Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Barack Obama’s Deplorable Race Relations Legacy

A recent phenomenon in American politics amid the conclaves of the media and academic elites is the stultifying debate over an outgoing president’s so-called “Legacy.”  The nation now finds itself embroiled in this conversation as none other than Barack Obama, by his innumerable self-serving speeches, countless appearances on a multitude of media platforms and myriad gatherings with fawning supporters, has attempted to establish a positive spin on his legacy.  He has far exceeded anything the previous occupants of the Oval Office have done to reinforce their image as they leave the White House behind.  That he feels compelled to do so is indicative of the fact that Obama knows his presidency will go down in history as a monumental failure.
There is little doubt, except to his die-hard supporters (which includes a vast majority of the mainstream media), that his failures are legion.  Perhaps the most telling and egregious of which is the current state of race relations in the United States.  As President and a man of African descent, Barack Obama was in a position to permanently mend fences and end the racial politics bubbling beneath the surface over the past few decades.  However true to his quasi-Marxist upbringing as well as being steeped in racial identity politics, he chose to exploit and exacerbate racial tensions for political objectives.  The end-product of this nihilistic approach is revealed in a poll taken by Washington Post/ABC News in July of 2016 wherein 64% of Americans believe race relations are generally bad as compared to 66% who thought race relations were generally good in April of 2009.
Barack Obama, and virtually all of his fellow travelers, both white and black, on the Left (i.e. the Democratic Party), view the African-American population as both useful pawns in their quest for power and as helpless mascots to be pitied, paraded about and bought off whenever useful to either the overriding political or societal cause.
In August of 1963, as a college student in Washington D.C., I participated in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom the highlight of which was the “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King.  Thereafter and for a couple of years I became involved in the civil rights movement working to assure freedom and voting rights in several southern states. 
During this period of time I noticed that the vast majority of the white volunteers (and some northern African-Americans) fell into three categories insofar as their motivation to participate in the movement.  The first, and most active, were the hard-core leftists who viewed the black proletariat as potential foot soldiers and a gullible constituency to be recruited to aid in overturning the government and establishing a socialist Nirvana.  The second, and most common, were those who viewed the African-Americans as a population to be pitied, patted on the head and made dependent mascots so these pompous narcissists could wallow in their self-righteousness.  The third, and by far the smallest category of activists, were there out of respect for the humanity of their fellow citizens by attempting to right the civil and political wrongs perpetrated against them.
My involvement in the movement ended when it became clear that the cause had been hijacked by the radical Left, greatly aided and abetted by patronizing liberals and their supercilious mindset.  Thus, the rise of militant groups such as the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam and the Black Nationalist Movement, whose primary motivations were the overthrow of the government under the tattered banner of civil rights.  Meanwhile, the condescending attitude of much of the ruling class resulted in the creation of countless failed welfare and social programs which destroyed the pride and coherence within what was once a group of people proud and noble despite the obstacles placed before them for so much of the nation’s past.  Thus, rendering nearly an entire race to become dependent on whomever was in power in Washington D.C. 
The confluence of the tactics and motivations of these two factions has created a near irreconcilable racial quagmire easily manipulated by the unscrupulous for their political or societal ends, whether through intimidation, overt threats or the exploitation of outright falsehoods.  As Barack Obama, the Black Lives Matters movement, the Congressional Black Caucus, innumerable social justice groups on college campuses, and many in the entertainment and media complex have done over the past eight years.  These people are among the most despicable in our nation today.
That the President of the United States would deliberately and with malice be party to this exploitation and extortion is beyond the pale and will forever be a stain on what tattered shreds of his legacy remains. 
In 1964, while on a voter registration drive near a small town in southern Maryland, I walked up to a small ramshackle house with peeling paint and windows with shattered panes covered in plastic.  On the porch quietly rocking in her chair was the bent figure of an elderly black woman.  I went up to her.  She turned and looked at me as our eyes met.  I could see in those dark sad eyes the years of pain and suffering she had endured.  After a stare that penetrated to my very core, she insisted I stay saying: “Your eyes tell me you’re one of us.”
Her name was Acadie and she was originally from Louisiana.  She told me she was 92 years old, the daughter of ex-slaves, born in 1872.  We talked of her youth and hardscrabble existence in the fields; of the terror wrought by the Ku Klux Klan seeking revenge against blacks for the difficult life for all in Louisiana after the Civil War; of lynching and church burnings and near starvation as crops failed for lack of rain or floods; of her and her family packing up their few belongings and with a mule and a cart setting off for Chicago only to find more subtle but still virulent discrimination; and of losing her husband killed in a railroad accident when she was 35 leaving her with 4 children to raise and whom she eventually outlived.
We sat and talked about our life experiences for over two hours, the daughter of slaves and a displaced war orphan from across the ocean, bound together not only by our past life experiences but our optimism about the future.  When the time came to leave she gently took my hand and held it in her gnarled fingers long ago deformed by the ravages of arthritis and said: “The times are a’changin, I hope my people will listen to God’s word to forgive and lead a good and honest life.  May God, bless you always.”  I have little doubt what Acadia would say to Barack Obama if she were alive today.
The time has come for the African-American community to shed the scales from their eyes, to see clearly that despite his skin color and all the hope invested in him that Obama cared not for them but what they could do for him in his insatiable quest for political power.  That far too many others both black and white proclaiming their sympathies and solidarity are motivated by self-serving interests.  That African-Americans must stand up and cease being the pawns and mascots for others while succumbing to the siren call of de facto bribes to act as such.  That intolerance and discrimination based on race, religion, economic status and birth exists in the hearts of human beings of all races and using that as a justification for anger or animosity is self-defeating. 
The time has also come for rest of the nation to stop being cowed by the likes of Obama, the race hustlers and social justice warriors out to foment discontent and upheaval.  That they need to ostracize and publicly denigrate those who would use their fellow citizens as hostages in their cynical games.  And, that the white population must join with African-Americans of good will to stamp out the last remaining vestiges of institutionalized racism and discrimination.
If these steps are not undertaken, then Barack Obama will have a “Legacy” as the President who irreversibly embedded racial tension and animosity in American society.


Obama: Limbaugh and Fox News ruined my presidency

Always blaming someone else for his failures

Obama has added Rush Limbaugh and "some commentators on Fox News" to the list of those responsible for his failure as a president. 
On the January 13, 2017 NBC Dateline, Obama told Lester Holt, also known as Candy Crowley Holt for his impersonation of Ms. Crowley during the presidential debate:
The ability of Republican leaders to rile up their base, helped along by folks like Rush Limbaugh and some commentators on Fox News, I think created an environment in which Republican voters would punish Republicans for cooperating with me.
In ObamaWorld, Putin is responsible for Hillary's loss, otherwise known as the rejection of Obama's third term and agenda.  In ObamaWorld,  if Limbaugh and "some commentators on Fox News" (presumably Sean Hannity), had only praised Obama and not reported on Obama's shortcomings, then the Republicans would have "cooperated" with Obama.  Limbaugh and Hannity are responsible for Republicans not doing whatever Obama wanted.
Obama failed to say he did whatever he wanted by using executive orders and agency regulations.  For example, he termed the Iran nuclear deal an "agreement" instead of a treaty, thereby bypassing the two-thirds Senate vote to approve as required by the Constitution.  This was a major policy decision that allows Iran to continue its nuclear program, with a short unverified hiatus, that puts the burden on President Trump and his successors and Israel to deal with a nuclear Iran.  Obama unilaterally gave Iran, the principal sponsor and supporter of Islamist terrorist, 150 billion dollars that Iran can use for further terrorism. 
Obama is trying to match Bill Clinton for Clinton-speak.  To Obama, when Republicans refrained from doing whatever Obama wanted, that means that Republicans did not cooperate with him.  The Republicans would have gone along with Obama if only Limbaugh and Hannity had kept quiet.
 A rational observer listening to Obama would conclude that Obama is either lying or delusional.  He lies because he is working on cleaning up his legacy.  The premise of his statements is that his agenda was good for our country, therefore the Republicans would have supported his agenda but for Limbaugh and Hannity.  This feeds into the beliefs of his base.
Thus, Hillary would have won but for Putin, and Obama would have been successful but for Limbaugh and Hannity.  It is never the fault of Obama.
In addition to lying, Obama believes that his way is the only correct way.  If you disagree with him, then you must have been influenced by Limbaugh and Hannity, who should not have criticized Obama.  This view is an implicit attack on the First Amendment, which protects our right to disagree and criticize the government and the right of a free press to criticize the president.
Obama is essentially saying that Limbaugh and Hannity should not criticize him because he knows what is best for our country.  This is the mentality of a totalitarian.



The Left Is Thoroughly Bamboozled

As Inauguration Day approaches, the leftist media, the Democrats, and the moonbats that make up the nation's academic class are well and truly melting, as surely as the wicked witch of the Wizard of Oz melted when Dorothy tossed some water on her.  So thoroughly, deeply convinced of their own superiority in all things political, legal, cultural, gender, and all branches of learning that they have created their own parallel universe in which Trump could not possibly have won, everyone loves Obama and Obamacare, the economy is booming, unemployment is low, humans are destroying the planet with global warming, global cooling, climate change, and/or bad weather, and Hillary was a shoo-in to win the 2016 election.  They actually believed, without a shred of actual evidence, that Hillary Clinton was qualified to be President even though her record is one of incompetence, poor judgment, corruption and failure.  They have been bamboozled for so long that they have lost the ability to see reality.  They want no part of it because in their parallel universe these things cannot possibly be true.
As Carl Sagan wrote in 1995, in The Demon-haunted World:  Science as a Candle in the Dark:
“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” 
So completely captured by the bamboozle, once-reputable news outlets eagerly publish fake news if they think it will hurt Trump.  The same news organizations have, for ten years, refused to publish anything, even the obvious truth,  that might reflect poorly on Obama.  That is how the bamboozle works.
Take the climate change devotees.  There is no "97% scientific consensus" that humans are causing catastrophic climate change.  That is a lie.  Science is not decided by consensus. It is based on provable scientific method, not computer models.  But confront a believer with some facts and they immediately launch into ad hominem attacks having nothing whatever to do with the topic.  So committed to their false belief in this global hoax, they will attack the simplest valid scientific fact if it is contrary to their beloved faith in man-caused destruction of the planet.  They will not cite science but will accuse the "denier" of some crude variation of stupidity.   Anthropogenic Global Warming is the charlatan that has captured them.  So felled by this belief is new Senator Kamala Harris that  she cluelessly grilled CIA cabinet pick Mike Pompeo about his grasp and commitment to that particular bamboozle!  He politely replied that he respected all laws passed to protect the environment but that his job was in a different realm.  California Republicans hoped Harris would be a tad less dim than Barbara Boxer; she is not.
Elizabeth Warren, the not-native-American senator from MA, relentlessly badgered Dr. Ben Carson, HUD cabinet nominee and one of the finest men on the planet, about using HUD money that might benefit Trump even one dollar since his business is "housing development."  She would not stop. She embarrassed herself.   She has not a clue how a businessman like Trump makes money.  And Obama appointed her to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!
Most of these people in Congress have degrees from prestigious universities.  We mortals have for too long been seduced by their supposed brilliance. Those degrees are meaningless for the most part.  Among the younger Democrat members they are just proof of their wiling indoctrination by the Left.   These folks are in shock at the election results because not only do they believe they are smarter than the rest of us, they had ultimate faith in their powers of persuasion, especially those lefty journalists.  They are stunned that the public did not vote the way they instructed them to vote. 
Some members of Congress, however, are very, very smart.  When you hear Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, Mike Lee or Tom Cotton speak about the law and the Constitution, no one can deny that those other people, the Al Frankens and Elizabeth Warrens of Congress, have no business being there, deciding what the rest of us can and cannot do, drive, eat, drink, own, say or think, etc.
Trump's cabinet picks are smart indeed, much smarter, for the most part, than their Democrat  interrogators.  Sessions, Pompeo, Tillerson, Mattis, Carson!  Class acts, each one of them.   But the Democrats in the House and the Senate, the ones who sit on those committees and cast aspersions on the fine people Trump has chosen simply because Trump chose them, should be ashamed of themselves.   The number of Democrats who have vowed not to work with Trump or acknowledge his legitimacy is growing:  Maxine Waters, John Lewis, Schumer (unless Trump moves left), Barbara Lee, Luis Guiterrez, Katherine Clark, Earl Blumenauer, Raul Grijalva, Jared Huffman.  Childish, intolerant, un-democratic sore losers all. Republicans, no matter how distressed by Obama's re-election, never came close to this form of gross rejectionism.
Progressivism took root in the early years of the last century and was thoroughly embraced by Woodrow Wilson, an actual racist.   After the disaster that was WWI, wiser heads prevailed but the seed of Wilson's intolerance has never been eradicated.  The current American Left has been similarly bamboozled for several generations now.  The radicals of the 1960s became tenured professors and from that moment on dictated who could and would teach universitystudents for the next fifty years. Howard Zinn's book, A People's History of the United States, has done more to harm this nation and its young people than Putin could ever do.  Zinn's and his acolyites' conviction that the United States was and is a force for evil is de rigueur on every high school and college campus in the country.  Its tenets have become a matter of faith since it was published in 1980.  The book was and is the ultimate bamboozle.
May the Trump administration bring about enough quick and drastic change for the better that the fury of the left will be mollified.  Those of us on the right are simply relieved that the eight-year nightmare of the purposeful crippling of our country is over.


HURRY UP, Mr. President, build the damn wall! Mobs of African Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists are rushing the Mexican border, to get here before you stop them

Thousands of African (mainly Muslim) migrants are attempting to cross through Mexico with hopes to enter into the United States via the southern border before President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Breitbart (h/t Nate C) Along with migrants from Central America, Africans are now flooding into the Mexican region of Tapachula, which borders Guatemala, in an effort to eventually reach the United States, according to Reuters.

Breitbart Texas reported back in September 2016 how African Muslim migrants, specifically from terrorist group Al-Shabaab terror hotbed Somalia were being helped across Mexico via special permits that allow them to continue to the U.S. unimpeded.

U.S. Border patrols report regularly finding discarded Muslim prayer rugs on the U.S. side of the border.

When African migrants are detained by Mexican officials, they are given a 20-day pass, which allows them to freely move throughout the country, eventually into the United States.

In 2013, immigration officials in Tapachula said they would see roughly six African migrants come through the region a day. In 2017, African migrants are coming by the hundreds daily, with an estimated 19,000 Haitians and Africans arriving in 2016 alone.

Reuters reports that African migrants are difficult to detain or deport by Mexican officials, as the country does not have diplomatic ties with some African nations. Previous Breitbart Texas reporting found that Mexican officials actively aid African migrants in their journey north.

International Organization for Migration in Tapachula director Claudette Walls says the influx is due to economic hardships in Brazil and an international migrant crisis, in addition to Trump’s November victory.

Trump has reiterated his proposals, most recently, to close the southern border with a wall, as well as cracking down on criminal illegal immigrants living in the country who have yet to be deported.

With those prospects, migrants are trying to gain access into the U.S. to “reunite with relatives,” according to Reuters, before Trump takes the oath of office.

According to Judicial Watch: An ISIS camp (below) was discovered in Mexico just miles from the US border. During the course of a joint operation, Mexican Army and federal law enforcement officials discovered documents in Arabic and Urdu, as well as “plans” of Fort Bliss – the sprawling military installation that houses the US Army’s 1st Armored Division. Muslim prayer rugs were recovered with the documents during the operation.

In 2013, Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby warned that the Mexican border provided “a global pathway” for illegal immigrants from the Horn of Africa including those from nations with Islamic terror ties such as Somalia.


Project Veritas Uncovers Terrorist Plot To Disrupt Inauguration Ball

Usually it’s the liberal policies setting off stink bombs, but James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas (who isn’t Russian so don’t start with the Putin thing) fresh off of exposing some of the Clinton campaign’s destructive conduct, started exposing a group trying to disrupt the Inauguration. These activities likely violate multiple criminal laws, including terrorist statutes.
In this first video, an undercover Project Veritas reporter attended a meeting of one of the organizations, called DC Anti-Fascist Coalition. The meeting was at Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant that is better known as the location of the Pizzagate controversy. The DC Anti-fascist coalition members present were Luke Kuhm, “Scott Green”, Colin Dunn, and Casey Webber.
The coalition members discussed trying to disrupt the “Deploraball” dinner and reception scheduled for the National Press Club the night before the inauguration.
Their idea was setting off Butyric acid stink bombs. They wanted the stench to be so strong that the building would have to be evacuated.
“If you had a pint of butyric acid, I don’t care how big the building is, it is closing…” says Luke Kuhm. “And this stuff is like very efficient, it’s very very smelly and it lasts a long time.  A little bit goes a long way,” Scott Green explained. And the added benefit,” bragged Lucy, “everybody is going to walk outside in the freezing cold.”
They went on to discuss how get butyric acid into the ventilation of the building.  Besides using butyric acid, the group considered activating sprinklers or setting off fire alarms in hopes of forcing the guests outside of the building where they would be confronted by the protesters.
Once Project Veritas uncovered this footage, they decided to make an unprecedented move for the organization and bring the evidence to federal law enforcement. Ben Barr, the legal representative for Project Veritas, met with anti-terrorist law enforcement and Secret Service officials.
Project Veritas notified the FBI, Secret Service and DC Metro Police of the content of the video below prior to its release.
And James O’ Keefe promises there’s more to come


Putin: Obama’s govt is working hard to undermine Trump

MOSCOW (AP) — In a biting attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday accused the outgoing U.S. administration of trying to undermine President-elect Donald Trump by spreading fake allegations and said those who are doing it are “worse than prostitutes.”
The statement reflected the Kremlin’s boiling anger at President Barack Obama’s administration, which declined to comment on Putin’s accusation.
Asked about an unsubstantiated dossier outlining unverified claims that Trump engaged in sexual activities with prostitutes at a Moscow hotel, Putin dismissed it as “fake” and “nonsense” and said it was part of efforts by Obama’s administration to “undermine the legitimacy of the president-elect” despite his “convincing” victory.
Trump earlier rejected the sexual allegations as “fake news” and “phony stuff.”
Putin’s broadside at the White House reveals a culmination of tensions between Moscow and Washington, which have built up over the Ukrainian crisis, the Syrian war and the allegations of Russian meddling in the U.S. election.
“People who order such fakes against the U.S. president-elect, fabricate them and use them in political struggle are worse than prostitutes,” Putin said. “They have no moral restrictions whatsoever, and it highlights a significant degree of degradation of political elites in the West, including in the United States.”
He spoke in Moscow during a news conference following talks with the president of Moldova.
The Russian leader ridiculed the authors of the Trump dossier for alleging that Russian spy agencies were collecting compromising material on Trump when he visited Moscow in 2013 for the Miss Universe pageant.
“He wasn’t a politician, we didn’t even know about his political ambitions,” Putin said. “Do they think that our special services are hunting for every U.S. billionaire?”
Putin also sarcastically suggested that Trump, who met the world’s most beautiful women at the pageant, had a better choice for female companionship than Moscow prostitutes, even though Putin claimed “they are also the best in the world.”
He said Trump’s foes are ready to go as far as to “stage a Maidan in Washington to prevent Trump from entering office,” in reference to the alleged U.S. role in organizing protests in the main square of the Ukrainian capital, the Maidan, which forced the nation’s Russia-friendly president from power in 2014.
“People who are doing that are inflicting a colossal damage to the interests of the United States,” Putin said.
Putin also charged that those spreading allegations against Trump want to “bind the president-elect hand and foot to prevent him from fulfilling his election promises.”
“How can you do anything to improve U.S.-Russian relations when they launch such canards as hackers’ interference in the election?” he said.
Putin voiced hope that “common sense will prevail” and Russia and the United States will be able to normalize their relations once Trump takes office Friday.
He said he doesn’t know Trump and has no interests in defending him.
“I don’t know Mr. Trump. I have never met him and I don’t know what he will do on the international arena,” Putin said. “I have no reason whatsoever to assail him, criticize him for something, or defend him.”
At a separate news conference Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Moscow hopes for better relations with the United States based on respect for mutual interests once Trump takes office, in contrast with the “messianic” approach of the outgoing U.S. administration that he said has ravaged ties.
Lavrov said Russia and the United States can reach common ground on nuclear arms control and other issues if each country proceeds from its national interests and shows respect for the other side.
He voiced hope that Trump’s team will consist of pragmatic people “who will not engage in moralizing and will try to understand the interests of their partners just as they clearly uphold their own interests.”
Lavrov denounced the foreign policies of the outgoing Obama administration and its allies as “messianic” attempts to enforce Western values on the rest of the world, which has led to instability and conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere.
Lavrov said Moscow is inviting representatives of the incoming U.S. administration to attend talks Monday on Syria in Kazakhstan, discussions brokered by Russia, Turkey and Iran. He voiced hope that Russian and U.S. experts could start discussions on fighting terrorism in Syria during that meeting.
Asked to comment on Trump’s recent comments in which he indicated he could end sanctions imposed on Russia in the aftermath of its 2014 annexation of Crimea in return for a nuclear arms reduction deal, Lavrov said Russia was ready to sit down for nuclear arms talks with the U.S.
Lavrov noted he didn’t see Trump’s words as an offer to cut arms in exchange for canceling the sanctions, rather as an expression of readiness to look at reviewing the sanctions while engaging in negotiations on arms control, among other issues.
Lavrov added that, along with nuclear arsenals, the agenda for such negotiations should include new hypersonic weapons, missile defense, the weaponization of space and other issues.
Like Putin, Lavrov rejected allegations of Russian meddling into the U.S. election as “absurdities” and “fakes” intended to hurt Trump.
He said U.S. intelligence agencies have failed to produce any evidence to back those claims, adding that officials who engaged in the effort “deserve to be fired, as they receive their salaries for nothing.”
Lavrov described the allegations of Russian election meddling in the U.S. vote as the final “spasms of those who realize that their time is coming to an end.”
“The time of foreign policy demagogues is over, and, feeling hurt, they fabricate all kinds of fakes,” he said. “First, officials leak fakes to the media, then media start spinning them and, finally, officials comment on them as facts.”
Lavrov also denounced a dossier on Trump compiled by a former British spy as a “rude provocation,” contemptuously referring to its author as a “runaway swindler from MI6” without citing his name.
In a reflection of the bad blood between Obama’s administration and the Kremlin, Lavrov accused U.S. officials of making repeated attempts to recruit Russian diplomats in the United States as spies, including a deputy chief of mission. He called the attempts “cynical” and “unprecedented.”

Like the article says, These are the same Idiots that showed  Hillary had  a 90% chance of winning



Former Black Panther: ‘Illegitimate Congressman’ John Lewis ‘Presided Over Destruction Of Black People’

A Must hear................. He also  refers to Lewis as being full of Crap

Black Panther-turned conservative author and activist Mason Weaver says after taking a beating for civil rights, Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) joined his “oppressors” in the Democratic Party and has since assisted in the “destruction of black America.”

“He was fighting Democrats. And after they beat his behind on the [Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965] and ran over him and stumped him in the ground, he got up and turned and joined,” Weaver said Monday on Tucker Carlson Tonight. 
He joined the oppressors and became a stooge for them,” Weaver said of Lewis, who is “now sitting and presiding over the destruction of the black community; the destruction of black men; the destruction of black women, with drugs and gangs.”

“He more concerned about Trump being the illegitimate President,” Weaver said, “but John Lewis is the illegitimate Congressman.”

Weaver was responding to the war of words between President-elect Donald Trump and Rep. Lewis.
On Friday, Lewis described Trump’s election as “illegitimate” because of a Russian “conspiracy.”
“I don’t see the president-elect as a legitimate president. I think there was a conspiracy on the part of the Russians, and others, that helped him get elected,” Lewis told NBC’s Chuck Todd.
Trump fired back, urging the Georgia Democrat to “spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results.”
However, Weaver believes the spotlight should be turned on the longtime Democratic lawmaker and his record.
“He has presided over the worst school system in the world, where black people are learning to only be gang prep,” Weaver said of Lewis.
“I’m outraged that the demonstration that he had early in his life has turned into a subjugation of his right and authority as a black leader.”
Weaver says not only has Lewis failed his constituents — which consist of most of Atlanta, Georgia — but the “Congressional Communist Black Caucus that has every district they own and control is a ghetto hellhole.”
Weaver challenged Rep. Lewis to “apologize” to the American people for joining the Democratic “party of abuse,” which has “always been the party of the Klan; the party that went to war to keep slaves; the party that’s always been the destruction of black people.”
Rep. Lewis “has gotten rich and his people have gotten poorer,” Weaver said. “The black caucus has gotten more power and influence, and the black people they preside over have gotten poorer — more drugs, more gangs, less businesses, less home ownership, less education, more jails.”