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This Arizona County is About to Lose ALL Obamacare Insurers

Here is a picture of a habitual Liar

This year has seen a lot of insurers pull out of various Obamacare exchanges, to the point where some exchanges only have one or two insurers left. Which has to make you wonder, what would happen if every insurance company pulled out of the system? Apparently Pinal County, Arizona is about to find out. This may wind up being the first county where there are no insurers offering Obamacare plans, after Aetna recently decided to pull out of Arizona.
Blue Cross Blue Shield is still providing insurance on the county’s exchange, but they too plan to pull out of the exchange in 2017. Cynthia Cox of the Kaiser Family Foundation think tank told Business Insider that “If that’s the case, it’s mostly going to be unaffordable for those who are already receiving subsidies. They’re no longer going to be eligible for the subsidies, and it is likely that private coverage is not going to be affordable without the subsidies.”
Fortunately, the residents of Pinal County who can’t afford private coverage won’t be fined when tax day arrives. So essentially if Blue Cross Blue Shield can’t be persuaded to stay, and no other company steps in, then Pinal County will return to the same state of affairs that existed before Obamacare was implemented.
This is just further proof that Obamacare is falling apart. As time goes on, it’s becoming so financially unfeasible that the insurance companies can’t stay profitable in many areas. If they keep pulling out of the exchanges, we won’t need to wait for Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Dead Men Voting Multiple Times in Many States: It’s not who wins the ballots, but those who count the ballots that decide an election

In the 2012 presidential elections, almost 2.8 million individuals were registered to vote in more than one state, and 1.8 million registered voters at the time of the election were actually dead.  These figures came from the Pew Center on the States study entitled“Inaccurate, Costly, and Inefficient: Evidence that America’s Voter Registration System Needs an Upgrade” (2012).  These “glitches” were not removed from the system due to the Obama Department of Justice suspending the execution and enforcement of federal law in relation to the regulations governing elections.
The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993, 52 USC is the law we’re examining here, specifically Section 8 that is specifically designed to promote honest and fair voting in the elections.  Section 8 is a requirement for the states.  They are to do the following in accordance with the law:
“…conduct a general program that makes a reasonable effort to remove the names of ineligible voters from the official lists of eligible voters.”
NVRA of 1993 Sec. 8, 52 USC Sec 20507
According to the Pew Research Center, at the time of the election, almost 24 million,amounting to 1/8 of all registered voters are either not accurate, outdated, or duplicated.  During the election, the Justice Department found the law “uncongenial,” that is to say they did not enforce Section 8, and this at the behest of the administration.
Needless to say, all of this was in 2012, prior to the Obama executive orders that put a halt to the deportations of illegal aliens, a halt that continued for almost three years before the courts ruled Obama’s unilateral actions were unconstitutional.  This is the new “paradigm” for executive actions: put it into place, and it’ll remain in place until the courts rule on it.  Moving with glacial slowness, by the time the courts rule, even if they knock it down, it doesn’t matter, because the time lapse between the executive order and the court ruling allowed the actions to occur unchecked in that time period.
Opposition groups to the enforcement of aforementioned voter registration laws were such “winners” as the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, the ACLU, and the NAACP.  Data analysis for these three groups to use in their pseudo-grassroots protests came from a firm known as Catalist, and the DOJ also used this firm’s statistics and “facts” to justify and substantiate their unwillingness to execute the law faithfully and follow federal guidelines as outlined in the NVRA.
It was after the 2012 election that the Federal Election Commission showed that Catalist is a PAC that was completely controlled, organized, and funded by none other than the Democratic National Committee.
The Democratic National Committee is funded, staffed, and controlled by Soros, the Clintons, and the entire left-wing cabal of the Shadow Party who are determined to turn the United States into a Socialist-Marxist state run by politicos and oligarchs.  Why didn’t Wasserman-Schultz come up on charges of election fraud?  Because she resigned, prior to such charges being brought up…and then shifted camps…to work directly for the campaign of Hillary Clinton.
A must-read to see this upcoming “election” for what it is: a pre-decided “smoke-and-mirrors” illusion of choice, is the article US election shocker: is this how the vote will be rigged? by Jon Rappoport.
The article describes the GEMS system for counting of votes as detailed by a woman named Bev Harris of blackboxvoting.org in a series exposing this system and other systems of tallying votes.  This GEMS system is used in 25% of all vote-counting in the U.S. and can also be preprogrammed to meet “demographics” as well as take a tally in fractions…all of this without any accountability that can be hidden with the flip of a switch.
“It’s not who wins the ballots, but those who count the ballots that decide an election.”
How true.  And the “Teflon Torch” is about to be handed off from Obama to Clinton in another “loss” for the United States and the American people as a whole.  We haven’t even figured out how the illegal aliens are going to play into the vote.  Bottom line: it’s another illusion of choice couched in a “respectable” procedure to give “genuine” results…results that are already known and orchestrated.  Whoever “wins” the presidency should be considered for a new category of Oscar nominee…the best act of all, in a theater controlled by globalist puppeteers waiting for the pathetic votes to be cast.  Then the lapdog media can announce who the puppet-masters have already long decided and chosen to be the winner.


ONE MILLION MORE MUSLIM FREELOADERS TO THE U.S.: The real quid pro quo for rich Arab donations to the Clinton Foundation


The U.S. could resettle nearly one million parasites, rapists, and potential jihadists from the Muslim world under one term of a Hillary Clinton presidency, according to projections from Center for Immigration Studies’ Steve Camarota.

Breitbart  Camarota explained that this large expansion in Muslim migration would be part of a massive increase in overall immigration, which the U.S. could experience under a President Hillary Clinton. Camarota noted that Clinton could potentially add as many as 10 million new immigrants to the U.S. during her first term alone, on top of the millions of illegal immigrants to whom she would grant immediate amnesty.


Camarota’s analysis is based on recent data from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Census Bureau. According to the most recent DHS available data, nearly 150,000 immigrants from the Muslim world permanently resettled in the U.S. in 2014. He explained:

Absent the kind of change in policy that Donald Trump is talking about, it seems likely under the existing system that 600,000 new immigrants from the Muslim world settle in the United States in the next four years. On top of that, Secretary Clinton has indicated that she would like to take in 65,000 refugees from Syria next year. If that were to be repeated for the four years of her presidency, it would be an addition of roughly 215,000 immigrants from the Muslim world annually. So that the total number of immigrants from the Muslim world that might arrive in the United States is about 860,000 if Secretary Clinton were elected President.

Yes, we have room for 3 million Muslim refugees, Mrs. Clinton, but that's why we pay your foundation so much money, so you can take them off our hands. After all there are terrorists among them.
Yes, we have room for 3 million Muslim refugees, Mrs. Clinton, but that’s why we pay your foundation so much money, so you can take them off our hands. After all there are terrorists among them and they smell bad.

“While Clinton has not spelled out her long term plans for how many Syrian refugees she would take into the country, the number who could come from that country is certainly enormous,” Camarota added.

If the same policies were followed in Clinton’s second term, roughly 1.7 million migrants from the Muslim world could potentially arrive during two terms of a Clinton presidency.


Camarota explained that these figures are just part of the larger immigration expansion that would take place under a President Clinton, who could potentially add as many as 10 million new immigrants to the country– not including the millions of illegals to whom Clinton would grant amnesty.

“Census data shows that each year the U.S. adds 1.5 million legal and illegal new arrivals. If a President Clinton were to add 65,000 Syrian arrivals on top of that number, then you could potentially see more than 6 million new immigrants added during her first term alone,” Camarota explained.

Birds of a feather, Merkel and Clinton, planning to flood their respective countries with millions more muslims
Birds of a feather, Merkel and Clinton, planning to flood their respective countries with millions more muslims

“Further, if Hillary Clinton were able to pass a bill that were similar to the Rubio-Schumer bill, then it would likely add another one million legal immigrants on top of that figure annually,” Camarota said—pointing specifically to previous analysis Camarota conducted on the Clinton-backed Gang of Eight bill, which demonstrated how the plan would have doubled legal immigration.

This means that Clinton could add 10 million new immigrants to the U.S. during her first term alone– in addition to the 11 million illegal immigrants Clinton has said she plans to amnesty within her first 100 days in office.


Today about nine out of every 10 new immigrants brought into the country on green cards come from non-Western countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia, or the Middle East.

The current record level of immigration into the U.S. is the result of a 1965 immigration rewrite championed by Ted Kennedy, which lifted the immigration curbs enacted by President Calvin Coolidge and opened up American visas to the entire world. As Camarota’s projections demonstrate, under a President Clinton, the U.S. foreign-born population would grow to reach peaks never before experienced in U.S. history.


On Thursday, Clinton delivered a speech in which she suggested that opposition to our federal policy of large-scale immigration is a “fringe” position motivated by racism.

However, polling data seems to undermine her argument. According to Pew, 92% of the GOP electorate– and 83% of the American electorate overall– would like to see immigration levels frozen or reduced. Nearly six in ten African American voters– and a majority of Hispanics voters (53%)– said immigration into the U.S. is “too high.”

The data has led Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to conclude that “It is not mainstream, but extreme, to continue surging immigration beyond all historical precedent. And it is not rational, but radical, to refuse to recognize limits.”


URGENT!!! Tell your representatives to stop Obama’s unilateral surrender of control of the internet to the UN & 56-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Our Congress is probably to chiskenshit to stop him or they are in the "Clinton Foundation"?


Obama has NO right to do this. Obama does not own the internet even though America invented it. Unless Congress stops him before October 1st, foreign governments will control the internet and have the ability to censor free speech. This is treason and only you can stop him, America.



Here is a case where Madigan probably has Judges on his payroll. This is a good case of Liberal Judges and their decisions that don't help to improve the State. This is another example of Progressive Liberals using the Black Voter. Its all about him and his power. I would love to see this Goofball be voted OUT!

The Illinois Supreme Court affirmed an earlier decision keeping the legislative mapmaking process in political hands.

In a 4-3 ruling, the Illinois Supreme Court erased from November ballots a referendum onlegislative mapmaking, and handed a major victory to Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan Aug. 25.
In its ruling, the Illinois Supreme Court affirmed the July 20 decision from Cook County Circuit Court Judge Diane Larsen.
This stands as the second time in the last three years that Madigan’s top lawyer, Michael Kasper, has successfully sued to stop mapmaking reform in its tracks.
The referendum in question came after the nonpartisan Independent Maps coalition filed570,000 signatures with the Illinois State Board of Elections in May. If successful, it would have shrunk the speaker’s influence in legislative map drawing by putting that process in the hands of a broad coalition, rather than the winner-take-all system that has followed the census each decade since 1970.
A career made on maps
It is through that system that Madigan first rose to power.
After the 1980 census, an eight-member panel evenly split between Democrats and Republicans was charged with remapping Illinois’ legislative districts. But the panel failed to come to an agreement. To break the gridlock, a ninth member of the panel was drawn at random.
In an almost mythical fashion, the name was chosen out of a top hat worn by Abraham Lincoln.
The name drawn was that of former Democratic Gov. Sam Shapiro. That made Madigan, then House minority leader, mapmaker-in-chief.
His map was unlike anything the state had ever seen.
While demographic trends in Chicago and surrounding suburbs spelled disaster for his party, Madigan’s first map led to a Democratic rout in the 1982 elections.
He gifted Chicago six more House seats and three more Senate seats than its population dictated. And, after voters ratified a constitutional cutback amendment trimming the ranks of the Illinois House, Madigan’s map ensured 43 of the 59 eliminated seats belonged to the GOP.
“He is a political wizard,” the Chicago Tribune editorial board wrote Dec. 18, 1981.
State lawmakers quickly showed their appreciation by electing him to the speakership in 1983.
“Many of them know they wouldn’t even be in the General Assembly if it weren’t for the heavily Democratic map of legislative districts that Madigan crafted in 1981…,” the Tribune reported in a 1989 retrospective.
Madigan has held that position of power for 31 of the past 33 years.
Madigan’s biggest political accomplishment was not without its detractors, however. A three-member panel of federal judges, for example, was displeased.
They found Madigan’s map, which extended certain city districts into predominantly white areas to save Democrat seats, unconstitutionally diluted black voting strength in Chicago.
That ruling stood as the first time a northern state had found the Democratic Party guilty of intentional discrimination against minorities, according to the Tribune.
A year later, those legislative boundaries in question were still up for grabs, and Madigan was worried. Reportedly at his request, the U.S. District Court removed a requirement for the map to be published, because Madigan didn’t want his name on the court battle.
He was considering a run for governor. And he was scared of being labeled a racist.
“It’s a travesty,” then-state Rep. Carol Mosley-Braun, D-Chicago, told the Tribune in 1983. “Mike did draw the map, and he’s got to live with that. It’s just that simple.”
Madigan has drawn the state’s legislative map twice more since then, after the 2000 and 2010 censuses.
The 2012 elections saw a new district splintering Decatur and Springfield by race, connecting areas of the two cities containing more black voters. It was Madigan’s doing, and it worked. That tinkering let Democrats pick up a Senate seat and a House seat they wouldn’t have had otherwise.
Due to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling prohibiting drawing borders “primarily” to create minority districts, House Democrats had to argue in federal court that they drew the district this way for partisan reasons.
As if there were any question.
The power of the map
Much of Madigan’s Statehouse success is predicated on his use of the map.
But the system he’s protected, wherein politicians get to choose their voters, has led to a lack of competitive elections, and an equally distressing lack of confidence in state government.
The current legislative districting system leaves a majority of Illinoisans without a real choice in their elected officials. Less than 40 percent of Illinois’ legislative races in 2016 will be contested.
True mapmaking reform would mean fewer politically “safe” districts, fewer tortured shapes and loads more transparency. All three require getting politicians out of the cartography business.


Traffic Stop Video Shows Everything You Need to Know About Korryn Gaines…

Remember Korryn Gaines? She’s the broad who used her kid as a meat shield while shooting at cops (see The Hard Truth About Korryn Gaines Shooting. What #BlackLivesMatter Won’t Tell You). She’s one of the most recent Black Lives Matter martyrs. Since her death, a few details (and videos) regarding her crappy mothering skills and mental instability have surfaced. Turns out there were a few screws loose in the ole noggin. Braids were a little too tight. Here’s a video of hers that BLM won’t be screening anytime soon…
A few things worth noting:
  • She was extremely paranoid and distrusted the police… without cause. Even her child says “He just was being nice!” referring to the policeman who was more than patient with her (6:32).
  • She refused to comply. Multiple times. When the cop asks her to exit the vehicle she says “I will not1 be getting out…” (10:27)
  • Korryn tells her 6-year-old child to FIGHT the police (7:07).
  • She even states “I promise you: you’re going to have to kill me,”over and over again. Spooky foreshadowing or crazy death wish? (6:599:17) Let’s go with the latter.
Notice how this video only has 58k views? Yeah, that’s because the left is embarrassed by it. You can’t justify this sort of looney behavior. A hashtag won’t make it go away. This 20 minutes alone shows everything you need to know about the crapbucket that was Korryn Gaines. She was brainwashing her child, instilling fear and trauma into him by encouraging him to fear the police. To fight. Sheordered him – just a tot – to endanger his own life. There’s a term for that sort of “parenting”… Child abuse.
By the way, this sort of thinking? The violence? It’s synonymous with Black Lives Matter for a reason. Refer to any BLM “protest.” Or member. While the left points the finger at Trump supporters and harps “Violence!” they put violence-inciting anti-cop groups on a pedestal. Because civility? Logic? Your own kid? Doesn’t matter. All can be sacrificed for the narrative.

FLASHBACK: When Hillary Repeatedly Praised A KKK Leader…

This worthless screwball and her propaganda media forgot about this stuff or failed to mention this but says Trump didnt denounce a kkk endorsement when he actually did and they sinced redacted it.

There were a lot of people upset over the weekend when Donald Trump refused to denounce the KKK after being asked three times, claiming he had to do “more research” on them. He later chalked it up to a bad earpiece, yadayadayada and the media had a feeding frenzy for a day or two. That’s not outside the scope of reason. It’s the KKK, I get it.
But did you know that he wasn’t the first Presidential candidate to praise someone in the KKK?
She’s talking about former and former KKK Kleagle, and Senator Pro Tempore, Robert Byrd (D-WV). You know,1 this guy
Let me be clear here, Robert Byrd was a paid, high-ranking member of the KKK. He didn’t dabble in racism as a college student, he practically had Klan dental and a company car. Just read some of his greatest quotes.1
“The training of these poor creatures to turn themselves into fighting machines is simply barbaric, barbaric, barbaric! Barbaric! Let that word resound from hill to hill, and from mountain to mountain, from valley to valley, across this broad land, barbaric, barbaric. May God help, those poor souls, who’d be so cruel. Barbaric! Hear me! Barbaric!” – Robert Byrd, July 19, 2007 Audio and/or video clip available
-“The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia.” – Robert Byrd, 1946
“I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side … Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.” – Robert Byrd, December 11, 1945
Let’s also go to the videotape. One that isn’t even that old.
Now let me be clear here, this isn’t just some random, inconsequential Democrat on a state legislature. Robert Byrd was President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Which means he was third in line for succession of the President between 2007-2010.
That means that if a plane went down anywhere in that time period, and Obama, Biden and Pelosi happened to be on it… The man above would have been your president!
All this to make the point that you likely already know. Democrats have always been and remain the party of the KKK. That’s never changed. The idea that the KKK jumped ship to the Republican party is entirely a myth. Whenever someone tries to feed it to you, simple point to Robert Byrd… and his supporters like Hillary Clinton.