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Market Analyst: “Nothing Is Real… All Of This is Being Played To Keep People Believing The System Is Working”

Facts? I thought this was interesting. You Decide?

The stock market may be hovering near all-time highs, but according to Greg Mannarino of Traders Choice that doesn’t mean the valuations are actually real:
We exist, beyond any shadow of any doubt, in an environment of absolute fakery where nothing is real… from the prices of assets to what’s occurring here with regard to the big Wall Street banks, the Federal Reserve, interest rates and everything in between.
…All of this is being played in a way to keep people believing, once again, that the system is working and will continue to work.
Full Interview with USA Watchdog:

President Obama has suggested that people like Greg Mannarino who are exposing the fraud for what it is are just peddling fiction. And just this week the President argued thathe saved the world from a great depression and that the closing credits of the 2008 crash movie “The Big Short” were inaccurate when they claimed that nothing has been done to fundamentally curb the fraud and fix the system under his administration. But as Mannarino notes, the President and his central bank cohorts are making these statements because the system is so fragile that if the public senses even the smallest problem it could derail the entire thing:
Let’s just look at the stock market… there’s no possible way at this time that these multiples can be justified with regard to what’s occurring here with the price action of the overall market… meanwhile, the market continues to rise.
Nothing is real. I can’t stress this enough… and we’re going to continue to see more fakery… and manipulation and twisting of this entire system…  We now exist in an environment where the financial system as a whole has been flipped upside down just to make it function… and that’s very scary.
We’ve never seen anything like this in the history of the world… The Federal Reserve has never been in a situation like this… we are completely in uncharted territory where the world’s central banks have gone negative interest rates… it’s all an illusion to keep the stock market booming.

 Every single asset now… I don’t care what asset… you want to look at currency, debt, housing, metals, the stock market… pick an asset… there’s no price discovery mechanism behind it whatsoever… it’s all fake… it’s all being distorted.
The system is built upon on one premise and that is confidence that it will work… if that confidence is rattled the whole thing will implode… our policy makers are well aware of this… there is collusion between central banks and their respective governments… and it will not stop until it implodes… and what I mean by implode is, correct to fair value.
And when that confidence is finally lost and the fraud exposed – and it will be as has always been the case throughout history – the destruction to follow will be one for the history books.
In a previous interview Mannarino warned that things could get so serious after the bursting of such a massive bubble that millions of people will die on a world-wide scale:
It’s created a population boom… a population boom has risen in tandem with the debt. It’s incredible.
So, when the debt bubble bursts we’re going to get a correction in population. It’s a mathematical certainty.
Millions upon millions of people are going to die on a world-wide scale when the debt bubble bursts. And I’m saying when not if…
When resources become more and more scarce we’re going to see countries at war with each other. People will be scrambling… in a worst case scenario… doing everything that they can to survive… to provide for their family and for themselves.
There’s no way out of it.
And that may be why governments around the world are preparing for nothing short of Armageddon that will see rioting in the streets, violence, civil war and regime change. In the United States, the Federal government and Pentagon have been war-gaming large scale economic collapse scenarios and those preparations began in earnest shortly after the collapse of 2008.
Nationally syndicated talk radio host Mark Levin explains:
I’m going to tell you what I think is going on.
I don’t think domestic insurrection. Law enforcement and national security agencies, they play out multiple scenarios. They simulate multiple scenarios.
I’ll tell you what I think they’re simulating.
The collapse of our financial system, the collapse of our society and the potential for widespread violence, looting, killing in the streets, because that’s what happens when an economy collapses.
I’m not talking about a recession. I’m talking about a collapse, when people are desperate, when they can’t get food or clothing, when they have no way of going from place to place, when they can’t protect themselves.
There aren’t enough police officers on the face of the earth to adequately handle a situation like that.
I suspect, that just in case our fiscal situation collapses, our monetary situation collapses, and following it the civil society collapses – that is the rule of law – that they want to be prepared.
There is no other explanation for this.

 The entire system is built upon a fraud. The losses have been hidden and papered over with trillion dollar cash infusions by governments and central banks around the world.
It is only a matter of time. That we can be sure of.
If you’re reading this and haven’t yet done so, it’s time to prepare for a collapse of a magnitude never before witnessed.
The elite are feverishly building bunkers for a reason, just as the government is spending billions of dollars on food stockpiles, assault weapons, and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition.
Why? Because they know.
For more interviews like this one visit Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog.
For commentary on financial markets and trading tips in a volatile environment check out Greg Mannarino’s free web site atTradersChoice.net.
Courtesy of SHTFplan.com

KENYA builds wall along Somali border to keep out the al-Shabaab Muslim terrorists

Hey Obama, did you see this? Your homeland is building a wall to keep out the same people you are letting into this country.


Newly Released Benghazi Emails Lead Directly to White House

I know this is old news but the Lies and the Cover up's keep coming out from this "Regime"  This is where I can say I hate Liars and Thieves having worked in retail.

Catherine Herridge reported some new developments in the investigation into the Sept. 2012Benghazi attack, including the release of documents that lead directly to the White House. Among the documents, obtained by Judicial Watch through a FOIA request, is an email from senior White House adviser Ben Rhodes to other top administration officials, including Press Secretary Jay Carney.
Under the subject "prep call with Susan," Rhodes wrote that the goal for Rice's appearances on Sunday talk shows would be "to underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure or policy.”
The message was sent three days after the attacks, which left four Americans dead at a U.S. consulate and nearby CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya.
Days later, Rice would go on numerous Sunday news programs, including on Fox News Sunday, to falsely assert that the Benghazi attack was spontaneous and occurred during a protest over an anti-Islam video. Since that time, the White House has come under fierce criticism from Republicans, who allege that the administration altered the CIA's talking points about how the Benghazi attack unfolded.
Watch Catherine's report in the video above.


Defining the Stupidity on the Left.

 My Liberal socialist buddy was just bragging about how Obama has cut the "Deficit" 


Congratulations to Governor Bransted for defying Obama!!

Congratulations to Governor Bransted for defying Obama!! Obama flies Illegal teens to Iowa . The Iowa Governor Flies Them Back TO Honduras . Governor Bransted of Iowa had announced: " Iowa will not take any illegal children." Yesterday Obama overruled him and sent him 124 teens, aged 13-19. When the plane landed in Des Moines , the airport manager called the office of the Governor. The Governor drove to the airport and chartered a United Airlines plane from Chicago . (THIS is a man!) Within 8 hours all the teens were fed and loaded on that plane. The plane left Iowa at 8 o'clock Des Moines time. It's next stop was Honduras . The plane landed and was unloaded. Four Social Workers from Iowa made sure the teens got safely to the terminal, and the Social Workers told the Honduran officials: "Here are your teens, they have no papers, you let them come illegally to America . We refuse to take them. Iowa has its own laws. Minors from outside our country not accompanied by adults may not enter our state." Iowa has not heard one thing from Washington . IF YOU LIKE IT, PLEASE PASS IT ON...More politicians should follow his example!!


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Someone Committed Purjery in the State Department to Protect Hillary. What a bunch of Corrupt Dirtbags!


McDonald’s Will Replace Jobs with Kiosks: Ex-CEO Says $15 Wage “Will Trigger Massive Layoffs”

Some of the "Career Burger Flippers"  had to know this could be coming. I don't feel for them. 


The future of fast food service will involve much less human interaction.
Instead, humans will line up like rats to pellet dispenser, and computer screens will take orders, as the classic menial, entry-level job will gradually disappear along with many other jobs in the workforce.
Former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi, who headed the company during the 90s, blasted the push for a $15 minimum wage, which he argued, food companies won’t pay – they just won’t pay it.
And jobs will suffer because of it.
The company will admitted choose to cut jobs altogether, and phase in automated kiosks, rather than pay more in minimum wage. (Perhaps that was their plan all along, and the $15/hour minimum wage controversy is the perfect excuse to put it into action.)
via the Daily Mail:
A Former McDonald’s CEO has predicted that raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour will cost people entry-level jobs.
In a column he wrote for Forbes, Ed Rensi says… “it will mean wiping out thousands of entry-level opportunities for people without many other options.’
Labor organizers have been demanding an increase in wages… Rather than raise prices, McDonalds is more likely to replace people with self-service computer kiosks so they do not have to pay the high wage. […] Over a million American youths may otherwise be out of a job.
‘You’ll see their legacy every time you visit the Golden Arches, where “would you like fries with that” is a button on a computer screen rather than a phrase spoken by an employee in their first job,’ he wrote. 
Admittedly, McDonald’s has already cut thousands of jobs in Europe, where it put in more than 7,000 kiosks to take orders rather than pay wages.
And you can bet that there is much more of that sort of thing coming.
From the company perspective, it is obviously a matter of the bottom line. For society, it is an unfortunate perfect storm as automation alone is poised to destroy millions and millions of jobs.
The future just doesn’t need many burger-flippers and order takers – the computers do it much more efficiently and accurately, after all.
Could they cut money elsewhere – like from the salaries and bonuses of overpaid CEOs? Of course.
But that’s not the point, and it won’t make the difference. These companies simply don’t care… and the economics are against anyone caring ever again.
It is harsh, but true. Please brace yourself as best as you can for this looming change in our society.
As Zero Hedge reported, McDonald’s has already been rolling out test kiosks in Chicago, and as the above article noted, in Europe as well:
According to Brand Eating, fast food king McDonald’s has been spotted testing a self-serve McCafe coffee station/kiosk out in downtown Chicago. The station is located in the restaurant but apart from the counter and looks to be a theoretically more convenient way for those who just want a cup of coffee to skip the regular line (while also freeing employees from having to make each drink in the back)
In essence, this is the company’s latest venture to make employees responsible for one less task as corporate HQ slowly but surely responds to minimum wage hikes sweeping all states, and in the process, outsource its minimum wage workers to simple machines which will never unionize or have any demands aside from being cleaned occasionally.
That site, of the self-serving kiosk, is already familiar at many grocery stores and Wal-Marts, and will become a mainstay of the shopping experience in all sectors, along with driver-less cars, and somewhere, unrecognized by the media, an endless line of former middle class and working people desperate on food stamps and benefits.
It is all happening so fast… before we know it, it will have happened.
Where will everyone go? What will they do?


Body Cam Footage Shows Officer Shooting Thug in the Face After He Reaches for Gun (VIDEO)

The Officer has seconds to live or die. I would hope he/she chooses to live and take out any of these Maggots that aim a weapon at an Officer. Of course the family said the Officer responded to quick. To Hell with them. He defended himself like he was taught.

Police in Clarke County, GA have released body cam footage from a dramatic officer involved shooting from the past week in which a suspect was shot in the face by an officer.
Athens-Clarke County Police Officer David Kelley approached two men he saw pouring liquor into a cup in a convenience store parking lot in violation of state liquor laws. Kelley observed that one of the men, identified as 22 year old Justin Tramell Scott, was armed with a handgun.
Kelley ordered Scott out of the car and gave him several orders in an attempt to disarm and detain him.
Rather than complying, Scott seemingly reaches for his firearm at one point in the footage. That’s when Kelley fired a round that struck Scott in the face.
Despite the wound to his face, Scott took off running and led Kelley on a short foot chase. Another officer joined the chase and was able to arrest Scott across the street (as shown in the below screenshot and subsequent video).
Some members of Scott’s family think that the officer acted too quickly and without regard for Scott’s life.
“I think that officer should have handled it better,” Lamorio Freeman, Scott’s cousin, said. “I don’t think he should have fired, because you could see that he was drunk.”
Scott had apparently just left a nightclub where he had been drinking heavily (and was attempting to continue doing in the vehicle).
However, Athens-Clarke County Police Chief R. Scott Freeman (unrelated to Scott’s cousin) disagrees with that assessment and thinks his officer did everything correctly.
“I think the officer was placed in a position where he had no other choice but to defend himself and/or face being shot and killed right there in the parking lot,” Chief Freeman said.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.07.40 PM

The officer has been placed on administrative leave, which is standard practice for officer involved shootings.
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is also reviewing the case to make sure the officer’s actions were justified. They are expected to release the results of their initial investigation in the near future. Once their investigation is complete, the case will be handed back to local authorities to investigate.
Scott was then transported to a local hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound to his cheek. He is expected to make a full recovery from the gunshot wound.

The above video was released by the Athens-Clarke County Police Department in order to show that the officer’s actions were justified in their minds.


BREAKING: Killer Of Florida Sergeant Gary Morales Sentenced To Death (Video)

Great News. The Justice system needs to Lock Up any Cop Killer that raises a gun at them.

Watch as Judge Vaughn sentences Eriese Tisdale to death for first degree murder for killing St. Lucie Co. Deputy Sergeant Gary Morales during a traffic stop south of Fort Pierce in February 2013.


Go Heros reported that the man who killed Sergeant Gary Morales has been sentenced to die. Eriese Tisdale was convicted of shooting and killing the  St. Lucie County Sheriff’s deputy during a traffic stop in February 2013.
Citing the aggravating factors, the judge sentenced the convicted killer to the maximum state penalty.  The sentencing was delayed in January after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Florida’s death penalty sentencing procedures were unconstitutional.



BREAKING: Supreme Court Hands a MASSIVE Victory to Voter ID Supporters


In the U.S., one needs an ID for a variety of reasons. Boarding a plane, a bus or a train requires an ID. Getting into an R-rated movie, buying a pack of smokes or a beer requires an ID. Using a credit card can require an ID as does buying a car, driving a car or registering a car.
Yet, for some (very obvious) reason, Democrats abhor the idea of requiring an ID to vote. For a political party that relies upon widespread voter fraud and shady tricks to win elections, any law that aims to clean-up the process and make it more honest is a threat to their election strategies.
And, of course, they denounce voter ID laws in the most Democrat way possible: they shout that they are “racist.”
To try and combat these effective laws, Democrats wage war on them in the media and in the courts with carrying success.
However, on Friday, the Supreme Court dealt a significant blow to the left’s hopes of rigging November’s election; the Supreme Court ruled that Texas’ voter ID law will remain in effect for the time being, likely beyond November.
The Court denied an emergency claim by a coalition of Hispanic advocacy groups and Democrat lawmakers who alleged that the law discriminates. The issue at hand was whether Texas’ law could be enforced while pending greater consideration in federal courts.
The lawmakers who hoped to infuse voter rolls with illegals, non-eligible voters and repeat voters sought to prohibit enforcement of the law until it can be settled in the courts. However, the Supreme Court issued a blunt, unsigned order that denied the request.
Evidently tired of the voter fraud so fervently promoted by the left and illegal immigrant proponents, Texas passed the law that is one of the strictest voter ID laws in the country. It requires government-issued photo ID in order to vote.
While the Supreme Court’s denial does not settle the issue ultimately, the denial is a huge win for conservatives and those who advocate for fair elections as the order could have tremendous implications for other state laws that are in limbo within the federal court system. It’s possible that other states will be allowed to enforce their voter ID laws until the matter can be resolved and that could have a tremendous effect on providing a fair election in November- a concept that should delight lovers of democracy, but should infuriate those who routinely rely upon voter fraud to advance their political agenda.


Here is more of the Same Crap we see in Democrat run States and Cities. Tax and spend and run people and Business out of State and the Economy in the tank. These Idiots have been trying to reaise taxes since Quinn got booted. Can't blame Bruce because he has a Super majority Democrat Congress that won't do what the people of Illinois elected him to do.

Under Lang’s plan, Illinois’ top tax rate for noncorporate businesses would become 11.25 percent — the second-highest rate in the U.S.

State Rep. Lou Lang’s progressive-tax scheme would put successful small businesses in Illinois on the defensive, not just against small businesses in other states but also against corporate competitors in Illinois.
Lang’s tax bill, House Bill 689, would amend the Illinois income-tax code to nearly triple the top personal income-tax rate, bumping it up to 9.75 percent from 3.75 percent. This would result in Illinois having the second-highest small business tax rate in the U.S., and would put noncorporate businesses in Illinois at a significant tax disadvantage against corporations.
Here’s how it works: When a noncorporate business, such as a neighborhood restaurant, real estate company or a small manufacturer earns income in Illinois, that income is treated as personal income on the business owner’s tax return. So when Illinois raises the personal income tax, that’s a hike in the small business income tax as well.
Lang’s proposal would impose a top rate of 9.75 percent on personal income. Small businesses also pay an additional 1.5 percent income tax on all income in the form of the Personal Property Replacement Tax, or PPRT, as specified in Illinois’ income tax code and explained in the Tax Handbook for Legislators. So the all-in, top state tax rate for a noncorporate business in Illinois is 11.25 percent under Lang’s plan, compared to 7.75 percent for corporations in Illinois. This puts Illinois noncorporate business owners at an unfair tax disadvantage against corporations within Illinois.

Under Lang’s plan, Illinois’ top tax rate for noncorporate businesses would become the second-highest rate in the U.S. Only California’s top small business rate of 13.3 percent would be higher than Lang’s proposed 11.25 percent. And unlike Illinoisans, Californians are at least protected by a constitutional cap on property taxes, while Illinois property taxes continue to spiral out of control.
Lang’s proposal would become the single best recruiting tool for competitor states that want to attract successful noncorporate businesses from Illinois. Below is a comparison between Lang’s proposal would put the top income tax rate for Illinois small businesses at 11.25 percent compared to 3.3 percent in Indiana and 0 percent in Florida and Texas. These three states take the top three spots for attracting the most Illinois residents through migration.
Not only are Texas, Florida and Indiana the three biggest gainers from taxpayer migration from Illinois, but they also account for nearly half of Illinois’ net loss of income in tax year 2013, the most recent year of data. Illinois sustained a record net loss of $4.1 billion of adjusted gross income, or AGI, in tax year 2013; Texas, Florida and Indiana accounted for a combined $1.9 billion gain of AGI from Illinois.
Though Lang’s rates kick in at higher income levels, starting at 8.75 percent for income beyond $500,000, the tax proposal would have an outsized impact on small-business earnings in Illinois. The 31,500 noncorporate businesses responsible for 72 percent of all small business income in Illinois would be hit by higher taxes under Lang’s proposal, according to Internal Revenue Service data.
illinois-lou-lang-progressive-taxSome believe Lang’s rates are illusory to pretend that a progressive-tax proposal would lower taxes for many Illinoisans and only raise rates for top earners. State Sen. Don Harmon, D-Oak Park, similarly noted the importance of allowing the General Assembly to be “nimble” with tax rates, which translates to granting legislators the ability to move tax rates wherever they want, whenever they want, onto whomever they want. Lang’s proposed rates aren’t set in stone – if politicians pass a progressive tax, they’ll be able to enact whatever rates they please. And Harmon seems to think that tax nimbleness is a virtue for politicians, but does not consider that small businesses can be just as nimble when they feel like their home state views them as targets for a tax squeeze rather than assets for job-creation.
But even if lawmakers impose the proposed progressive-tax rate, the plan would still be a disaster. Illinois’ 31,500 most successful small businesses would see a significantly higher income tax burden, with the income tax multiplying all at once, while in the background their local property taxes continue to spiral out of control. Some of these noncorporate businesses would see their income-tax burden double – or worse – between 2016 and 2017. To imagine that there wouldn’t be a significant portion of them looking for a new home is fantasy. And many of the successful small businesses that would stay in Illinois would consider raising prices, cutting wages and hiring fewer workers to pass on the cost of this aggressive new tax to someone else.
Even for a dishonest proposal, this is an especially bad one, and has strange timing coming right after Chicago was declared the No. 3 city in the world for millionaire flight. Given that IRS data show Illinois is already losing small businesses and other high-income earners at an aggressive pace, Lang’s proposal would certainly make the problem worse.


I love it, A Military Thanks on a Truck at a Fuel Center

I appreciate everything the People of the Military do and the Drivers on the road 

A little Humor that is actually a real satatement

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This Is The End: Venezuela Runs Out Of Money To Print New Money

Wow, Socialism......

Back in February, when we commented on the unprecedented hyperinflation about the be unleashed in the Latin American country whose president just announced that he would expand the "weekend" for public workers to 5 days...
... we joked that it is unclear just where the country will find all the paper banknotes it needs for all its new physical currency. After all, central-bank data shows Venezuela more than doubled the supply of 100-, 50- and 2-bolivar notes in 2015 as it doubled monetary liquidity including bank deposits. Supply has grown even as Venezuela has fewer U.S. dollars to support new bolivars, a result of falling oil prices. 
This question, as morbidly amusing as it may have been to us if not the local population, became particularly poignant recently when for the first time, one US Dollar could purchase more than 1000 Venezuela Bolivars on the black market (to be exact, it buys 1,127 as of today).
And then, as if on cue the WSJ responded: "millions of pounds of provisions, stuffed into three-dozen 747 cargo planes, arrived here from countries around the world in recent months to service Venezuela’s crippled economy. But instead of food and medicine, the planes carried another resource that often runs scarce here: bills of Venezuela’s currency, the bolivar.

The shipments were part of the import of at least five billion bank notes that President Nicol├ís Maduro’s administration authorized over the latter half of 2015 as the government boosts the supply of the country’s increasingly worthless currency, according to seven people familiar with the deals.
More planes were coming: in December, the central bank began secret negotiations to order 10 billion more bills which would effectively double the amount of cash in circulation. That order alone is well above the eight billion notes the U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank each print annually—dollars and euros that unlike bolivars are used world-wide.
Where things got even more ridiculous for the government where the largest bill in denomination is 100 Bolivars, is how much physical currency it needed, and the cost to print it:
The high cost of the printing binge is an especially heavy burden as Venezuela reels from the oil-price collapse and 17 years of free-spending socialist rule that have left state finances in shambles.

Most countries around the world have outsourced bank-note printing to private companies that can provide sophisticated anticounterfeiting technologies like watermarks and security strips. What drives Venezuela’s orders is the sheer volume and urgency of its currency needs.

The central bank’s own printing presses in the industrial city of Maracay don’t have enough security paper and metal to print more than a small portion of the country’s bills, the people familiar with the matter said. Their difficulties stem from the same dollar shortages that have plagued Venezuela’s centralized economy, as the Maduro administration struggles to pay for imports of everything, including cancer medication, toilet paper and insect repellent to battle the mosquito-borne Zika virus.
Wait a minute, why not just print a single 100,000,000 Bolivar note instead of one million 100 bolivar bills? After all the savings on the printing, let along the air freight, to the already insolvent country will be tremendous and allow it to pretend it is not a failed nation for at least a few more days? It is here that the sheer brilliance of the rulers of this socialist paradise shines through:
Currency experts say the logistical challenges of importing and storing massive quantities of bank notes underscore an undeniable truth: Venezuela is spending a lot more than it needs because the government hasn’t printed a higher-denomination bank note—revealing a misplaced fear, analysts say, that doing so would implicitly acknowledge high inflation the government publicly denies.

“Big bills do not cause inflation. Big bills are the result of inflation,” said Owen W. Linzmayer, a San Francisco-based bank-note expert and author who catalogs world currencies. “Larger bills can actually save money for the central bank because instead of having to replace 10 deteriorated notes, you only need five or one,” he said.

The Venezuelan central bank’s latest orders have been exclusively only for 100- and 50-bolivar notes, according to the seven people familiar with the deals, because 20s, 10s, 5s and 2s are worth less than the production cost.

Mr. Maduro and his allies say galloping consumer prices reflect a capitalist conspiracy to destabilize the government.
Well, no, but at this point one may as well sit back and laugh at the idiocy of it all.  But at least we will give Maduro one thing: he has done away with the pretense that when push comes to shove, the state and the central bank (and thus commercial banks) are two different things: "the president in late December changed a law to give himself full control over the central bank, stripping congressional oversight just as his political opponents took control of the National Assembly for the first time in 17 years."
Sadly, that did nothing for the imploding economy and country, whose morgues are now overflowing due to rampant social violence.
Of course, the punchline of all the above means that Venezuela has to buy bolivars from abroad at any cost. "It’s easy money for a lot of these companies," one of the people with details on the negotiations said. 
The problem is that it is "very difficult money" for Venezuela which needs to pay in hard dollars to print its rapidly devaluing domestic currency. In fact, among the sources of funds to purchase its own money was the liquidation of its gold reserves, which as we reported recently, Venezuela has been quietly selling to willing offshore buyers.
* * *
All of this brings us to today's latest update in the sad story of Venezuela's terminal collapse: today Bloomberg wrote a story that basically covers everything said above, noting that "Venezuela’s epic shortages are nothing new at this point. No diapers or car parts or aspirin -- it’s all been well documented. But now the country is at risk of running out of money itself."
Indeed, as we hinted three months ago, "Venezuela, in other words, is now so broke that it may not have enough money to pay for its money."
Among the new information revealed by Bloomberg is that last month, De La Rue, the world’s largest currency maker, sent a letter to the central bank complaining that it was owed $71 million and would inform its shareholders if the money were not forthcoming. The letter was leaked to a Venezuelan news website and confirmed by Bloomberg News.
"It’s an unprecedented case in history that a country with such high inflation cannot get new bills,” said Jose Guerra, an opposition law maker and former director of economic research at the central bank. Late last year, the central bank ordered more than 10 billion bank notes, surpassing the 7.6 billion the U.S. Federal Reserve requested this year for an economy many times the size of Venezuela’s.
Venezuela had prudently diversified its money printing relationships, and ahead of the 2015 congressional elections, the central bank tapped the U.K.’s De La Rue, France’s Oberthur Fiduciaire and Germany’s Giesecke & Devrient to bring in some 2.6 billion notes, Bloomberg adds. Before the delivery was completed, the bank approached the companies directly for more. De La Rue took the lion’s share of the 3-billion-note order and enlisted the Ottawa-based Canadian Bank Note Company to ensure it could meet a tight end-of-year deadline.
As we reported four months ago, the cash arrived in dozens of 747 jets and chartered planes. Under cover of security forces and snipers, it was transferred to armored caravans where it was spirited to the central bank in dead of night.
But while Venezuela was already planning its future cash orders, the cash vendors were starting to get worried. According to company documents, De La Rue began experiencing delays in payment as early as June. Similarly, the bank was slow to pay Giesecke & Devrient and Oberthur Fiduciaire. So when the tender was offered, the government only received about 3.3 billion in bids, bank documents show.
Which led to an interesting phenomenon: when it comes to counterparty risk, one usually has in mind digital funds or electronic securities. In this case, however, the counterparty risk involved cold, hard cash: "Initially, your eyes grow as big as dish plates," said one person familiar with matter. “An order big enough to fill your factory for a year, but do you want to completely expose yourself to a country as risky as Venezuela?"
As Venezuela's full implosion emerges, the answer has now become obvious, and companies are backing away. With its traditional partners now unenthusiastic about taking on new business, the central bank is in negotiations with others, including Russia’s Goznack, and has a contract with Boston-based Crane Currency, according to documents and industry sources.
We expect these last ditch efforts to obtain much needed paper currency for the hyperinflating nation will break down shortly, forcing Venezuela into one of two choices: do away with cash entirely and resort to barter, or begin printing high-denomination bills which in turn will only facilitate even faster hyperinflation as there will be no actual physical limit on how much something can cost; as of right now the very physical limit is how many 100 bolivar bills one can put on a wheelbarrow.
Steve Hanke, a professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University, who has studied hyperinflation for decades, says that to maintain faith in the currency when prices spiral, governments often add zeros to bank notes rather than flood the market.
“It’s a very bad sign to see people running around with wheelbarrows full of money to buy a hot dog,” he said. “Even the cash economy starts breaking down."
In Venezuela's case it is sadly too late.