America used to be -- whatever its citizens once held dear, which in turn held them together -- is worthy only of contempt.
Take down all the flags, for there is nothing left that makes us a nation.

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A Few More Facebook Post

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What an Asshole

Financial Turmoil In Greece: Banks Close, Capital Controls Imposed

Despite what any Liberal says that "Its all good", Lets look at this. Greece Lived beyond there means, or spent more than they took in, or the Politicians are spending money of the future Generations.  SOUND FAMILIAR? Look whats happening here. The Liberal Progressive Socialist Douch bags we currently have don't give a shit about debt and spending! Keep an Eye on this. It is effecting our Markets. Lets see what happens to their "Dollar".

Banks in Greece shut down Sunday after Greeks withdrew over €1.3 billion euros since Friday. The European Central Bank (ECB) said it would not increase emergency funding to Greece.
Capital controls were imposed on Greek citizens. A maximum of €60, or $66, can be withdrawn from an account in one day. Overseas transfers of cash are prohibited except for necessary, pre-approved transactions.
Long lines in front of ATMs across the nation have become the norm. “People are scared,” said one Greek citizen.
Banks are expected to remain shut down until July 7, when Greece receives more bailout money.
The financial turmoil in Greece stems from the Wall Street implosion of 2008. When the American markets crashed, the world’s markets crashed as well.
The New York Times reported Greece was especially affected, and announced in 2009 it had been understating its deficit figures for years. Greece was no longer allowed to borrow money, and in 2010 it was nearing bankruptcy. The European Central Bank issued the first of two bailouts for Greece which ended up totaling over $264 billion. The conditions of the loan were harsh, requiring large budget cuts and steep tax increases.
Instead of going toward the economy, most of the money was used to pay off existing debt. The economy shrunk by over 25 percent in five years, and unemployment is over 25 percent.
Greece may go bankrupt and leave the eurozone, which would likely send shockwaves that reverberate throughout the world.
The Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, assured the public that Greek deposits were safe.
Robert Peston, a BBC economics editor, offered the following analysis on the BBC website: “The temporary closure of banks in Greece, and the introduction of capital controls, is very bad news for Greece. Greek people will have less money to spend and business less to invest; so an already weak economy will probably return to deep recession.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2015/06/28/financial-turmoil-in-greece-banks-close-capital-controls-imposed/#ixzz3eV4dGtO4








Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another ugly episode of 'SCOTUS knows best'

On the surface, this is a victory for so-called "gay rights."
In fact, it is a serious defeat for the Constitution, and for those of us who believe in what the Founding Fathers created.
The Wall Street Journal makes a good point today:
The complication is that the Constitution is silent about marriage and social-policy preferences, which are supposed to be settled by the people and the political branches.
And that's the point!
Over the last 24 hours, I've been hearing words like love or phrases like "right to marry."
In fact, I don't have a problem with love or marriage.  I'm delighted that people in love want to get married.   
My problem is that Justice Kennedy, and four others, found a right that isn't there.  They decided that they know best rather than to let the legislatures and voters make the call.  (By the way, many states had already done so.)
There are huge problems coming down the road:
First, the justices have not settled anything.  They've simply poisoned the political well by imposing their definition of marriage on the rest of us.  
Did Roe v. Wade settle abortion?  No.  It is still a contentious issue, because it happened by judicial fiat rather than voters and state legislatures.   
Second, this new ruling will turn every judicial nomination into a battle over abortion or same-sex marriage.  I can hear the questions: do you believe that the decision over same sex marriage is settled law?  Can you guarantee that you won't overturn it?

David Brooks saw this in the battles for now-justices Alito and Roberts:
Justice Harry Blackmun did more inadvertent damage to our democracy than any other 20th-century American. When he and his Supreme Court colleagues issued the Roe v. Wade decision, they set off a cycle of political viciousness and counter-viciousness that has poisoned public life ever since, and now threatens to destroy the Senate as we know it.
Every judicial appointment, especially any from a GOP president, faces a "Borking" from people who want guarantees that he or she will not reverse the abortion, and now, the same-sex marriage decisions.  It's insane and vicious.
Third, what happens to those of us who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman?  In other words, what happens to those of us who agreed with Senator Obama in 2008 and Senator Clinton in 2004?
Are we suddenly bigots?  Are we going to get sued if we refuse to participate?  Will Catholic schools, or others, have to teach something that they don't believe in?  What happens when some sister in a Catholic school or black minister says that homosexuality is a sin?  Will they be sued on a civil rights challenge?
The Founding Fathers had wisdom, and that's why they left these issues to the people.  The five Justices, Kennedy and the four liberal robots, are arrogant and disrespectful of the people.
Last, but not least, President Obama, and many liberals, were just handed a victory that they never had the courage to fight for in the political arena.  President Obama never went into the political arena and fought for "gay rights."  He gave vague speeches but never went out in 2008 or 2012 and called for same-sex marriage.   

 Nothing got settled.  I expect this issue to poison our political rhetoric for years.  We can thank Justice Kennedy for that.

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The Gay Pride House is Obama's house

Just the other day during a Gay Pride Event at the White House, after an illegal transgender named Jennicet Gutiérrez demanded that Obama release LGBTQ illegals being held for deportation, Obama reprimanded the disrupter by announcing that the people’s house is his house. 
An irritated president told the confused GetEQUAL male activist in the red dress:
Listen, you're in my house. You're not gonna get a good response from me by interrupting me like this. I'm sorry. No, no, no, no, no. Shame on you. You shouldn't be doing this.
The hoopla came in the midst of SCOTUScare (emphasis on scare) being firmly ensconced into law by a chief justice who, the following day, contradicted his pro-Obamacare opinion with an anti-gay-marriage opinion.
Nonetheless, the lovely and vivacious Mr. Gutiérrez was present in the White House registering his demands just prior to #LOVEWINS officially becoming legal in “57 states,” including “one left to go,” Alaska and Hawaii. 
Jennicet was in Obama’s face right before the president penned a eulogy abjuring the Confederate flag, which he delivered with a side dish of racial rancor at a memorial for a murdered South Carolina A.M.E. pastor who preached Jesus even as he supported abortion.
And as if all this #LOVEWINS/SCOTUSCARE/illegal transgender/pro-choice pastor stuff weren’t confusing enough, at the Pinckney memorial, Obama, who must have lost his head and thought he was in the Apollo Theatre again, said that by “taking down the Confederate flag, we express God’s grace,” an issue he then proceeded to address in song.
Demeaning the symbol of Southern heritage, Obama’s unspoken implication was that a flag might be a motivating factor for the racism that inspired Dylann Roof to shoot nine church people to death, among whom was Pastor Clementa Pinckney, the state senator the president was there to eulogize.
Appealing to the greater angels within the hearts of the Southern people, Obama said that although opinions differ on the true meaning of the Confederate flag, at a difficult time such as this, to exhibit kindliness toward the ongoing effects of America’s “original sin” of slavery, a flag that holds special meaning to so many people should be rejected.
In other words, although Americans disagree on the symbolism of the Confederate flag, Obama was requesting that polite deference based on strong differences be exhibited via elimination of the flag.
Speaking of flags, while in Charleston, the president avoided mentioning what he was crowing about in the Rose Garden that same morning:  the passage of same-sex marriage rights.  After all, Obama the chameleon was well aware that he was in the company of black pastors who, by and large, along with the black community in general, abhor homosexuality and disapprove of the #LOVEWINS legalization that many African-Americans view as sodomy.
But as usual, the company Barack keeps and his liberal proclivities determine his level of sensitivity toward the feelings of others. 
President Obama is so diverse and eclectic in how he grants compassionate regard that he can host LGBTQ pride events in the same White House where he hosts Iftar dinners for Muslims who, had Jennicet Gutiérrez not been thrown out of the East Room, would likely approve of throwing him off the White House roof.
That’s why, quickly changing gears, just hours after 3% of the population determined the legal definition of marriage for a nation of 310 million people, and after encouraging the removal of the Confederate flag from South Carolina’s state capitol, Obama spitefully used taxpayer money to send a message by lighting up “his house” to look like a flag that offends 40% of the American population.
What started out as harmless fun when Michelle Obama dyed the water in the fountain on the South Lawn green for St. Patrick’s Day has devolved seven years later into Obama using multi-colored lights to alienate those who still hold traditional marriage near and dear and who loathe the downward moral spiral the nation is currently experiencing.  
All this on the same day Obama suggested that on behalf of racial sensitivity, America should consider banishing the Confederate flag from the annals of history.
And what is most disturbing about that suggestion is the fact that the thoughtfulness Obama continually demands be extended toward those with whom he sympathizes goes right out the window when it comes to what offends those who oppose what he supports. 
So, after lecturing America about insensitive flags, Barack Obama turned around and sent a subtle but shrewd message to his detractors – by converting the people’s house into a Gay Pride flag.  The taunt made an in-your-face point and in the process managed to reinforce the original contention the president expressed to an illegal transgender about the White House being “his house.”
In a week that set new records in constitutional misapplication, by purposely transforming the White House into a rainbow-emblazoned emblem supporting same-sex marriage, Barack Obama sent America the message that, like it or not, the whole damned country is “his house.”

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Pentagon starving combat troops out of respect of Ramadan

I support the American Troops Not  Ramadan. So our People are to go out on activities whether training or Combat Hungry?  This Clown in the White House is Nuts and Un American! 

The Pentagon issued orders for troops in the field not to eat food during the day during Ramadan.
U.S. military members serving in countries that observe Ramadan are required to adhere to certain practices while outside U.S. installations. One part of Ramadan is that those observing the holiday fast from dawn until sunset. 
When outside U.S. controlled areas, eating and drinking in public during daylight hours is against the law.
 As far as I know, we left our bases in Iraq.  We are sharing some facilities now that we have returned, but it is not clear that there are any "U.S. controlled areas."  Furthermore, this seems to be saying that soldiers in the field, soldiers in firefights, risking their lives, cannot eat food!
Failure to obey could result in fines up to $685 or a sentence of up to two months in jail.  “The commander’s policy dictates that airmen will adhere to local law, which prohibits eating, drinking or tobacco use off base in public,” said Sickles.
The only personnel exempt from this requirement are those performing strenuous labor outside U.S. controlled areas. They are authorized to drink and consume as much food as they need to maintain proper hydration and energy.
How wonderful.  In addition to worry about IEDs, and snipers, and suicide bombers, soldiers have to wonder if they are exerting themselves enough to justify eating.
As airmen and other personnel here adjust to this, Brig. Gen. John Quintas, 380th Air Expeditionary Wing commander, outlined the type of conduct he expects throughout the holy month. 
“As ‘Airmen-Ambassadors’ representing American and U.S. military values around the world, we are committed to the concepts of tolerance, freedom and diversity,” said Quintas. “I hope that during your service in the 380th AEW you become more informed and appreciative of the traditions and history of the people in this region of the world. Please remember we are guests here and that the host nation is our shoulder-to-shoulder, brothers and sisters in arms, risking their lives for our common cause to defeat terrorism.”
What a confused fool.  People in the Iraqi army, what is left of it, aren't risking their lives for anything.  Most have fled.  The ones doing the fighting are the vicious mass murdering Shi'ite militias and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and they are fighting to maintain a theocratic Shi'ite state allied with Iran.  It is America who is honoring them, risking our lives for their country.  They should be thanking us.  They should be respecting our customs, because we have come to their country to defend them.  Not the other way around.
As with the movement to integrate gays and "transgenders" into the military, General Quintas has this ass-backwards.  Obama has turned our military into a freakish politically correct laughingstock.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/06/pentagon_starving_combat_troops_out_of_respect_of_ramadan.html#ixzz3eP5RSz6l
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