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Exposed: America's Enemies Within

My 87-year-old black Dad called to say he wanted to congratulate me for my perseverance. “You finally have me and all your siblings (4) agreeing with you.” 
My deep desire is to alert my son, daughter, and other non-political hard-working Americans of the moral, spiritual, and cultural evil threatening to overtake our great nation. No longer are we simply engaged in a battle of ideas -- Republican vs. Democrat, liberal vs. conservative. America's choice of governing has become far more daunting -- light vs. darkness, good vs. evil. “Choose ye this day, whom you will serve.”
Despite Leftist merchants of evil using big words and arrogant condescension to convince us that morality is relative, we instinctively know some things are good and some things are bad. Equally annoying is Leftists' air of superiority -- claiming to care more than us commoners about equality, saving the planet and all life; their evil intentions hidden beneath a shroud of faux compassion.
Leftists have what I call their no-pictures-please policy. They get fuming mad whenever anyone accurately describes, visualizes, or shows pictures of procedures and behaviors the Left has demanded that Americans embrace. For example: Leftists want women to freely kill their babies all the way up to moments before birth. The last thing they want the public to see is video of the partial birth abortion procedure. 
Yes, I am unequivocally saying liberals/Democrats (Leftists) are forcing their evil agenda down America's throat. “Forcing” is exactly what the Left is doing. Americans typically vote against Leftists' desire to make abhorrent behavior mainstream and transform America into a welfare state. Leftists send in their activist judges to overturn the will of We the People. After verbally slapping us around calling us racist, sexist, and homophobic, Leftist judges make what the people voted against into law.
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood… against spiritual wickedness in high places.” As I lay out the facts, you judge for yourself.

Videos exposing Planned Parenthood's inhuman thriving baby-body-parts-are-us business have horrified the nation. Americans are demanding that government stop giving PP $500 million a year of taxpayers' money.
Well, guess where the majority of PP chop shops are located? Black neighborhoods. PP founder Margaret Sanger pulled no punches. PP was started to deal with “the negro problem.” Sanger believed blacks were inferior and bred too often. Black abortions are disproportionately higher than whites.
Blacks who have not been seduced by the dark side are sounding the alarm, letting blacks know they are aborting themselves into extinction. A billboard in a black neighborhood read, “The Most Dangerous Place for An African-American Is in the Womb.” Guess who was outraged and demanded the billboard be taken down? Al Sharpton and other assorted Leftists who claim to be advocates for blacks.
Sharpton is leading the charge in the hate inspired “Black Lives Matter” movement; founded on the lie that white cops routinely murder blacks. I guess black baby lives do not matter to Sharpton when they are killed by his Leftists homeys at PP.
Here's another thing that causes one to scratch his head. Leftists are fanatical about protecting the rain forest. They say it may hold a cure for AIDS. And yet, most Leftists are obsessed with killing babies. Even after a baby survives a failed abortion, Leftists demand that medical staff let the baby die. Amazingly, a law had to be passed to end this barbaric practice. Why haven't Leftists considered the possibility that the doctor or researcher with a cure for cancer, AIDS and other diseases may have been among the 55 million babies aborted in America since 1973? 
Leftists are defending PP black marketing baby body parts. And yet, these same Leftists are tearfully outraged over the death of a furry animal and fight to their death to protect trees and imprisoned cop killers. There is something seriously wrong in people who possess such a mindset.
Good morning, Ma'am. We appreciate your patronage over the years. However, our religious conscience prevents us from baking a wedding cake for your marriage to a woman. I imagine this is pretty much how the conversation went. Well, all heck broke loose. Christian bakers Aaron and Melisa Klein had to close down their shop and state ordered to pay a lesbian couple $135,000 in absurd damages.
Check this out folks. America rallied behind the Kleins and started a donations account. When the account reached $100,000, homosexuals pressured Go-Fund-Me into shutting down the account -- claiming Go-Fund-Me was supporting hate
Okay, so first homosexual activists fined the Kleins $135k. Then, they attempted to block efforts to pay the fine. So, the fine is not about paying the lesbian couple, it is about destroying the Kleins. In essence, Leftists want to hang the Kleins' economically bloody carcass in the public square as a warning to Christians who refuse to betray their faith. Can you say an assault on Christians' constitutional “free exercise of religion”, boys and girls?
Scripture says “no weapon formed against us shall prosper” and “what they meant for evil, God meant for good.” The Kleins' account has reached $372,000, thus far. http://nbcnews.to/1SgNk5t Praise God!
The Kleins have five kids with whom they planned to leave their business. Leftists have other plans for the Klein family.
Dad calling me about his and my siblings' conversion was really cool. However, I am constantly thinking and praying for wisdom to awaken fellow blacks and other Americans continuously played by Leftists. I rest in the knowledge that surrendering to evil is the only way we fail.
Interviewers have asked on numerous occasions, “How do you endure the name calling and hate you receive as a black conservative Republican?” I reply, “It is easy because I know I am on the right side....God's.”

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This Is How Babies Are Aborted

Revealing video demonstrates gruesome details of the procedure

this is how babies are aborted
In light of the Planned Parenthood scandal, Oregon Right to Life has released a revealingnew video which explains the myriad of different gruesome ways in which babies areaborted.
While millions of Americans support abortion, the vast majority are unaware of the detailsof how the procedure is carried out. Some even think that babies are aborted in the same way that pets are euthanized – with little or no pain whatsoever.
The reality is infinitely more disturbing. Listed below are the different methods of abortion, as demonstrated in the video above by using lifelike scientific models and actual abortion instruments.
– Partial Birth Abortion
Although currently outlawed, President Obama has expressed his desire to re-legalize the procedure under certain circumstances.
The doctor forces the woman’s cervix open prematurely, increasing the risk of premature birth by 36%. The abortionist turns the baby around so it is no longer head down, but head up. The baby is delivered so that just the head is left inside the mother’s body.
The abortionist then uses medical forceps to stab the baby in the back of its head, opening up a wound to make a hole, before using a vacuum tube to suck out the baby’s brain. He then crushes the baby’s head and delivers the dead baby.
If the abortionist performed the exact same procedure with the head outside the mother’s body, he would be guilty of homicide.
– Induction Abortion
The abortionist uses a 10 inch long needle to stab the baby in its heart before injecting Digoxin, causing a massive heart attack. The terrified baby feels the full force of the pain as anesthesia is not administered. Two or three days later the dead baby is delivered.
– Dilation and Evacuation
The abortionist artificially opens the mother’s cervix before reaching inside the uterus with a pair of medical forceps. The abortionist then grabs pieces of the baby with the forceps and rips the body limb from limb, pulling the pieces out one by one. This is a dangerous procedure because the doctor can accidentally grab a part of the woman’s bowel, causing internal rupturing.
A nurse then re-assembles the body to make sure no parts are left inside which could cause a dangerous infection.
– Dilation and Curettage
The abortionist uses a curette, a cross between a steak knife and a spoon, inserting it inside the mother’s body, before carving the baby into pieces and then using the spoon to scoop out the remains.
– Vacuum Aspiration
The abortionist simply uses a strong vacuum tube to suck out the entire baby, the placenta and the contents of the womb before the baby’s body is disposed of down a sink or as medical waste.
– Chemical Abortions
The mother takes a two part drug cocktail. The first drug blocks hormones, essentially telling the mother’s brain that she isn’t pregnant. Nutrients and support are then automatically cut off to the baby and it starves to death.
Two days later, the mother takes a second labor inducing drug which painfully flushes the dead baby out of her body. Although this method is used for early stage pregnancies, some women have reported seeing recognizable features of their baby in the toiletafter it has been flushed out.
Planned Parenthood has described opponents of these abortion procedures as “extremists.” Personally speaking, if being against sticking knives in the back of babies’ heads and sucking out their brains makes me an extremist – then I’m proud to be an extremist.
On the flip side, Planned Parenthood employees who push around pieces of dead babies in petri dishes while laughing and cracking jokes about the body being “war torn,” are “trendy” and “liberal”.
Watch the video above and decide whether you’re an “extremist” or not.
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On March 3, 2015, Democrats on a Colorado state House panel defeated a pro-life bill — HB 1112: Born Alive Infant Protection Act — that would ensure babies who survive failed abortions receive appropriate medical care and protection.
That means those Democrats, like Barack and Michelle Obama, favor INFANTICIDE.

Kerry: Iran’s “Death to America” Doesn’t Mean They Want to Kill Us

You Can't fix Stupid! Rumors are Swirling that this Idiot wants a Nobel Peace Prize for this, and if Hillary Crashes he would consider a run........Only heard speculation. But the bottom line is if this Clown or Dumbass wants to be President and makes comments like this, we are in trouble!

In a once rational and free America, this ridiculous statement from the Secretary of Statewould be met with immediate calls for his resignation. Imagine covering for a regime like that of Iran, which not only has vowed to destroy America and Israel, but also slaughters gays and imprisons, beats women who aren’t fully covered, and executes political dissidents: behind nuclear talks Iran executes political prisoners in droves.
Instead, the mainstream media hasn’t even covered this. The West is dying and no gives a fig.
john kerry
“Kerry: Iran’s ‘Death to America’ Doesn’t Mean They Want to Kill Us,” by Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage, July 30, 2015 (thanksto TheReligionofPeace.com):
Secretary of State John Kerry is still seeking a nuanced explanation for Iran’s government saying, “Death to America”. He called the Iranian government’s cries of “Death to America” “not helpful” and suggested that the Supreme Leader might not really mean it.
And now Kerry would like to emphasize that aside from the “Death toAmerica” chants and the nuclear bombs and constant threats of war, at no time was he made aware of an Iranian plan to destroy America.
When Kerry appeared before the House Foreign AffairsCommittee on Tuesday to defend the Iran nuclear agreement, Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) asked him about Tehran’s policy in the light of the “death to America” chants common at events presided over by supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hasan Rouhani.
“It is the policy of the ayatollah – if you can answer for him – that Iran wants to destroy the United States?” Poe asked Kerry. “Is that still their policy, as far as you know?”
[Kerry:]  “I don’t believe they’ve said that. I think they’ve said ‘Death to America’ in their chants, but I have not seen this specific.”
“Well, I kind of take that to mean that they want us dead,” Poe said. “That would seem like that would be their policy. He said that. That – you don’t think that’s their policy?” …
“I think they have a policy of opposition to us and of great enmity, but I have no specific knowledge of a plan by Iran to actually destroy us,” Kerry replied.
Well there are two options.
1. Iran’s leaders keep saying things they don’t mean… which means we probably shouldn’t trust them not to go nuclear despite the deal
2. They do mean what they say… in which case we know why they want the nukes
So does Iran have a “Death to America” policy? Here you go, John.
In response to a question by a parliamentarian on how long this battle will continue, Khamenei said,“Battle and jihad are endless because evil and its front continue to exist. … This battle will only end when the society can get rid of the oppressors’ front with America at the head of it, which has expanded its claws on human mind, body and thought. … This requires a difficult and lengthy struggle and need for great strides.”
Sounds like a policy.
In case this is at all confusing, here’s a Death to America mural in Tehran. (from Ali Abbas.)
Those are falling bombs and skulls.
Is there an actual plan? No of course not. It’s all just hypothetical stuff. Metaphors. Words to appease the “hardliners”. Just ask the Revolutionary Guard.
“America, with its strategic ignorance, does not have a full understanding of the power of the Islamic Republic,” Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami said in a televised interview. “We have recognized America’s military strategy, and have arranged our abilities, and have identified centers in America [for attack] that will create a shock.”
“We will conduct such a blow in which they [America] will be destroyed from within,” Salami said.
At no point in time was Kerry aware of this… or anything else.
Courtesy of PamelaGeller.com

Admiral admits WORST possible news about US Navy

I take the responsibility of sharing thoughts, perspectives, and insights with y’all very seriously and seek to keep you informed and educate when I can. I take no pride in being prescient or right, but it is disturbing when predictions come to fruition.
It was a couple of weeks back that I addressed the gradual and continuous decimation of our military force. We know our active duty Army will be cut down by another 40,000. Our U.S. Marine Corps is at World War I levels. We cannot even make a decision to protect our men and women here in the Continental United States (CONUS), providing them the ability to secure themselves at any military installation, active duty, reserve component, or National Guard. We’ve reported here that the U.S. Navy would not be able to backfill a Carrier Battle Group (CVBG) in the Persian Gulf. I had read reports that any request of that nature would go to France, and it looks like that is the case.
As reported by Fox News“The U.S. Navy will not have an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf this fall for the first time in years, President Obama’s nominee to be the Navy’s top officer told Capitol Hill lawmakers Thursday. The gap in the Gulf — expected to last two months — would come at a time when the U.S. is not only launching sustained airstrikes against nearby Islamic State targets, but trying to keep a check on Iranian aggression in the region.
Under questioning by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., at his nomination hearing to be chief of naval operations, Adm. John Richardson acknowledged the Navy would pull the carrier and said this hurts U.S. capability in the region. “Without that carrier, there will be a decrement in our capability there,” Richardson said before the Senate Armed Services Committee.
It would be the first time a U.S. aircraft carrier has not been in the Gulf since 2007. Currently, the USS Theodore Roosevelt is stationed there. Fox News is told that when she departs the area sometime this fall, the U.S. military may rely on a French aircraft carrier until they can deploy another carrier.” That [carrier] gap is a reflection of earlier strains on the force [and] long-term commitments,” Richardson said Thursday.”

And so it goes that commander-in-chief Barack Obama can once again lay claim to having achieved something that no previous president has — gapped the Persian Gulf of an American CVBG. Of course lots of folks will say what difference at this point does it make? It’s simple. We will not have a platform by which we can launch strikes against ISIS — not that they’ve been overly effective anyway, since we don’t have G-FACs (Ground Forward Air Controllers).
Also, this means the Iranians — who are truly feeling lucky these days — will be able to freely harass shipping in the Straits of Hormuz and even supply the Houthi rebels they’re supporting in Yemen without fear of an American naval intervention, or blockade. And you can just imagine how the Iranians and other militant Islamic jihadists will spin this to their propaganda advantage.
Just as a point of comparison, during the Reagan years — yes, when we were enjoying seven to eight percent quarterly GDP growth, not this anemic two percent — we had a naval fleet of 575 warships. Today that fleet hovers somewhere around 283. The goal is to reduce our U.S. Navy, a “Global Force for Good” down to 230 warships.
I think we need to educate the progressive socialists that while they may believe the oceans are rising, they are certainly not shrinking. And since the time of the Phoenicians, every great nation or civilization has understood the importance and imperative of a strong maritime force, a Navy. (Doggone, I cannot believe I just said that! You see, that is what happens when Army loses to Navy in football for 13 straight years!!!!)
Ok, back to the task at hand.
The 21st century battlefield is not about massive land forces anymore, such as the forward deployed forces we had during the Cold War. This new battlefield is about power projection, and the best means to achieve that is with a strong naval, maritime presence. Now, let me remind everyone that our U.S. Army actually has conducted more amphibious landings than the Marine Corps. And if you forgot, the plan of action for Haiti had the U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division (Light) loaded aboard a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier.
We need to have an open water force that can project our land forces in the critical littorals (coastal areas) worldwide — which was lacking in Benghazi. Regardless, the fact that the United States cannot do a relief in place between two CVBGs is very telling about what the Obama “fundamental transformation” has meant for our military.
And what is even more vital is that we support Egypt in its fight against the militant Islamic jihadists hunkered down with sanctuary in the Sinai peninsula — courtesy of Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood member and former Egyptian president, Mohammed Morsi. If the Suez Canal transit point gets cut off, then we have the possibility of having ZERO American naval forces back in the Persian Gulf in a timely manner.
Here is the OPTEMPO (Operations Tempo) facing the USS Theodore Roosevelt,:“It has been busy since arriving in the 5th Fleet, the Navy’s command over the Persian Gulf and surrounding area in the Middle East. In addition to assisting ’round-the-clock sorties against ISIS in Iraq, the carrier pulled out of the Gulf in late April to trail an Iranian convoy suspected of smuggling weapons to Houthi rebels in Yemen. The USS Theodore Roosevelt trailed the Iranian convoy for days, using aircraft to provide continuous coverage. In late April, Iran also seized a Marshall Islands-flagged commercial vessel, prompting ships from the Roosevelt battle group to begin escorts while U.S.- and British-flagged ships transited the Strait of Hormuz.
The U.S. Navy says 10-month deployments, including the presence of two carriers in the Persian Gulf between 2011 and 2013, have contributed to the wear on the force, including the decommissioning of USS Enterprise which lowered the number of aircraft carriers in the U.S. Navy from 11 to 10.”
This is why we must evaluate our military capacity not on budget but global security requirements. We have several geographic areas of responsibility (AORs) — PACOM, EUCOM, SOUTHCOM, CENTCOM, AFRICOM. We need to assess our national security strategy as to what is needed in these areas from now out to the next 15 to 20 years. Our force should be built on the current and projected threats, and the ability to project power into these geographic AORs not just for combat operations, but as a deterrent, and the ability to conduct combined operations with other nations — and humanitarian assistance.
Let us never forget that the first responsibility of our government is to “provide for the common defense.” I am sure the ghost of John Paul Jones is very angry. His famous words from 1779 seemed disregarded by Barack Obama. When he was asked to surrender during an engagement with a British frigate, Captain Jones replied, “I have not yet begun to fight.”
Imagine a leader in America today saying such a thing. Wouldn’t that be something?