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Barack Hussein Obama not just a liar but the biggest FRAUD in American History period

Rep. Wilson was so Right and then Demonized!


Rep. Wilson yells “liar” after Obama says illegal immigrants won’t be insured. Well it’s seems like Joe Wilson had it right.
Americans should be tired of this dance with the devil when it comes to Obamacare and just how many possible lies one President can muster though his lips to tell the nation. One after another the numbers of lies go up and his poll numbers go deeper into the proverbial political toilet. This time according to the Daily Caller, the “promise” that Obama made to America that not one red cent would be earmarked for anyone but true blue Americans, turns out to be one more inconvenient untruth.
Here is where the lies and the other lies now stand; oh well who is really counting by now. In August, the White House and one of its HHS officials crafted an awkward response concerning Obamacare subsidies to guest-workers. In a congressional hearing Gary Cohen of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight testified that if one were to receive Obamacare, “you have to be a citizen or lawfully-present,” said the Daily Caller.
There are a couple obvious glaring issues that jump right out at you and should bite the president in his you know where.  First, “lawfully present” under the new and improved Obamanization of America jargon, can mean that a person can either be a guest worker or a “legal” illegal alien.  Remember in June 2012 Obama issued an election year executive order which granted near immunity for 800,000 plus illegal aliens to stay in America, according to the New York Times.
Ergo, a new class of American was created by presidential fiat. It is one who is criminal by conduct for living, working and taking advantage of the nation’s liberal Marxist presidential protection.  This illegal alien need not fear an INS or state law enforcement official will come knocking at their door.
So now they have a qualified legal status and can qualify for Obamacare subsidies.  Not true?  Simply examine the Affordable Care Act Law and regulations.  Buried deep in the inner walls of the law is, “Obamacare is open to people who have “non-immigrant Status (includes worker visas, student visas, and citizens of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and Palau),”according to the Daily Caller.
In case you want to “trust but verify,” head to page 20 of the 21-page rule for Obamacare insurance and subsidies and look for the sentence.  Well, with Immigration Reform seeing new life with the president’s efforts to divert attention from his Obamacare debacle, the Senate pro-immigration cadre is seriously considering including illegal aliens who are here “legally” thanks to their benefactor in the Oval Office.
If these individuals cannot obtain health insurance through their employers, then the guest workers as well as possibly “legal” illegal aliens should be able to “secure Obamacare related subsidies,” suggests the  pro-immigration  reform group the National Immigration Law Center, according to the Daily Caller
Meet Maria Marroquin. She’s an illegal immigrant from Peru.
She’s also on the federal payroll as an Obamacare “Navigator!”
According to The Examiner, Maria is a federal subcontractor who’s leading the New York City effort to recruit American citizens (and non-citizens) to sign up for Obamacare.
Maria is also an “open borders” advocate and she’s been arrested during pro-amnesty protests.
The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) expressed their outrage over this woman’s role in recruiting fellow illegal immigrants to obtain free healthcare subsidized by American taxpayers. CIS says:
“Marroquin practices the political tactics of left-wing extremists, flouting her illegal immigration status before cowed law enforcers and politicians…It’s beyond comprehension that this admitted lawbreaker is essentially working for the government now. It would be hard to make up something this outrageous…”
Listen the Lies don’t stop just with illegal immigration
Obamacare Day One: Many Americans Will Fund Abortions Without Their Consent
According to Lifenews With the launch of Obamacare enrollment , October 1 in a landmark date that will have many Americans railroaded into health insurance plans that directly pay for abortions with their insurance premiums – sometimes without their knowledge and consent.
Enrollment in the exchanges is to begin on October 1, 2013, and the exchanges are to offer health insurance coverage to an estimated 7 million individuals starting on January 1, 2014 (increasing to about 24 million by 2022).Under the ACA, health plans that provide abortion coverage are permitted to participate in the state exchanges, including the SHOPs, and those plans are permitted to obtain federal subsidies. While states are allowed to enact laws “opting out” of permitting insurance plans that cover abortions to participate in their exchanges, many states are unable or unwilling to do so.
“Buried in the pages of Obamacare is the ‘Covert Abortion Premium Mandate’ that forces people and their money into the business of abortion,” said Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life. “In light of the dangers of abortion to women and their unborn children, this policy is a disaster.”
Abortion is woven into the healthcare law at multiple levels, making repeal of the law a pro-life necessity, Yoest said, including a failure to prohibit the use of federal tax dollars for abortion, abortion coverage, and abortion-inducing drugs and devices; pretending that the Hyde Amendment protections were enough to prohibit direct payment for abortions; and permitting federally subsidized Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) to provide abortion coverage through the state insurance exchanges.
Yoest said Obamcare fails to prohibit all multi-state qualified health plans from providing coverage for abortion, includes a “preventive care” mandate that is being used to force coverage of drugs and devices known to end life, and fails to provide comprehensive First Amendment conscience protections for individuals, employers, and insurance companies that have religious or moral objections to abortion.
“Real healthcare respects life,” noted Yoest. “The impact of Obamacare will be new income streams for anti-life policies. In fact, you could call Obamacare the ‘Abortionist Full-Employment Act’ as it intertwines the finances of people, businesses, states and the federal government with the anti-life industry of abortion.”

Oprah Winfrey: President Barack Obama is disrespected because he’s black

Oprah Winfrey,  used the example of Republican congressman Joe Wilson shouting out “you’re a liar” during a 2009 speech President Obama gave.
“Remember that?”  No, Oprah . The American people DONT like being lied to . Forget the lies in STOFU for a minute. What about the lies that were promised to the American people “you can keep your insurnace period, you can keep your Dr. period, your premiums will Not go up period.”
According to Oprah it’s ok call to call the past Presidents liars but not the current President because he’s black.???Hmm, I suggest Oprah take a hard look in the mirror so she can see who the real Racist is. Maybe , her bitterness  & hatred toward whites really is because of Judge Judy.. Oprah needs some way to get her mug back on tv what ‘s a better way to this than cry RACISM?   Oprah Winfrey puts it bluntly during her BBC interview…“There are still generations of older people who were born and breed and marinated in that prejudice and racism and they just have to die,” she added.

Oprah A woman that billions of dollars off people of ALL colors . Maybe is because she don’t need  Obamacare so she don’t care about all the lies… Obama is Not just a LIAR. He’s a FRAUD. He got elected based on LIES …
According to the NEW YORK POST Obama lied and manipulated job numbers before election…. The lies to get elected didn’t just stop with the job numbers

Proof Obama was against Mandatory Health Insurance before wanting it! (He is a puppet)

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Conservative political pundit Charles Krauthammer hammered President Barack Obama on Friday, saying he has taken a “very cavalier attitude” towards the United States Constitution and rule of law.
“I’m talking about how the administration, particularly the president, seems to think that he has right to change duly passed statutes on his own, or to suspend whole parts of laws on his own,” Krauthammer told Fox News’ Harris Faulkner. ”I mean, the constitution is pretty clear, the president executes the law and the Congress passes the laws.”
“…the constitution is pretty clear…”
“So, for example, a few months ago Obama decided that he wanted to suspend, to postpone the employer mandate of his own law of Obamacare,” he continued. “You’re not allowed to do that. You have got to change the law in Congress if you want to do it. And he did it without hesitation.”

Krauthammer then hit the president over the process he used to make some court appointments.
“A year ago, he did some recess appointments, you are allowed to do it if the Senate isn’t in session. The problem was the Senate was in session, and the courts have so ruled,” he said. “This is a very cavalier attitude.”
Krauthammer released a book late last month detailing his three decades in politics.
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Activists Fasting For Immigration Reform Get Cheered By First Lady, Will Celebrate Thanksgiving With Water

These People are on a Hunger strike for Immigration reform.  Lets get this straight....did they come here Illegally? If they broke the Law they want a free pass?? If they came here Illegally, go back and come back the right way. I don;t care if they don't eat, they are Illegal! Then to hear the Obama's went to them on Thanksgiving......A good president would visit the troops on thanksgiving! A good president would visit a soup kitchen or a church where meals are served. This Guy Is Pathetic! Who knows, This Huger strike Crap might all be a setup or a ploy like his props at his speeches to try to make a point!

Activists who are fasting in the hope of building momentum for immigration reform got an unexpected tweet expressing support for them – from First Lady Michelle Obama.
“As families begin to gather for Thanksgiving, I’m thinking of the brave #Fast4Families immigration reform advocates. We're with you. –mo” the tweet from Tuesday said.
The tweet from the First Lady was the latest in a series of gestures of support for the activists, who have been in tents fasting since Nov. 12 on the National Mall in Washington D.C. and who call their demonstration the “Fast for Families.”
The 10 hunger strikers said they will spend Thanksgiving Day sipping only water.
“What moves us is the hunger for justice,” said Eliseo Medina, secretary-treasurer of the Service Employees International Union, who has lost 20 pounds (9.1 kg) so far during the protest.
“Any sacrifice is small and is not comparable to that of the immigrants who lose their lives in the desert seeking a better future or whose families suffer deportation,” he told EFE.
Organizers issued a call for citizens all across the United States to ask House Speaker John Boehner to back down and unblock the road to immigration reform that would regularize the status of some 11 million people in this country.
On Monday, President Obama mentioned them in a speech on immigration reform. Vice President Joe Biden stopped by and prayed with them.  Other visitors have included Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, and White House Domestic Policy Director Cecilia Munoz. Non-political leaders who also have stopped by are Reverend Jesse Jackson and Gloria Steinem.
Scores of people around the country have joined the fast – or have pledged to fast – for comprehensive immigration reform, which has stalled in Congress.
Though many have set out to fast for 40 days, according to "FAST ACTION For Immigration Reform," some are committing to just a few days or even hours.
Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, one of the nation's most prominent Latino religious leaders, was the first to start fasting as part of the national campaign. He has subsisted on just sparkling water and broth.
Rodriguez told Fox News Latino that he planned to stay on the fast at least 40 days.
"It's an exercise in prophetic activism," Rodriguez said, "for the purpose of raising the moral conscience, or resurrecting the moral conscience, to pass immigration reform."
The Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill in June that would tighten enforcement and provide a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants.  
But efforts to draft legislation have stalled in the House, where conservative Republicans have vowed not to pass any measure that gives undocumented immigrants a chance to legalize. They consider a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants "amnesty," essentially rewarding lawbreakers.
Supporters of such provisions, including some Republicans, say that deporting the nation's estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants is impossible as well as not in the interest of the United States, which depends to some extent on such people to do certain jobs.
Another high-profile person who is fasting is Eliseo Medina of the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU.
He has been in a tent for about two weeks and has lost at least 20 lbs.
“Whatever little sacrifice I am making doesn’t compare with the sacrifice these immigrants made when they came to this country for a better life and find themselves living in the shadows and being exploited,” Medina was quoted as saying in The New York Times.


Coincidence or more of Obama B.S.!

A cancer patient who said publicly that his health coverage was canceled because of Obamacare now says he’s being audited by the Internal Revenue Service.
Bill Elliott appeared on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” earlier this month and said he was told that his cancer was considered “beyond a catastrophic pre-existing condition” and his plan was being canceled because of new regulations.
He said he was given the option of a new $1,500-per-month plan, up from the $180 per month or so that he’d been paying. Elliott told Fox’s Megyn Kelly that he had decided he wasn’t going to pay for the new expensive plan, and was instead going to take the financial penalty and “let nature take its course.”
Appearing this week on “Rocky D” on Charleston, S.C.’s WQSC, Elliott said that after a media frenzy, his insurance company worked it out with him to allow him to keep his coverage — but there’s a new hitch.

“Monday I got a certified letter, I went down and got it and it’s from the IRS and they are auditing my books from 2009,” Elliott said.
He said he didn’t own a business at that time, and in fact was working for the government. He said he’s paid his taxes every year and is not any kind of a tax evader.
 There was one more part of the notice — Elliott said that “due to federal budget cuts,” the meeting between him and the IRS won’t take place until April 2014.
“It doesn’t matter. It could’ve been today if they wanted it to,” he said.
The radio host said, “you stood up and spoke out about how Obamacare screwed over your insurance and probably would kill you and what’s the next thing that happened? You get audited by the IRS. That is not a coincidence.”
“No it’s not,” Elliott said.
And it might not just be Elliott: C. Steven Tucker, an insurance broker who contacted Elliott after his Fox News appearance, said that after he helped assist Elliott with his coverage, the IRS “are now coming after ME all the way back to 2003.”
Elliott told Kelly that he actually voted for Obama over Mitt Romney last year specifically because he liked what Obama had promised about being able to keep your doctors and yourinsurance plans.
Elliott said on the “Rocky D” show that he’s doing better now health-wise, thought still has to have bone scans every four months.

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Boy with cancer loses coverage after Obamacare launch

Wow, Obama is bring down the Health Insurance industry and people possibly dying because of it and does he care? He wants his Obamacare Crap to work and get everyone on it! Its not Affordable. I have not heard of one story of premiums going down.... Pathetic!

WASHINGTON — Hunter Alford is the happy kid next door with a big grin who idolizes country music star Blake Shelton.
His parents call him a “wild, fun loving, zombie-killing boy who loves the military and police.”
He is normal in every way, except this 7-year-old already plays guitar and keyboards and has his heart set on learning to fiddle.
Something else sets Hunter apart.
He was born with a rare form of cancer and lost his health insurance just after Obamacare went into effect.
Americans were told the health-care law was designed to help children just like Hunter, born with a deadly pre-existing condition and little means to pay for expensive treatments.
The Affordable Care Act was not supposed to take away the insurance these most-vulnerable children already had and leave them utterly defenseless against a life-threatening disease.
Answers are hard to come by, but it looks like that’s what the president’s signature achievement has done in the small town of Gainesville, Texas.
‘Why would you cancel a kid?’
Ron and Krista Alford’s two children, Hunter and his sister, Makayla, were both born with an extremely rare form of cancer called Plexiform Hishocyne Neoplasm.
The parents said their children “have known nothing other than hospitals, doctors, sickness and pain.”
Makayla is currently in remission, but Hunter is in the second fight of his young life against cancer.
He is hospitalized and needs another round of chemotherapy, which will cost $50,000 without insurance, leaving his parents at their wit’s end.
Krista’s strong Midwestern spirit was immediately evident as she described her family’s dilemma to WND, but so was the fear in her trembling voice, as she carefully searched for the right words.
“Why would you cancel a kid?” she asked. “I really want to send Obama and all of them pictures of my son. He has scars all over his head. He doesn’t want to leave the house because he’s afraid people are going to make fun of him because he’s bald.”
Changes required under Obamacare
The insurance company initially told Krista that Hunter’s information was lost while it was making changes required under the newly implemented health-care law.
Hunter was insured under the Children’s Health Insurance Program in Texas, or CHIP.
According to the CHIP website, “Families with children who get Children’s Medicaid pay nothing and children with CHIP pay no more than $50 a year for health care coverage.”
Krista explained that CHIP is different from Medicaid.
“With CHIP you have to pay a copay for every doctor’s visit, and you’ve got to pay so much for prescriptions,” she said.
Did she have any suspicions as to why her child was dropped?
She said “No” and suspected the company might be confused.
“They sent me a letter asking me why Hunter was being hospitalized, and if he had been in an accident,” she explained. “I sent back a letter saying that he has cancer, a very rare type of cancer, and that he is seeking chemotherapy.”
She hopes it is just one big bureaucratic blunder.
“I can’t see the government canceling him because they are paying too much for all his stuff,” Krista said. “It’s possible. But I can’t see that happening because I figure the government makes a lot of money.”
Many stories, no explanation
When reporter Allison Harris of local KXII-TV broke the story in Gainesville and tried to contact anyone at CHIP for an explanation as to why Hunter lost his insurance, she was unsuccessful, as was WND.
Harris persisted and told WND on Wednesday she had finally reached a media spokeswoman, Texas Health and Human Services Communication Director Stephanie Goodman.
Even though she had not seen the specifics of Hunter’s case, Goodman claimed the problem was not caused by the Affordable Care Act.
However, Goodman also appeared to contradict that claim by confirming to Harris that the department has had problems as it made transfers to prepare for the new health-care law.
Describing a confusing process reminiscent of the horror stories the nation has heard since the launching of Obamacare, Goodman said that those who had CHIP and Medicaid got their CHIP canceled and became insured through Medicaid, because it has greater benefits.
‘Glitch’ cancels cancer coverage
Once Goodman located Hunter’s case file she got back to Harris and, without being able to divulge details, appeared to indicate the Alfords do not meet the financial standards for CHIP.
For a family of four, the cutoff is $47,100. She said the state re-evaluates family income every six months when families reapply for coverage.
However, Krista told WND that Hunter had been covered for a year and a half without ever having to reapply for coverage, and she was never notified that she had to reapply for coverage.
When Harris asked Goodman about cancelling Hunter’s treatment in the middle of his chemotherapy, she said there are Medicaid plans, other than CHIP, that allow patients to stay covered during treatments such as chemotherapy, even if the family’s income changes.
That may be true, but Krista told WND she has been frustrated at every turn while trying to get coverage reinstated for Hunter.
Goodman claimed again that the problem was not related to the implementation of Obamacare, but her description of what happened indicated something in the process had changed since the law went into effect.  It would appear that something was what likely caused Hunter to lose his insurance.
Goodman said her department (HHSC) wasn’t required to, but chose to, transfer cases in preparation for the advent of Obamcare. There were some “glitches” in coverage when that happened, she said.
One of the “glitches” apparently caused a little boy with cancer to lose his health insurance.
‘We’ll call you’
From Hunter’s hospital room, Krista told WND, “Each time I called there was a different story. My son was transported to the hospital on Oct. 31, and I found out his insurance was canceled on Nov. 1. That was quite a wake up call, after not being able to sleep until five in the morning.”
When she called CHIP the following Monday, “they said he was canceled due to his ‘not requalifying.’”
However, Krista said she’d had the insurance for a year-and-a-half and had never received any notice that she needed to “requalify” her children.
The experience just got more bizarre from there.
“She told me to hang on, then, all of a sudden could not find my son or daughter’s case, at all. And then, she transferred me over to another gentleman who found their cases. He said it was hidden, because when they switched over to HHSC (Texas Health and Human Services Commission), they lost a lot of case files and Hunter’s was just one of those.”
That gave Krista reason to hope.
“He said, ‘Everything looks likes fine, just let me start working on this, give me a couple of days, have patience and we’ll call you.’”
Is your son pregnant or an illegal?
Krista said she waited and waited and no one contacted her.
“I called again, and then I was told he could expedite it,” she explained. “But then, I called back the next day, and the next, and, finally, the lady told me the only way to expedite it is if my son was pregnant and in labor or an illegal.”
“I kind of wish, now, he was pregnant,” she added wistfully.
The more she asked, the more confusing the answers became.
“Then they told me Oct. 17th was when he was actually canceled. But on Oct. 25 he had chemo, and they paid for it. So, I am getting different stories.”
Police officer makes too much money?
The latest story? It’s one that strikes the wife of a small town police officer as hard to believe.
“Now, the new story with CHIP is they called and said my husband makes too much money, $173 too much. So, I’m very upset. I was bawling on the phone with her and the only thing she said was, ‘Have a nice day,’ and she hung up.”
None of it made any sense.
“That was so upsetting, I couldn’t believe it. I was trying to talk to her to figure out what was going on. My husband had overtime. He’s a police officer. They’re shorthanded. And so, he has to fill in when he can so he can protect our little bitty town of Gainesville.”
WND restated the question to make sure the facts were straight, asking: “Your husband has a police officer’s salary and your insurance company is telling you that now, under the new insurance rules once Obamacare went into effect, he makes too much money for them to cover your child’s chemotherapy. Is that correct?”
“Yes, sir,” Krista replied with the gentle politeness of someone raised in the heartland.
She described how the woman on the phone told her, for a family of four, the Alford’s had too much income to qualify. Krista informed the woman the CHIP website showed a higher amount and, therefore, the family did qualify.
Krista said the representative simply replied, “No.”
So, the mother informed her, “Then you need to change your chart on your website, because that’s what it’s showing.”
Krista fought the medical bureaucracy with the tenacity of a mother whose child’s life is literally at stake.
“She told me, ‘I guess you misread it. Or you misunderstood it.’ No, I didn’t misunderstand it. I am trying to do what’s best for my child, and if they would have sent me a notice saying, ‘Hey you need to requalify,’ I would’ve been right on top of it because it is my son who needs this.”
‘We will be receiving a bill’
Exasperation creeping into her soft but firm voice, Krista described how Hunter’s disease is not only uncommon, so is the way it is behaving.
“These tumors are very rare. They are not supposed to spread, but his decided they were going to spread. And it can go into his lungs, because the tumors like soft tissue, and your lungs are soft tissue.”
If Hunter is in the hospital now without any insurance, WND asked, how would the Alfords pay for his treatment?
“We will be receiving a bill for it.”
The Alfords appear to be the kind of humble and self-sufficient Americans who would be too proud to ask for help. But their son’s life is at stake.
How people can help
WND asked, how can people help?
People are donating money. There’s a website ‘Heroes for Hunter.’ People have been so gracious by donating and I know it’s so hard, it’s around Christmas time. Since the story aired on (local television station) KXII donations went from only $1,000 to $10,000.”
As of Wednesday, the website had raised $11,000 toward the $50,000 goal.
Speaking barely above a whisper, Krista had to stop a few times to compose herself, but she managed to say: “It brings tears to my eyes. It warms me that people are donating their hard-earned money to help my family.”
Then she made a special request. Krista asked WND readers for something more important than money.
“If you don’t mind, would you say a prayer for my son? Prayers have been helping,” she said. “I want to be able to go home for Thanksgiving and find him not running any more fevers. They really do help. ”
After a long pause, the exhausted mother collected her breath and continued: “He’s not having a good day today. He’s very grumpy.”
Home for Thanksgiving
Asked about her plans for Thanksgiving, Krista said: “My family is going to try to come up here. They’ll be bringing Thanksgiving to us. We’ll have our own little Thanksgiving in Hunter’s room.”
WND received late word that since speaking with Krista, Hunter is doing well and will be home for the holiday.
To send a message to Hunter visit the Angels for Hunter website.
To send a message to the president go to the White House website. Or, contact your member of Congress or senator.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/11/boy-with-cancer-loses-coverage-after-obamacare-launch/#dzT3uTDFXzHLtokt.99