Tuesday, April 4, 2017

BREAKING VIDEO : Scum-Sucking Traitor John McCain Attacks Nunes and Trump

This worthless Garbage needs to not show his face on the air. He should have retired

 John McCain is an enemy agent working directly against the will of the American people.
And he should be treated as an enemy.
On Sunday, McCain appeared on ABC News, where he acted as if the “Russia probe” is real when in fact, it’s not.
It’s a fake news story, with zero evidence that is bolstered by liberals, the dishonest media, McCain, Graham, and Obama’s deep state operatives, all in hopes of destroying President Trump.
Traitor John McCain attacked Trump and Nunes and claims Nunes “killed” the bipartisan Russia probe.
What a joke.
This loser outta be tossed out of office by the scruff of his saggy neck.
Watch the video:


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