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Washington Post Fact-Checks Debbie Wasserman Schultz and It Doesn’t Bode Well for Her

Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s claim that 60 percent of woman use contraceptives “for something other than family planning” came under scrutiny Monday from the Washington Post.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks onstage at the FORTUNE Most Powerful Women Summit on October 16, 2013 in Washington, D.C. (Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Fortune)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks onstage at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit on October 16, 2013 in Washington, D.C. (Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Fortune)
In a March 25 interview with MSNBC’s Ed Schultz, Wasserman Schultz said, “When 99 percent of women used birth control in their lifetime and 60 percent use it for something other than family planning, it’s outrageous and I think the Supreme Court will suggest that their case is ridiculous.”
“Wasserman Schultz used numbers from well-documented studies but without the right context,”the Fact Checker column stated. “In particular, the claim that 60 percent of women use ‘birth control’ for something other than family planning is overstated, as the more correct figure is 14 percent — and the pill is used by less than one-third of sexually active women.”
“Wasserman Schultz used numbers from well-documented studies but without the right context.”
According to the Post, the figure cited by the DNC chair comes from a Guttmacher study, titled “Beyond Birth Control: The Overlooked Benefits Of Oral Contraceptive Pills.”
In it, the study stated that, “More than half of pill users, 58 percent, rely on the method at least in part for purposes other than pregnancy prevention.”
But, the Post noticed that “if you dig deeper in the report, you see that only 14 percent use birth control pills just for non-contraceptive reasons.”
“The 58 percent figure includes people who have added other reasons on top of family planning,” the Fact Checker column quipped.
DNC deputy press secretary Rebecca Chalif told the Post that Wasserman Schultz “did not mean to imply that 60 percent of women used birth control only for non-contraceptive reasons.”
The Post countered that “it certainly sounded that way when The Fact Checker first noticed her remarks.”

Lifelong Republicans Receive Voter Registration Card Pre-Marked ‘Democratic Party’ from CA Obamacare

Here is that Obamacare  voting boost these Clowns are looking for!  Stinks of a little Fraud somewhere along the line!

On June 20th of 2013, Rush Limbaugh predicted that Obamacare would eventually be used to be as a massive Democrat voter registration drive. Here’s what Rush said last June: 
Now, the Investor’s Business Daily editorial written by Betsy McCaughey details what the health care exchanges in Obamacare really are about. And she focuses on California, because they’re getting $910 million to set up the exchanges in California. It turns out these exchanges are just being used for Democrat Party outreach. The NAALCP is getting $600,000 from the California exchange. The AFL-CIO is getting one million. The Service Employees International Union is getting two million. And for what? To go door-to-door, to register voters, to show up at community centers and make presentations on the Democrat Party and sell the Democrat Party agenda.
In another example of why Rush makes the big bucks, this prediction is turning out to be a reality. Not have we learned that California will send voter registration cards to Obamacare applicants, but at least one couple in California already received their Obamacare voter registration card from “Covered California” and it was pre-marked, by pen, with an “x” next to Democratic Party.

Watch the story below from ABC News 10 in California: 



Leading Healthcare Expert: 3/4 of Obamacare Signups Will Face Higher Premiums

Dr. Toby Cosgrove, CEO of the respected Cleveland Clinic, appeared on Sunday Morning Futures, the new weekly program featuring Maria Bartiromo on FOX News, saying that about three quarters of those who have signed up for Obamacare are experiencing higher premiums than they did under their previous insurance. 

Obama promised repeatedly that Obamacare, the regime’s signature legislation, would lower the average American’s health insurance premiums by an average of $2,500 per family. 

Dr. Cosgrove told Bartiromo: 

“For people who have signed up (for Obamacare), about three quarters of them find that their premiums are higher than they had been previously with other insurance.” 


Creepy: Obama USDA Wants Grandparents to Read Government-Approved Bedtime Stories About Healthy Eating

A little to much Government Control?

Lets move

The federal government continues on its slow march to fully erode the line between parents and government in a new push by the USDA to force kids to eat healthy.
This new push includes a suggestion to reward kids with hugs instead of food and reading children bedtime stories that have been government-approved and showcase the value of healthy eating.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is giving advice to grandparents on how they can get their grandkids to eat healthier, including instructions to give them “hugs” instead of treats, and read government bedtime stories.
“Take time to share and listen to your grandchild—the time you spend together offers wonderful opportunities to understand one another,” a USDA blog post entitled, “Grandparents Help Kids Develop Good Eating Habits,” said on Monday.
“Discuss likes and dislikes of different foods and talk about what they eat at school or at home,” the agency said. “Involve grandkids in selecting and preparing foods for meals, and offer the same foods to everyone. Avoid making different dishes to please young, fussy eaters.”
The USDA then tells grandma to serve her grandchildren baby carrots, applesauce, and string cheese to “meet their daily food group needs.”
“Reward them with your attention,” the USDA said. “Hugs are much better than sweet treats.”
The department also directed grandparents to read government bedtime stories to “show how much they love and care about their grandchildren.”
“Show your grandchild games, activity sheets, and other fun ways to learn about good nutrition at My Plate Kids’ Place,” the USDA said. “For a bedtime story, read The Two Bite Club.”
“The Two Bite Club,” which is available in English and Spanish, is a USDA “educational storybook” about a family of cats that uses government charts to determine its food intake. The story encourages children to try two bites of foods in the USDA’s “My Plate” food diagram. After trying broccoli, yellow apples, low-fat yogurt, and “hard-cooked” eggs, the children in the story get certificates of participation.
“I am so proud of myself. I tried some new foods and I learned about My Plate,” a cat says at the end of the story.
Is there a moment in our day that government is not trying to hijack? The truly sad part of this newest development is that children don’t know any better. If we get them used to hearing propaganda, they will be unable to identify it as they get older, making original thought a true rarity. 


Obama to Regulate Cow Farts

More Liberal stupidity!

In continuance with their obsession to push the junk science of global warming climate change, the Obama regime announced Friday that it is targeting the dairy industry with a new attempt to regulate cow farts, and thus reduce methane emissions, which have already significantly declined since 1990. 

As part of its Global Warming Climate Action Plan, the Obama regime’s arbitrary goal is to reduce U.S. Dairy “greenhouse gas emissions” by 25% by 2020

As The Daily Caller  reports: 

The Republican Party is dead from the neck up. They have no heart, really. They don’t know what to do. They don’t know what a narrative is. They don’t know how to establish a narrative, or fight for one, or get out in front of a story and stay there.

Leadership… is far and few between today. You don’t have any leaders at all, and you’re certainly not going to go look for them in the Republican Party, that’s for sure.
Environmentalists have been pushing the Obama administration to crack down on methane emissions for some time, arguing that they drive global warming and pollute the air and water. Activists have argued that the methane leakage rate from natural gas operations is 50 percent higher than the EPA estimates.
“President Obama’s plan to reduce climate-disrupting methane pollution is an important step in reining in an out of control industry exempt from too many public health protections,” Deborah Nardone, campaign director of the Sierra Club’s Keeping Dirty Fuels in the Ground campaign. “However, even with the most rigorous methane controls and monitoring in place, we will still fall short of what is needed to fight climate disruption if we do not reduce our reliance on these dirty fossil fuels.”
Republicans and the oil and gas industry argue that the methane leakage rate has been estimated to be 50 times lower than the EPA’s estimate. The GOP argues that the EPA’s estimate is simply an attack on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.
“The EPA has been on a witch hunt to shut down hydraulic fracturing, and yet again the evidence doesn’t back up their excessive claims,” said Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter. “All too often we see the Agency using flawed science for political purposes, but this report – partially funded by environmental activists no less – shows EPA’s emissions estimates from hydraulic fracturing are way off.”



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Sunday, March 30, 2014

ObamaCare is the Democrats’ latest tool for voter fraud

We’ll bet you thought ObamaCare was just another Democrat income redistribution tool. While it’s certainly that, it’s much more important to the success of the Party than probably any initiative in US history.
A George Soros funded group, Demos, developed the strategy to use the ObamaCare website as a voter registration tool. Before we lay out their numbers, let’s look at modern election results.
Winning Margin
Votes Cast
Voter Turnout
8.4 MM
16.9 MM
GHW Bush
7.1 MM
5.8 MM
8.2 MM
GW Bush
-0.5 MM
GW Bush
3.0 MM
5.0 MM

Since Ronald Reagan, voter turnout was in the low to mid 50s, and then came the Obama turnout machine, moving turnout up about 6% higher than typical. We won’t argue here where that 6% came from, but they showed up.
Demos is looking at ObamaCare and they see up to 68 million people going through the Exchanges and because the vast majority of them will be seeking subsidized health insurance, it’s safe to assume that they will be Democrat leaning voters.
Look again at the above chart and think about what happens if Democrats register even 15 million new voters. Only Reagan’s second term margin exceeds that.
On page seven of the Demos report, Danetz ties Obamacare back to the 1993 passage of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), colloquially known as “Motor Voter” because it is the law that allowed voter registration at places like the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
It’s bad enough that they’re using the Exchanges to gather personal information to be turned over to the federal government, but you can bet your last nickel that information will be routed to the latest iteration of Acorn.
It goes without saying that the Obama administration is playing with the law to pull this off. That’s how they operate.
“The law is clear,” [Gregg Phillips, the founder of the election integrity group Voters Trust] said of Motor Voter. “It states that all of this [voter registration] has to happen in an office, face-to-face with an individual.”
So, to register to vote within the confines of the Motor Voter law you have to physically go to a government office building and be face-to-face with a government employee and physically sign the registration forms.
In order to get around this requirement our Imperial President has declared that an ObamaCare Exchange is a “government office”. Combine that with the change they’ve made to the voter registration procedure and you’ve got an open invitation for fraud on a massive scale. At your local DMV, voter registration is ‘opt-in” but at the ObamaCare Exchange it is “opt-out”. In other words, the exchange takes you directly to the voter registration section where they just fill out another form as part of the ObamaCare process.
In California alone, they expect to register at least four million new voters. Again, these are people who are applying for Medicaid. You can expect states to be swamped with Medicaid applications during the sign-up periods and it’s more than likely that they’ll simply send out the voter registration confirmation instead of actually checking to see if a registrant is actually eligible to vote.
The Obama administration has been helping to facilitate a series of events nationwide at Mexican Consulate offices to enroll people in Obamacare – and a key activist says the efforts are “our responsibility” regardless of citizenship.
“Whether they’re Mexican nationals or whether they’re United States citizens or whether they’re in transition– and if they’re there it is our responsibility within all of America to educate on the Affordable Care Act,” Enroll America Field Organizer Jose Medrano told Breitbart News on Wednesday.
 Any questions?
Well, I have one. Where are the Republicans on this one? And, we’ll answer our own question. They’re scared to death of being labeled as “anti-immigrant racists”.
Frankly, we’re sick of them being labeled “Republicans”.

The EPA May Be About to Destroy Wisconsin's Economic Recovery

This shows how pathetic Obama's Regulations hurt economic growth!

Wisconsin’s economy has been on the upswing, but Washington’s proposed greenhouse gas regulations could change all that. The Environmental Protection Agency’s prospective crackdown on new and existing power plants will drive up energy prices across the nation, but the proposed regulations will hit Badger State families and businesses particularly hard.
The latest surge in the agency’s “war on coal,” EPA’s proposed limits on carbon dioxide emissions would essentially block construction of new coal-fired power plants and force existing ones into early retirement. New plant emissions, for example, would be capped at 1,000 pounds of CO2 equivalent per megawatt hour. Talk about Mission Impossible! The newest, most efficient coal power plant emits 1,700 pounds per megawatt hour.
In the real world, the war on coal is a war on affordable, reliable energy. It’s especially problematic for Wisconsinites, who rely heavily on coal for their electricity (more than 60% vs. the national average of 40%).
Taking coal offline will drive energy prices higher and squeeze both production and consumption. Most businesses will pass their higher energy costs on to consumers, in theform of higher prices. Those able to absorb the costs will do so by shrinking profit margins — inhibiting their ability to invest, expand or improve employee compensation.
The Heritage Foundation analyzed the effects of a 20-year phase-out of coal and found devastating results for the economy at large. By 2023, the phase-out will have cost the economy nearly 600,000 jobs. Income for a family of four will drop by $1,200 per year. Gross domestic product will register a cumulative decrease of $2.23 trillion over the phase-out period.
Many of the job losses will occur within the manufacturing sector. The blow will fall most heavily on manufacturers in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and — you guessed it — Wisconsin.
Wisconsin stands to lose, on average, more than 1,460 manufacturing jobs per congressional district — nearly twice the national average. Rep. Tom Petri’s (R-Wis.) 6th Congressional District will lose 2,000 manufacturing jobs by 2023 — more than any other district in the country, according to our analysis.
Why will manufacturers take such high casualties in the war on coal? Many manufacturing plants are energy-intensive. Denying them affordable, reliable energy will drive up their production costs.
Currently, the U.S. is experiencing a mini renaissance in manufacturing. Wisconsin is contributing greatly to that progress and reaping the benefits. Wisconsin manufacturers created more than 13,000 net new jobs in 2013, making it a national leader inmanufacturing job growth. The EPA’s climate regulations could suck all the affordable energy out of that trend, and wipe away Wisconsin’s economic improvement.
The questions remains: Isn’t that a small price to pay to save the planet for future generations? Hardly. The higher energy bills, fewer jobs and lost economic opportunity will produce negligible climate benefits.
Yes, the climate is changing, and there is little doubt that man-made emissions are having some warming effect. But that does not mean we’re heading to catastrophic warming with more frequent and intense natural disasters. And even if we were, the EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations wouldn’t stop it. At best, these job-killing regulations might — in 85 years’ time — help avert warming by 0.2 degrees Celsius.
The reality is that, by shrinking economic growth, the EPA’s actions will diminish our ability to address real environmental problems effectively. These climate regulations are all pain and no gain. And the pain cuts especially deep in Wisconsin.

SNL Skit on Obamacare Promotion: ‘Obama’ Takes A Selfie, Pals with Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

Other World Leaders must be laughing at this Goof ball on how low he will go to promote his "Signature law"
As I mentioned  Get Covered Illinois is advertising toward the "Kids" on getting covered in case you get hurt. It fails to mention the cost of your Huge Deductible you will owe!

Dignity hasn’t been the hallmark of the Obama administration’s push to ignite interest in Obamacare in recent months.
Obama did an awkward interview with comedian Zach Galifianakis earlier this month. And he even met with N’Sync’s Lance Bass – an incident that The Foundry’s Amy Payne summed up succinctly with this headline: “The White House Jumped the Shark Today.”
So with the deadline for enrollment (theoretically) being tomorrow – although people will still be allowed to sign up afterwards if they claim technical difficulties prevented them from doing so earlier – don’t be shocked if Obama’s got one more awkward pop culture gesture in his back pocket.
Last night, Saturday Night Live mused about just how far Obama could go to promote Obamacare and make it seem “cool” to be enrolled. It’s a hilarious skit – but it’s also not outside the realm of possibility that an Obama and Kim Kardashian selfie could happen soon to help promote Obamacare. Because when there isn’t much positive news coming out of the program itself, it makes sense to try to distract and dazzle people with celebrity star power.

Common Core: Anatomy of a Failure

When Bill and Melinda Gates go to Africa and see healthy people and sick people, they presumably have a single thought: what can we do to make everyone healthy?  The problems are easily understood; goals can be clearly stated.  Given a big commitment, there’s a high chance of success.
When Bill Gates looks at education in America and sees good students and bad students, he probably assumes that these variations are part of the human condition.  That’s not a promising problem to focus on.
What fascinates Bill Gates is something else entirely: namely, the variety and incoherence from school to school, city to city, and state to state.  It looks so messy and inefficient.  And he thinks: a guy with my money and managementskills should be able to organize all this disorder, turn it into an efficient machine, save the country, and make another fortune in the process.
Potentially all true. 
But at that moment he has lost the game.  Because he is no longer talking about educational goals, which must be our main concern.  He is talking about standardization.  He is talking about a tidier assembly line.  (But nobody ever said that democracy is supposed to be tidy.  Dictatorship is tidy.)
Bill Gates brought a programmer’s sensibility to education.  There is a maximally efficient way to design a piece of software.  So let’s do that, and stop all this other nonsense.  Bad plan, even with the best of intentions. 
As Bill Gates’s own experience with Vista proved, the problem lies is finding the perfect design.  You (a person or a society) would have to be a fool to put all your money on one solution.
There is also some willful deception or self-deception here.  If you state that henceforth all children should be able to do X, because that’s the new standard, does this mean that all children can do X?  Can even half the children do X?  Read some of the verbose standards, and you’ll probably conclude that virtually no kid can do X.
Bill Gates and Common Core are obsessed with arranging things in standardized patterns, coast to coast.  So we must have standards that will somehow apply to everyone.  Then we need identical curricula, and we’ll need identical tests.  All of these things will be aligned to each other and symmetrically arranged, like so many neat stacks of boxes in a shoe store’s warehouse.  And no one, from that point forward, will be able to think outside those boxes, try something new, or tell the Education Establishment to take a hike and stop annoying us.There seems to be a belief in magic.  Outline impressive goals (“internationally benchmarked,” no less) in a technical, officious way, and every kid will automatically soar to high levels.  But why would that happen?  Teachers still have to teach, and students still have to learn the information, fact by fact.  But our Education Establishment hates all those traditional practices.  It’s so much simpler to proclaim that henceforth all children will be college- and career-ready.  Presto!  That was easy. 

The fact of the matter is that many different kinds of schools use many different approaches to achieve excellent results.  Look at all the great private schools, classical academies, Montessori schools, and strong public schools.  The variety and differences are a sign of health.  Let them flourish!
The best plan is to have schools and cities in charge of their own education, so that parents have some control, their suggestions are listened to, and everybody involved is constantly aiming for improvement, not ruthlessly enforcing a top-down mandate. 
I suspected from the start that Common Core would be a fraud and a failure for a simple reason: it recycled all the bad theories and methods from the last 75 years.
If you want to let Bill Gates off the hook, say this: he trusted the wrong people and their bad ideas.  The very same people who had dumbed down the schools were now being asked to create a reform program.  Oh, really?  How could that possibly work?  Typically, these people were socialists.  They wanted leveling, and they worked relentlessly to get it.  They – people like Bill Ayers – call this leveling “social justice.”
I’m not sure whether they tricked Gates or he let himself be tricked.  But everybody knows by now that Common Core accepted all the worst nonsense in Reform Math.  (That’s why we see so many articles and stories about impossible math homework.)  Similarly, Constructivism is the official dogma throughout Common Core.  This quackery orders teachers not to teach; students must figure out everything for themselves.  Similarly again, Common Core embraced sophistries from Whole Word, those sophistries being the cause of our illiteracy problem.
If Bill Gates had turned away from the Education Establishment and its dysfunctional ideas, maybe he could’ve worked a miracle.  But the boss educators would never allow that.  So they made a sweet deal.  Gates would get a huge, tidy market for his wares.  The education professors would get more dictatorial power.
You can talk all you want about standards – for example, “children should learn to read in a timely manner.”  Of course.  But what if the people in charge undermine this goal by using inefficient methods?  That’s the way it’s beenthroughout the 20th century.  All that Common Core was going to do was give the same people more power so no one could get out from under their thumbs.
Bill Gates was seeing a world where every seventh-grade history class would be identical to all the others, as if that’s more efficient.  Ideally for him, they would use books and software created by his companies.  But never mind how much Gates makes.  We wouldn't mind if the children were being well-educated.  But he was in cahoots with people who had never been primarily interested in making children well-educated.  The goal, ever since the time of John Dewey, was to make children cooperative, largely incapable of independent thought, and easy to govern. 
According to Robin Eubanks:
In the American Common Core classroom any skill, concept, or activity must be accessible to all or most, including the disabled, disinterested, and those with poor English language skills. Or it is not permissible for anyone. Abstract thought is not an ability that has been fairly distributed so it is off limits for everyone in the Common Core classroom of the future. How convenient for anyone with aspirations toward gaining quiet control over masses of people.
Again, in fairness to Gates, I think he did what all the business leaders in the country have done for years when they want to improve education.  They call up the nearest school of education (that’s the fatal mistake) and say send over some experts.  The same “progressive” professors come over and lay out the same hack ideas.  Mediocrity is more or less inevitable.
Before, at least, there was still freedom to experiment and try to do better.  But with Common Core locked in legislatively, mediocrity would be the law of the land.
Forty-five states took the Race to the Top grants (i.e., bribes) and signed up for Common Core.  But Indiana just backed out, and most other states are restless and looking at their options.  Euthanasia is a good  one. 


Did Justice Kagan embarrass herself during the Hobby Lobby oral arguments?

This caught my attention because it looks like one of the top Judges did not read the bill and has to make a decision on an Issue of the Law. Pathetic Liberals!

If Betsey McCaughey is correct (and I bet she is, because she has not only read the entire ObamaCare bill, she haswritten a book about it), Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan publicly humiliated herself during the oral arguments on theHobby Lobby case, revealing that she either did not read the law, or failed to comprehend it if she did so.
Writing in the New York Sun, McCaughey lays out what is wrong with the Justice’s declaration about Obamacare: she asserted that the statute itself mandates provision of birth control.
Not one word in the Affordable Care Actguarantees health plans will cover birth control products. There is no right. President Obama and his Secretary of Health and Human Services added that requirement by regulation. Women have a constitutionally protected right to use birth control, but nothing guarantees that they can get it from an employer.
It was shocking to hear Justice Kagan make the same spurious claim — that women are entitled to employer provided contraceptives — during oral argument: “Congress has made a judgment and Congress has given a statutory entitlement and that entitlement is to women and includes contraceptive coverage.” Wrong, Justice Kagan. Did you also forgo reading the law, like most members of Congress?
The distinction between a regulation and a law is no small matter. As Hobby Lobby’s lawyer stressed in his closing statement, a statute, in this case Congress’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, trumps a regulation.
Kagan’s mistake, if that’s what it was, goes to the heart of a serious contemporary problem: the proliferation of bureaucratic regulation carrying the force of law, wholly produced not by legislation, but by bureaucrats.
It should be deeply shocking and embarrassing if a sitting Supreme Court Justice confused bureaucratic regulation for actual statutory language. A former Harvard Law School professor, and dean, no less. One of the reasons we venerate the Supreme Court is that the justices are expected to immerse themselves in the cases, and ponder them deeply.
Fortunately, there will be ample opportunity, as the Justices draft their thoughts on the case and send them to one another, for Kagan’s apparent error to be pointed out – no doubt in a collegial manner – by her colleagues.
As Betsey McCaughey posits, it looks a lot like the errant Justice got her information from Democrat “war on women:” talking points, not from legal scholarship. It’s the sort of error Professor Kagan might have given a student an “F” for making.
Hat tip: Lucianne.com

Bridge(gate)ing the Democrats' Culture of Corruption

This Shows the Stupidity of Obama's Media Idiots!

This week the indictment and arrests of leading San Francisco and California Democrat politicians follows a long string of corruption cases involving prominent Democrats.  It brings to mind the ridiculous charges by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (echoing Howard Dean) that the Republicans were responsible for a “culture of corruption” and that she, a woman, was going to sweep the Congress clean of it. Included in her litany of things charged as corrupt was the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill which she attacked in a press release and privileged resolution on December 8, 2005:
Across the country, seniors are trying to navigate the complicated and confusing Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit; it is complicated and confusing because it was written to meet the needs of drug companies and private insurers, not the needs of Medicare beneficiaries.
Today Democrats tried to hold Republicans responsible for the culture of corruption and cronyism that led to this sham of a bill. Instead, Republicans have rejected calls to give beneficiaries an additional six months to choose a plan, and remove the prohibition so the government can negotiate for lower prices. Democrats believe that our seniors deserve better, that is why we are going to keep working for a real Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit.
It’s worth remembering her words in a week where the president has once again delayed implementation of a key portion of ObamaCare (which HHS Secretary Sibelius had earlier said could not be lawful),a law  whose popularity, like that of the president, continues to tank as her party colleagues step into the criminal dock in droves.
Whatever America’s political version of Maerose Prizzi says is worth a laugh for the sheer chutzpah of her mendacity, but will voters who aren’t getting their news online even be aware of the nationwide Democrat criminality, something so serious that David Kahane has dubbed the Democrats, “A criminal organization  masquerading as a political party”?
The Boston Herald’s Howie Carr detailed the week’s criminal roundup and noted:
What a crime wave, in less than one week. So guess what most of the networks led with on their newscasts last night? The 5-month-old story of Gov. Chris Christie’s Bridgegate. Because it has one thing going for it that none of these other stories had, the only thing that matters to the corrupt American media.
Christie is a Republican.
If you live in a blue city or state chances are your newspapers didn’t cover much of this either, so feel free to cut and paste this roundup which despite my best efforts probably doesn’t come close to being all-inclusive. Mail it to those of your acquaintances who still don’t get their news online.
In Nancy’s own backyard are three eyebrow raising indictments against Democrat leaders.
a. California State Senator Leland Yee’s indictment reads like the script of a cheap detective movie.
In 137 pages the affidavit in support of the Yee indictment is based on wiretap and testimony of numerous undercover special agents.
It claims that Yee, a strong proponent of gun control and candidate for California Secretary of State, was accepting bribes to traffic Russian firearms to terrorists in the Philippines.
Well. Surely having an elected official working on illegal deals with Russian arms dealers to arm Islamic terrorists trying to overthrow a government allied to the United States at a time when Russia is causing global -- sorry, regional -- problems, isn’t a big problem…?
And neither is this?
It’s at this point in the story that the media will go out of their way not to ask any other Democrats what they knew about Yee and whether they have a culture of corruption
b.California State Senator and his brother Tom.
An affidavit obtained last year by Al Jazeera America includes allegations that Ronald Calderon accepted $88,000 in bribes from an undercover FBI agent and a businessman to affect legislation to extend film-industry tax credits and to change workers' compensation laws.
The document also said there was also probable cause to believe that Ronald Calderon "participated in a separate bribery scheme with Michael D. Drobot," the chief executive officer of Pacific Hospital of Long Beach. The lawmaker allegedly accepted $28,000 from Drobot in exchange for "supporting legislation that would delay or limit changes in California's workers' compensation laws," the affidavit said.
The Times has also reported that the FBI investigation has looked into the Central Basin Municipal Water District, where Calderon's brother Tom worked as a consultant.
Drobot, in turn, has a record of his own, as described by Matt Holzmann.
Michael Drobot, who owned Pacific Hospital in Long Beach, bilked the state and federal governments of over $500 million in a sophisticated medical equipment scam. The same type of scam that our president promised to stamp out when selling ObamaCare.
Calderon facilitated Drobot’s  corrupt empire that included crooked doctors, medical equipment companies, and hospital personnel.
You can find more details about world class fraudster Drobot 
c. California State Senator Rod Wright.
[There is] an eight-count felony indictment against state Sen. Roderick Wright (D-Inglewood), accusing him of filing a false declaration of candidacy, voter fraud, and perjury beginning in 2007, when he changed his voter registration to run for the legislature.
Wright listed as his residence a home in the district he wanted to represent, but county authorities allege that he did not live there as required by state law.
The indictment also alleges that Wright fraudulently voted in five elections in 2008 and 2009.
If convicted, he faces up to eight years and four months in state prison, the district attorney's office said.  
d. Elsewhere in Los Angeles
He’s not the only Democrat official in Los Angeles charges with vote fraud in recent months. As the LA Times reported in connection with the Wright indictment story,
The Wright indictment marks the second time in less than two months that a local elected official has faced criminal charges over possible residency fraud.”
On Aug. 4, Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Alarcon and his wife were indicted on 24 felony counts when a criminal grand jury alleged they had committed perjury and voter fraud when they listed their home as being in Panorama City but actually lived outside Alarcon's 7th Council District.
In fact, looking around the country at the ongoing cases of Democrat party corruption, it may well be that the best venue for their next national convention will be a federal pen in California, Illinois, or New York.
e. North Carolina
Charlotte, North Carolina’s Mayor Patrick Cannon was arrested on Wednesday  and charged with “theft and bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds, honest services, wire fraud and extortion under color of federal right.” The details seem fuzzy  but the Business Insider reports he is accused “of participating in scheme to collect bribes using a "feminine hygiene product" and promising to press President Barack Obama about issues that were important to people who gave him bribes.” The Charlotte Observer, which notesCannon was in office for only four months is accused of accepting tens of thousands of dollars in bribes, including a $20,000 cash bribe last month.

f. Ongoing criminal investigations
To these indictments add the hint of more to come in the FBI searches of the homes and offices of NY State Assemblyman Bill Scarborough and Rhode Island’s Democrat Speaker of the House Gordon Fox  who resigned after the raid.
g. Earlier Democrat political corruption busts
In connection with Cannon’s case, Michelle Malkin reminds us of yet more related Democrat corruption cases:
The bust follows former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's conviction in January on corruption charges; former Trenton Mayor Tony Mack's February conviction on cash bribes for a downtown parking garage; and former San Diego mayor and serial groper Bob Filner's disgraceful resignation after conviction on sexual harassment-related charges; former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's conviction on extortion, bribery and conspiracy charges; and former Birmingham, Ala., Mayor Larry Langford's corruption and bribery conviction.
Pennsylvania state Democratic Sen. LeAnna Washington, party animal: This week, a judge ruled that the Keystone State could proceed with a trial against Washington, who reportedly forced her legislative staff for eight years to use taxpayer time and money for an annual birthday party whose proceeds were diverted to her campaign account. She is charged with felony theft of services and felony conflict of interest. More than a half-dozen former employees blew the whistle. "I am the f---ing senator," she screamed at one staffer who objected. "I do what the f--- I want, and ain't nobody going to change me."
h. Illinois State Representative Keith Farnham (D), an anti-pornography campaigner who was caught with child pornography on his computer and has resigned for “health reasons."
i. Then there are the cases of open misconduct by San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D), Anthony Weiner (D), Jesse Jackson Jr.(D)
j. In my own District of Columbia, three Democrat council members have been charged with corruption and fraud and the Mayor is in the middle of a criminal investigation for election-related misconduct.
k. Finally, there are the ongoing scandals still lightly covered if at all in the media. There’s the use of the IRS to shut down tea party and conservative activities before the last election; the administration’s failure to act to protect our officials and servicemen in Benghazi, the international consequences of the NSA surveillance activities, lax border control  and firearm trafficking to Mexican drug lord  scandals, the harassment of reporters and news agencies, the excessive travel and personal expenses charged to the treasury by the First Family, the vast sums of public money  wasted on “green energy” and “stimulus” payouts to Democrat cronies to no national benefit.
So there we have it: Democrat officials charged and in some cases convicted of fraud, wire fraud, extortion, conspiracy, bribery, child pornography, trafficking firearms with our enemies, voter fraud, perjury -- heck, practically the entire criminal code.
None of this must be very important, though, not as important any way as the Fort Lee Lane closure and when did Governor Christie know about it, and whether the report blaming his aide was “sexist”. Maybe if Yee and Calderone, Wright, and Yee’s buddy Raymond “Shrimpboy” Chow funded a proposition fight against homosexual marriage, the New York Times might cover in depth their misdeeds.