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Qe3 and the Stock Market

I heard its like Lance Armstrong on Drugs. The stock market is being artificially inflated by the printing of money and or the buying of bonds. Stock market loves it is causing inflation or the devaluing of the dollar.
 If they stop Qe3 what will the market do???

       Just Like a drug...They can't stop??

Good News: Obama’s Jobs Council Expires on Thursday

Wow...It does not look like Jobs and the Economy is the #1 Priority for this Economic idiot in the White house!

We learned yesterday that the economy shrunk last quarter for the first time since the 2008 recession ended, due in large part to cuts to the military. Now, less than 24 hours later, the Associated Press is reporting that the president will let his jobs council expire -- and has opted not to renew its charter:
President Barack Obama will let his jobs council expire this week without renewing its charter, winding down one source of input from the business community even as unemployment remains stubbornly high.
When Obama in January 2011 formed his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, unemployment was hovering above 9 percent. Two years president later, more than 12 million people in the U.S. are out of work. The unemployment rate has improved to 7.8 percent, but both parties agree that's still too high.
A provision in Obama's executive order establishing the council says it sunsets on Thursday. A White House official said the president does not plan to extend it.
Officials said the president always intended for the council to fulfill its mission and then wind down, and said that Obama would continue to actively engage and seek input from business leaders about ways to accelerate job-creation and economic growth. Among the steps Obama plans to pursue are expedited permits for infrastructure projects, the White House said.
Even before it was clear whether Obama would renew the jobs council, Republicans seized on its likely expiration as evidence the president has devoted insufficient attention to creating jobs, which polling shows remains a top priority for Americans. The Republican National Committee dubbed it part of "the failed Obama record," while the House Republicans' campaign committee, in an online petition, accused Obama of laying off his own jobs council.
Elections have consequences. For all his flaws, Mitt Romney was a dedicated and hardworking public servant -- a man I suspect if elected would have done everything in his power to grow the economy and put Americans back to work. Instead, a narrow majority of Americans chose Barack Obama to lead the nation for another four years, and job creation seems far from his thoughts, much less a domestic priority. He’s chosen to push gun control legislation and immigration reform -- two admittedly divisive issues that should be part of our national conversation -- but why are economic concerns so conspicuously absent from his second term agenda? As it happens, Ed Morrissey isn’t surprised at all, contending that the Obama administration hasn’t focused on job creation for years:
But why should anyone else other than analysts have been surprised? The Obama administration hasn’t focused on job growth since the 2009 stimulus package, which failed at even maintaining the workforce participation levels of June 2009 when the economy stopped contracting after the Great Recession. At that time, the civilian population participation rate in the workforce – the relative measure of how many adults either have jobs or are actively seeking one – was 65.7 percent, the same as when Obama gave his first inaugural address. It’s presently at 63.6 percent, just a tenth of a point up from the 31-year low hit in August 2012. As jobs decrease, so does economic dynamism, and potential growth.
For those who have jobs, the increased joblessness has increased family obligations significantly. On the same day that the BEA announced the contraction in Q4, Pew released a new surveyshowing that middle-aged households are increasingly providing financial support for unemployed or underemployed adult children. In 2005, 42 percent of middle-aged adults between 40 and 59 years of age provided primary or supplemental support for adult children. In 2012, that number grew to 48 percent, with most of the growth in primary support, going from 20 percent to 27 percent.
Small wonder that many Americans still consider jobs and the economy to be their biggest concerns. Two recent polls underscore that conclusion. Gallup conducted its regular polling on issues a few weeks after the tragic Newtown shooting to discover that only 4 percent of Americans considered gun violence the most important issue. More than five times as many (21 percent) chose “the economy in general,” while four times (16 percent) as many specified “unemployment.” A new poll from Reason this week produced similar results, with 29 percent preferring that Obama focus on the economy, and another 19 percent wanting jobs to be his first priority. Only 3 percent in this poll thought Obama should have guns as his highest priority.
If the president continues to ignore the tens of millions of Americans out of work in this country he will be remembered by posterity as a failed president. So shouldn’t this issue concern him? One would think so. On the other hand, a guy who doesn’t recognize that we have a spending problem is perhaps unlikely to accept the fact that the unemployment rate is too high, either.

Unions Supported ObamaCare, Now Some Don't

Now that ObamaCare is actually happening, labor unions who made a big push for the legislation three years ago are no longer rallying behind it. Unions are seeing healthcare promises made by President Obama broken left and right in the form of higher costs, more bureaucracy, loss of doctors Obama promised they could keep, slashing of healthcare benefits and more.
Union leaders say many of the law's requirements will drive up the costs for their health-care plans and make unionized workers less competitive. Among other things, the law eliminates the caps on medical benefits and prescription drugs used as cost-containment measures in many health-care plans. It also allows children to stay on their parents' plans until they turn 26.

To offset that, the nation's largest labor groups want their lower-paid members to be able to get federal insurance subsidies while remaining on their plans. In the law, these subsidies were designed only for low-income workers without employer coverage as a way to help them buy private insurance.
During the crafting of ObamaCare, many labor groups begged for an exemption or waiver from the law and are still asking for one today despite publicly supporting Obama from start to finish.
In early talks, the Obama administration dismissed the idea of applying the subsidies to people in union-sponsored plans, according to officials from the trade group, the National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans, that represents these insurance plans. Contacted for this article, Obama administration officials said the issue is subject to regulations still being written.

ome 20 million Americans are covered by the health-care plans at issue in labor's push for subsidies. The plans are jointly managed by unions and employers and used mostly by small companies. They are popular in industries such as construction or trucking or hotels, where workers' hours fluctuate. By contrast, unionized workers at big employers such as Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. tend to have a more traditional insurance arrangement run through only one employer.

Top officers at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the AFL-CIO and other large labor groups plan to keep pressing the Obama administration to expand the federal subsidies to these jointly run plans, warning that unionized employers may otherwise drop coverage.
FLASHBACK: AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka touts driving ObamaCare "down the Republican's throat" and praises Nancy Pelosi for pushing through the legislation.
It should be noted ObamaCare opponents warned about these problems before the legislation was even written not to mention passed. Over to you, Michelle Malkin:


Politico's Byers Drags Romney, 13 Years After Leaving Bain Capital, Into a Story About Firm's Involvement in Layoffs at Time Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tom-blumer/2013/01/31/politicos-byers-drags-mitt-romneys-name-story-about-bain-capital-and-lay#ixzz2JbjvNlVf

This Guy is another classic example of a stupid piece of crap Liberal douchbag!

Someone needs to tell Dylan Byers at the Politico that the 2012 presidential smear campaign is over, and their guy won.
Byers seems not to have gotten the memo, and is still engaged in associating Mitt Romney with the firm he left in 1999 any time it has involvement in decisions relating to layoffs. In the current instance, Bain was engaged as an advisor to a new CEO at Time Inc. -- meaning that management of the company involved could have ignored the firm's advice -- and not as an investor. It doesn't matter to Byers, who named Romney anyway, even though Ad Age, the underlying source, didn't (presented in full because of its brevity; bolds are mine):
We reported yesterday that Time Inc. was laying off roughly 500 employees, or 6 percent of its staff. One detail we didn't note: Bain & Co., the global management consulting firm where Mitt Romney once worked, was involved in the layoffs.
AdAge reports that one of Laura Lang's first moves as CEO "was to call a top-to-bottom review facilitated by consultants from Bain & Co., evaluating priorities, opportunities and trouble spots."
The latest round of cuts should bring Time Inc. staff down to about 7,500 employees, meaning it is still the largest magazine publisher in the U.S.
I'll go out on a limb here and suggest that any firm engaged to review Time's situation ("revenue over the first nine months of the year ... down 6.2% from the equivalent period in 2011 (and) more than 26% below the first nine months of 2008") would have recommended that some layoffs were in order.
Next up at the Politico: A story about something -- anything -- negative which might be happening at Godfather's Pizza, just to give Byers the chance to write that Herman Cain "was once CEO there." That was 1996. Zheesh.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tom-blumer/2013/01/31/politicos-byers-drags-mitt-romneys-name-story-about-bain-capital-and-lay#ixzz2JbkG9vCg

U.S. Air Force Took Away Nancy Pelosi’s Jet!

What a waste of Tax Payer’s money!

This was LONG Overdue

The real reason that Nancy Pelosi is considering retiring is that they took her Jet away.
Ah, poor baby!
As a result of a Judicial Watch filing under the Freedom of Information Act, the USAF releaseddocuments detailing House Speaker use of United States Air Force aircraft between March 2009 and June 2010.
Here are the main highlights revealed by the USAF. Keep in mind that all the data below relate to United States Air Force aircraft used by one woman over a sixteen month period.Several of these flights included Ms. Pelosi’s guests, such as grown children, grandchildren, various in-laws, friends and hangers-on.
Over 95% of the trips were between the west coast and Washington DC , for what you might call a commute between home and the office. READ it and WEEP!!
  • Total trips: 85 over a 68 week period, or 1.25 average trips per week.
  • Total mileage: 206,264 miles, or 2,427 average miles per trip.
  • Total flying time: 428.6 hours, or an average of 5 hours per trip.
  • Cost to the taxpayers: $2,100,744, or $27,715 per trip, or $1,285,162 per year!
  • Cost of in flight food and alcohol: $101,429; $1,193 per trip; $62,051 per year.
On one junket to Baghdad, according to the Air Force report, she had the aircraft bar stocked with Johnny Walker Red Scotch, Grey Goose Vodka, E&J
Brandy, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Maker’s Mark Whiskey, Courvoisier Cognac, Bacardi Rum, Jim Beam Whiskey, Beefeater Gin, Dewar’s Scotch, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Jack Daniels Whiskey,Corona Beer and several varieties of wine.
This was obviously a very important “gubment bidness” trip.Evidence generally speaks for itself, and in Ms. Pelosi’s case it speaks the language of abuse and (evidently) a serious familial drinking problem, for in a single year she and her spawn drank an amount in excess of the net income of the average employed American!
When she said, “… If the stimulus doesn’t pass, five hundred million (the US only has about 300 million including children) people might lose their jobs…”,  thought she was unintentionally revealing her ignorance. Now more inclined to think she was pickled.
Even though she can no longer abuse the USAF, she can either fly on her broom, or fly Southwest Airlines, where bags fly free.Strange we haven’t seen this story covered on MSNBC?

ABC, Which Spiked Tim Scott’s Senate Appointment, Highlights New Senator Mo Cowan Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/brent-baker/2013/01/30/abc-which-spiked-tim-scott-s-senate-appointment-highlights-new-senator-#ixzz2JbgbMoqC

When Tim Scott was Put in Office these Liberal Garbage Media Outlets barely mentioned it, and like this says Diane Sawyer  was drooling on the set over this liberal  African American getting  nominated.

Last month, when the Republican Governor of South Carolina named GOP U.S. Representative Tim Scott to the U.S. Senate, the “first African American U.S. Senator from the South since Blanche Bruce of Mississippi in 1881” according to The State newspaper, thus becoming the only black -- Democrat or Republican -- in the Senate, ABC’s World News didn’t mention it.

Fast-forward to Wednesday night, and ABC anchor Diane Sawyer suddenly found it newsworthy that the Democratic Governor of Massachusetts appointed an African-American to replace new Secretary of State John Kerry, trumpeting: “Look closely at this picture. That is William ‘Mo’ Cowan of Massachusetts. He will be heading to Washington, DC soon and straight into the history books.”
Only in explaining the history-making characterization did she mention Scott, who replaced Senator Jim DeMint. without identifying his party affiliation: “And that means, for the first time in America’s 236-year history, we will have two African-American Senators serving at one time in the Senate. The other is Tim Scott of South Carolina.”

From December 17: “ABC and CBS Skip News of Tim Scott’s Historic Senate Appointment

Sawyer’s item on the January 30 World News:
And there’s another note out of Washington tonight. Look closely at this picture. That is William ‘Mo’ Cowan of Massachusetts. He will be heading to Washington, DC soon and straight into the history books. He will take over the Senate seat of the new Secretary of State, John Kerry. And that means, for the first time in America’s 236-year history, we will have two African-American Senators serving at one time in the Senate. The other is Tim Scott of South Carolina.
The CBS Evening News ignored both appointments; the NBC Nightly News noted both.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/brent-baker/2013/01/30/abc-which-spiked-tim-scott-s-senate-appointment-highlights-new-senator-#ixzz2JbgkIT1D

Obama Eliminates Breakfast for US Troops in Afghanistan, Stuffs Own Face

If only American soldiers in Afghanistan were unemployed Democratic voters in Chicago, then they might be getting three square meals a day from the government.

But the military is the one place that Obama feels comfortable slashing expenses. While spending at an uncontrollable rate unseen since the last days of the Roman Empire in every other area, Obama has been cutting “waste” in the military like 20,000 Marines, Tricare healthcare for veterans and breakfast for soldiersserving in areas where he would only venture accompanied by heavy firepower.
Warren Buffett and other crony capitalists can pig out on Obama’s trillion dollar deficits. As for the troops. Let them ear MRE’s.
The Army has stopped serving cooked breakfasts to some of the U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan as part of its drawdown, a move that prompted troops to write home asking their families and friends to send care packages with cereal, breakfast bars and other foods.
The Army told the Washington Guardian the current cutbacks began Jan. 1, and affect about 2,700 soldiers deployed in forward operating bases in more remote areas of Afghanistan.
The Washington Guardian reported earlier this month that the current budget crisis in Congress prompted Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to write a memo order preparations for sweeping budget cuts across all military programs to begin as early as next month.
Officials stressed other comforts at the forward operating bases may also soon be reduced, such as laundry and recreation, as officials look for other ways to reduce the American footprint in advance of departing the country.
They said the meal cutbacks are currently affecting forward operating bases in more remote areas of Afghanistan and not affecting the main American bases in Kabul and Kandahar.
Exit questions. How many cooked breakfasts for soldiers would Obama’s 20 million dollar Hawaii vacations and the 1.4 billion that his clan’s non-stop partying buy?
While American soldiers go hungry, here is what Obama and his corrupt cronies had for their inaugural lunch.
First Course: Steamed Lobster with New England Clam Chowder Sauce, Sautéed Spinach, Sweet Potato Hay
Second Course: Hickory-Grilled Bison with Red Potato Horseradish Cake, Butternut Squash Purée, Baby Golden Beets and Green Beans, Strawberry Preserve and Red Cabbage
Third Course: Hudson Valley Apple Pie with Sour Cream Ice Cream, Artisan Cheeses
Wines: Tierce Finger Lakes Dry Riesling (2010), Korbel Natural, Special Inaugural Cuvée California Champagne, Bedell Cellars Merlot (2009)
Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were humanitarian social workers compare to Barack and Michelle Obama.

A Few More Facebook Post

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Obama Administration Takes Steps to Implement Obamacare Mandate Tax on Americans

tax obamacare

The Obama Administration took steps this week to implement the Obamacare mandate tax. The Congressional Budget Office determined in 2012 that millions of Americans will get socked by the Obamacare mandate tax, 80 percent of whom are middle income citizens.
The Hill reported:
The Obama administration took new steps Wednesday toward implementing the individual mandate in its signature healthcare law, downplaying the scope of the unpopular provision by stressing rules that allow exemptions from the requirement to purchase insurance.
The Internal Revenue Service and the Health and Human Services Department emphasized exceptions to the mandate, which were detailed in new regulations that also laid out the process by which the IRS will calculate penalties for going uninsured.
The mandate requires most taxpayers to either buy insurance or pay a fine to the IRS. It’s one of the most politically unpopular provisions of the healthcare law, and was at the core of last year’s historic Supreme Court case over the healthcare law.
HHS referred to the politically charged provision as a system of “shared responsibility” payments.
The mandate penalty “applies only to the limited group of taxpayers who choose to spend a substantial period of time without coverage despite having ready access to affordable coverage,” HHS said in a fact sheet on the new rules.
tax mandate
70 percent of those who will pay the Obamacare mandate make less than 400 percent of federal poverty level. (Red Alexandria)

Obamacare Glitch: Some Families to be Priced out of Health Coverage Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/obamacare-glitch-affordability-overhaul/2013/01/30/id/488185#ixzz2JVsEJL4Q Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

More Blame Highlighted! Someone needs to tell this Idiot in the Whitehouse that he is Responsible for his Healthcare Plan! I would not be surprised if he blamed Bush for it!

Some families could get priced out of health insurance due to what's being called a glitch in President Barack Obama's overhaul law. IRS regulations issued Wednesday failed to fix the problem as liberal backers of the president's plan had hoped.
As a result, some families that can't afford the employer coverage that they are offered on the job will not be able to get financial assistance from the government to buy private health insurance on their own. How many people will be affected is unclear.
The Obama administration says its hands were tied by the way Congress wrote the law. Officials said the administration tried to mitigate the impact. Families that can't get coverage because of the glitch will not face a tax penalty for remaining uninsured, the IRS rules said.
"This is a very significant problem, and we have urged that it be fixed," said Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, an advocacy group that supported the overhaul from its early days. "It is clear that the only way this can be fixed is through legislation and not the regulatory process."
But there's not much hope for an immediate fix from Congress, since the House is controlled by Republicans who would still like to see the whole law repealed.
The affordability glitch is one of a series of problems coming into sharper focus as the law moves to full implementation.
Starting Oct. 1, many middle-class uninsured will be able to sign up for government-subsidized private coverage through new health care marketplaces known as exchanges. Coverage will be effective Jan. 1.

Low-income people will be steered to expanded safety-net programs. At the same time, virtually all Americans will be required to carry health insurance, either through an employer, a government program, or by buying their own plan.

Bruce Lesley, president of First Focus, an advocacy group for children, cited estimates that close to 500,000 children could remain uninsured because of the glitch. "The children's community is disappointed by the administration's decision to deny access to coverage for children based on a bogus definition of affordability," Lesley said in a statement.
The problem seems to be the way the law defined affordable.
Congress said affordable coverage can't cost more than 9.5 percent of family income. People with coverage the law considers affordable cannot get subsidies to go into the new insurance markets. The purpose of that restriction was to prevent a stampede away from employer coverage.
Congress went on to say that what counts as affordable is keyed to the cost of self-only coverage offered to an individual worker, not his or her family. A typical workplace plan costs about $5,600 for an individual worker. But the cost of family coverage is nearly three times higher, about $15,700, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.
So if the employer isn't willing to chip in for family premiums — as most big companies already do — some families will be out of luck. They may not be able to afford the full premium on their own, and they'd be locked out of the subsidies in the health care overhaul law.
Employers are relieved that the Obama administration didn't try to put the cost of providing family coverage on them.
"They are bound by the law and cannot extend further than what the law provides," said Neil Trautwein, a vice president of the National Retail Federation.

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/obamacare-glitch-affordability-overhaul/2013/01/30/id/488185#ixzz2JVsRj4vV
Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

NBC Nightly News Sucks!

Not one word of this on the news tonight!!!!
I would tell NBC that they SUCK!  They are still to busy running other crap and Kissing Obama's Ass!
They  are total Liberal asswipes!

Remember the definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of Economic decline...

Another Dishonest Video Edit from NBC as Martin Bashir Smears Gun Rights Supporters Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/matthew-sheffield/2013/01/30/another-dishonest-video-edit-nbc-martin-bashir-smears-gun-rights#ixzz2JVgmYMhN

Msnbc again Sucks!

MSNBC and NBC News--already famous for their perpetual bashing of conservatives and Republicans--are fast acquiring another claim to fame: dishonest editing of news footage to gin up the left-wing outrage machine.
The latest edit appeared on the Monday edition of the “Martin Bashir” program where the father of one of the victims of the Newton, Conn. school shooting was shown supposedly being shouted down by gun rights supporters as he testified before a hearing about banning certain types of guns in the state. Full video below the fold.
“A father’s grief, interrupted by the cries of a heckler,” a smug Bashir pronounced after running the clip. View program excerpt below:
In reality, however, no such interruption took place because the man, Neil Heslin, actually had invited people to challenge his question “Why anybody in this room needs to have one of these assault-style weapons or military weapons or high capacity clips?”
Several members of the audience responded to his inquiry. Unfortunately for the poor souls who tune in to MSNBC trying to find actual news, they never saw the question because Bashir cut it out.
Here is the full, unedited clip of the meeting, courtesy of our friends at Twitchy:
As of this writing, MSNBC has not issued a correction to inform that it had presented a false clip.
A transcript of the relevant portion of the “Martin Bashir” show:
NEIL HESLIN: Why anybody in this room needs to have done of these assault-style weapons or military weapons or high capacity clips?
[MSNBC cut]
AUDIENCE MEMBER: The Second Amendment shall not be infringed.
HESLIN: All right.
Unidentified Moderator: Please, please, no comments while Mr. Heslin is speaking. We’ll clear the room.
MARTIN BASHIR: A father’s grief, interrupted by the cries of a heckler. That was the scene today in Hartford, Connecticut where the parents of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary testified before an audience that wasn’t always friendly.
The video below from CNSNews.com producer Bob Parks juxtaposes the original footage of the hearing with the deceptive MSNBC edit:
NBC and its cable arm MSNBC are no stranger to false editing of news footage. In March of last year, NewsBusters exposed both news operations for repeatedly presenting to viewers dishonestly edited audio clips of George Zimmerman which made him appear to be making racial statements against Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager he later shot. The deceptive edits were shown three times on NBC’s “Today,” once on “NBC Nightly News,” and also in an article that appeared on MSNBC.com.
The improperly edited footage and its wide dissemination provoked Zimmerman to sue NBC and its parent company, NBC Universal, for defamation.
Just a few months later, MSNBC was back in the editing booth again as snooty correspondent Andrea Mitchell, not exactly a woman of the people, presented a dishonestly edited clip of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney supposedly being amazed at a sandwich ordering machine at a Wawa convenience store. In fact, he was actually making a point about how much better the private sector is at creating innovation than the government.
No doubt NBC and its defenders will proclaim no political motive in any of these infractions. That is predictable. What they will not be able to answer is why neither NBC or MSNBC has been exposed for editing news clips to skew things to the right. The problem is not simple sloppiness or incompetence.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/matthew-sheffield/2013/01/30/another-dishonest-video-edit-nbc-martin-bashir-smears-gun-rights#ixzz2JVh21yCz

A Little Progressive Insurance Info!

My friend belongs to the biggest motorcycle club in America , maybe even the world, The "Harley Owners Group" and he hasn't found any members that have Progressive Insurance since the word got out about Progressives communist affiliations. Just being associated with George Soros should bring chills up your back. Oh, you don't know who George Soros is? He's in thick with the Obama progressive affiliations.

Progressive Insurance....Who are they? You've seen and probably smiled at the clever Progressive Insurance TV commercials. Well, as Paul Harvey would say, "You're about to learn the rest of the story".

You know their TV commercials, the ones featuring the ditsy actress all dressed in white. What you might not know is that the Chairman of Progressive is Peter Lewis, one of the major funders of leftist causes in America .

Between 2001 and 2003, Lewis funneled $15 million to the ACLU, the group most responsible for destroying what's left of Americas Judeo-Christian heritage.
Lewis also gave $12.5 million toMoveOn.org <http://moveon.org/> .org/%3e" rel=nofollow target=_blank>" href="http://moveon/<http://moveon.org/> and America Coming Together, two key propaganda arms of the socialist left.
His funding for these groups was conditional on matching contributions from George Soros, the America-hating socialist who is the chief financier of the Obama political machine.

Lewis made a fortune as a result of capitalism, but now finances a progressive movement that threatens to destroy the American free enterprise system that is targeting television shows on Fox News. Peter Lewis is making a fortune off of conservative Americans (who buy his auto insurance) that he then applies to dismantle the very system that made him wealthy. He's banking on no one finding out who he is, so STOP buying Progressive Insurance and pass this information on to all your friends. Chairman Lewis' gift helps the ACLU promote their anti-Christmas agenda such as:

§ Removing nativity scenes from public property

§ Banning songs such as Silent Night from schools

§ Refusing to allow students to write about the Christian aspect of Christmas in school projects

§ Renaming Christmas break Winter break

§ Refusing to allow a city sponsored Christmas parade to be called a Christmas parade

§ Not allowing a Christmas tree in a public school

§ Renaming a Christmas tree displayed on public property a Holiday tree In addition to their war on Christmas, the ACLU uses gifts like that from Chairman Lewis to:

§ Sue states to force them to legalize homosexual marriage

§ Force libraries to remove porn filters from their computers

§ Sue the Boy Scouts to force them to accept homosexuals as scout leaders

§ Help legalize child pornography

§ Legalize live sex acts in bars in Oregon

§ Protect the North American Man Boy Love Association whose motto is "sex by eight or it is too late"

§ Censor student led prayer at graduation

§ Remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance

§ Remove "In God We Trust" on our currency

Verify at:http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/peterlewis.asp<http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/peterlewis.asp> <http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/peterlewis.asp<http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/peterlewis.asp> >

or: http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/a/aclu-lewis.htm <http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/a/aclu-lewis.htm> <http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/a/aclu-lewis.htm <http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/a/aclu-lewis.htm> >

All of a sudden I don't care for their "funny commercials".

Liberal Race Baiters are Idiots!

All you stupid Liberals listen up. Martin Luther King Jr. would be appalled at the scuz buckety so-called leaders of the black folks in this country. From Obozo on down to the idiot leaders of Race Bait Inc., Jesse and Al. They all suck. And they should all be ashamed. 

But Liberals don't have a clue what shame is, just as long as their pockets are getting lined and they are amassing more power and control over people. Especially black leaders. Affirmative Action? MLKJr is rolling over in his grave on that one. It would sicken him to the core to know that all that he lived for, stood for, and died for has been cheapened into government entitlement programs designed to reward people just because of the color of their skin. He was all about content of character, not quotas.

The black race would so much better off had he lived. We would have seen black families staying together. We would see inner city black children that didn't have to depend in grandmaw or a street gang to raise them. There would be so much less urban blight. Our educational system would not have been lowered to the least common denominator to meet the needs of people that weren't motivated to be there in the first place.

Yes. Our world was forever changed April 4, 1968. The black race was taken over by hatred; now firmly in the grasp of racist hucksters who are not happy unless there is turmoil. They thrive on dissension and chaos. They are NEVER happy with the progress that blacks have made. Just look at the success of people like Alan West, Mia Love, Condoleezza Rice, Herman Cain, and many other Conservative blacks. Are they heralded by mainstream black America? No, they are sell outs, and Uncle Toms. Sickening. Even having a black president for the first time in history hasn't abated their anger. I've come to the conclusion that they will always be a miserable people. What a sad way to live life. I don't know how they look in the mirror each day. And I surely would be ashamed to exalt Martin Luther King Jr's name. He wouldn't know today's black people, and would be distraught at what his people have become. I hope he haunts their every dream. ~ Mercury/Buck Ofama

For those of you that knew me before I became an admin, I was the fan "Buck Ofama". I chose Mercury because he is the messenger of the mythical gods. It was a couple of months before the election and I thought for sure that Odooshbag was going to lose and Buck would become irrelevant. But little did we know that Chicago thug politics was going to steal the election. Therefore, I have decided to re-unleash The Buck so he can still be a thorn in Libturd's sides. The Buck is back!! I'll sign my posts ~ Mercury/Buck Ofama until folks get used to the change. Thanks for being the greatest fans on boogieface!!]

A Few more Facebook Post

Pressure Building on Menendez: Senator Dodging Questions About Alleged Sex With Underage Prostitutes

This guy is another Liberal dirtbag with Harry Reid sticking up for him. They could break the law and found guilty and they still think they did no wrong!.....What Assbags!

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey thought allegations of sexual intercourse with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic would be going away now that he's been easily re-elected in the Garden State, but pressure is building as the FBI investigates the issue.  Menendez has been dodging Breitbart reporters Matt Boyle and Kerry Picketin order to avoid public questions about the scandal.
Senator Bob Menendez  (D - NJ) did not want to talk about allegations on Monday regarding an FBI inquiry that apparently show Sen. Menendez was sleeping with underage prostitutes.  Sen. Menendez told Breitbart News, "I have no comment and I'm not going to dignify that story."
Not surprisingly, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is defending Menendez and distracting from the issue byattacking Boyle.
At his weekly press conference, Breitbart News asked Reid if he thinks there should be a full investigation into the allegations surrounding Menendez before the New Jersey Democrat takes over as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman. Menendez is slated to take the Foreign Relations Committee gavel after Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry becomes President Barack Obama’s next Secretary of State.

Reid responded to Breitbart News by attacking the “source” for the allegations.

A transcript of the questioning:

Breitbart News: “Senator, do you think there needs to be–before he takes over as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, do you think there needs to be a full investigation into Senator Menendez’ alleged solicitation of prostitutes in the Dominican Republic and the FBI investigation into that?”

Reid: “The answer is: ‘Always consider the source.’ All anyone here has to look at is the source where this comes from. The source has brought up a lot of—“

Breitbart News: “There are FBI emails showing the FBI is—“

Reid: “I told you how I feel about the source of this stuff is. Really very, very typical for the source.”
Boyle was the reporter who broke the alleged Menendez prostitute scandal and interviewed alleged Dominican women who claimed Menendez offered them $500 for sex and only paid them $100.

Meanwhile, the man tied closest to Menendez in this alleged underage sex scandal, Dr. Salomon Melgen, had his offices raided by the FBI last night in Florida.
FBI agents raided the West Palm Beach business of an eye doctor suspected of providing free trips and even underage Dominican Republic prostitutes to New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez — who has denied what he calls the “fallacious allegations.”

Agents gathered at the medical-office complex of Dr. Salomon Melgen, a contributor to Menendez and other prominent politicians, late Tuesday night to start hauling away potential evidence in about a dozen white vans.

The investigation is believed to be focusing on Melgen’s finances and the allegations about Menendez’s trips and contact with prostitutes. A spokesman for Menendez could not be reached for comment, nor could Melgen.
On a separate but similar note, as recent as a a few months ago, Menendez employed an illegalimmigrant sex-offender as an intern in his office and asked I.C.E. to wait until after his re-election to deport the intern. 



Trying to Blame someone else Again for their own FAILED Policies .....What Idiots!

The White House and its media didn't even stop to take a breath. Before news of U.S. GDP shrinking 0.1 last quarter had even hit the cable airwaves, we were being told by both that this collapse was mostly due to the fact that the federal government didn’t spend enough during the last quarter of last year. Translation: Don't blame Obama for this. Had we just grown the size and power of The State like he wants, we'd all be sitting in clover.

Except that simply isn't true.  
There was no decrease in government spending during the fourth quarter of last year. In fact, the government spent more money between October and December of 2012 than it did during the previous two quarters. So federal spending actually increased during the 4th quarter.
Would you like some facts to go with your media propaganda?
1st: 966,188
2nd: 884,957
3rd: 809,969
4th: 907,912
Now we're being told the economic slide wasn't due to an overall decrease in State spending, but that it was due to a specific decrease in federal spending, and, naturally, Hurricane Sandy:
“A likely explanation for the sharp decline in Federal defense spending is uncertainty concerning the automatic spending cuts that were scheduled to take effect in January, and are currently scheduled to take effect on March 1st,” explains Alan B. Krueger, the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers in a statement. “The decline in government spending across all levels reduced real GDP by 1.33 percentage points in the quarter.”
Here's Ezra Klein, who the Washington Post still sells as an objective journalist:
Less spending from the Pentagon, for one. Government defense expenditures plunged by a staggering 22.2 percent between October and December. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Pentagon spent significantly less on just about everything except military pay. Had the Pentagon not cut back on spending, the economy would have grown at a weak but positive 1.27 percent pace.
If a cut in federal defense spending was the problem, there still wasn't an overall decrease in federal spending. It should've been a wash.
Are Klein and his White House trying to tell us that the only government spending that helps economic growth is defense spending? Apparently, the dreaded Military Industrial Complex is more powerful than we thought.
As far as blaming Sandy for this, that's utter nonsense. Katrina was much worse, and affected the entire country due to disrupted oil production.  Furthermore, the GDP only dropped from 3.8% to 1.3% -- or 2.5% after Katrina. To blame Sandy, which only affected a very specific region, for a plunge of over 3%, is nothing more than propaganda. Moreover, during Sandy, we had two campaigns pouring billions into the economy.
It's just a fact that Obama's "recovery" has never been much of one. Obama's trickle-down government policies have failed. Staggering deficits have investors freaked; the constant push to punish the rich has employers freaked; crippling regulations have small business freaked; and this ongoing uncertainty and the non-stop removing of money from the private economy trickles down to a point where something's got to give. And the victims are who they always are: the poor and the jobless.
Already the media is spinning today's news as a one-time anomaly. This spin allows the White House and the media to pretend that nothing's changed from all the election happy talk that assured us Obama's recovery was some kind of miracle.
The State and the media have aligned, and for the fourth year in a row, prosperity really is around the corner -- you know, because they say so. 


Had to put this out there

According to Gallup, President Obama is tied with George W. Bush for most unpopular re-elected president since Gallup began measuring presidential job-approval in 1945.

In fact, Gallup found that apart from Bush, "every president...has had a higher job-approval rating in the January following his reelection than Obama has."
Obama's approval rating is at 52. 
Think about it this way--following reelection, President Reagan's approval numbers beat Obama's by 11 points, President Eisenhower's beat Obama's by 21, and a much-derided Republican President named Richard Nixon beat Obama's numbers by 7.
Hardly representative of a mandate and certainly a long way from supporting the misconception that Obama is lauded by the public while Republicans are despised.


 And to think that Obama is not worried about the Economy, but is thinking about Illegals,gay rights and gun laws?????
 I would think that the Economy and job growth is #1 on his agenda! I guess we thought wrong!

Yesterday, Breitbart News reported that consumer confidence had dropped to its lowest level in almost two years. Much of the media spun the number as the result of a payroll tax increase that hit millions who were repeatedly told by Obama that only the rich would see their taxes increase. Surprise! But the spin didn't explain why consumer confidence had steadily dropped during the months prior. Well, now we know: The American economy has taken a nosedive.

For the first time in over three years, the U.S. Gross Domestic Product shrank. Between October and December of 2012, the GDP had a negative growth of 0.1. And let's remember that this is the same quarter where we saw the media go into hyper-drive to spin Obama's anemic job and GDP growth into a repeat of the Roaring Twenties.
The problem with the American economy is that Obama and his media can't fool it. Happy talk and spin and distractions about contraception don’t create jobs or growth. You might be able to fool legions of people into voting a certain way, but you can't fool them into spending and hiring and investing.
Apparently, though, the media and Obama have managed to fool themselves. Even theWall Street Journal calls today's news "unexpected." And anyone who watched Obama's Inauguration speech knows that his failed economy and the millions suffering in it are either not on his radar or of no concern whatsoever. Obama spoke of many things, but not the economy. He's in a war to win the culture, not to win anyone a job to lift them out of poverty.
The media is just as bad. The biggest story in our country today should be the increase in poverty and an unemployment crisis so dire our labor force has shrunk to thirty-year lows. But neither will speak of it. We do, however, know all about some idiot and his phony girlfriend. We know all about a "heckle'' that didn’t happen. One wonders which is the bread and which is the circus.
The pickle both Obama and the media have put themselves in, though, is this: If either makes the economy a priority, that's an admission Obama's economy is in trouble. And so we find ourselves in a situation we've seen in other countries where the state and media have aligned -- a situation where we're told a bad economy is a good economy, and the victims of this propaganda are those suffering in a bad economy no one wants to admit exists.
Already the media's spinning this GDP report in a way that says our economy tanked because the government didn’t spend enough. That's right, annual trillion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see, but the media push to protect the State from blame and to use this terrible news as a way to further grow the State is already on.
NBC's Chief White House Correspondent, Chuck Todd, just assured America this was a one-time economic anomaly and that prosperity is right around the corner. If a job had been created every time a member of Obama's media said this, we'd have full employment today.
We live in interesting and dangerous times.