Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sanders: Prioritizing Jobs Over Climate Change Is ‘Stupid and Dangerous’

I wonder if this Bull Shit is the reason these ass Scabs Lost the Election. This Nut Job wants to prioritize climate change over jobs. This is like the North Carolina bathroom bill. You would think there are more important issues than the Bathroom bill. The Left still looks like a bunch of Idiots with the way they are going

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) argued on Thursday that President Donald Trump's decision to prioritize jobs over climate change with his new executive order is "a nonsensical and stupid and dangerous approach."
Sanders was responding to CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer's characterization of Trump's new executive order on energy.
Blitzer said that Trump's order would "curb the federal government's enforcement of climate regulations by putting American jobs above addressing climate change."
"Wolf, that is such a nonsensical, and stupid, and dangerous approach. It's almost indescribable," Sanders said.
"Look, the scientific community is virtually unanimous. While Trump and his friends think climate change is a hoax, what the scientists are telling us it is real, it is caused by human activity," Sanders continued. "It is already causing devastating problems."
Sanders added that countries all over the world are backing away from fossil fuels and investing in green energy.
Trump's executive order intends to roll back former President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan, and revive the coal industry.

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