Tuesday, April 18, 2017

When Democrats look at facts instead of narratives...

The Huffington Post has sprung a trap on itself, taking a gander at the real state of the tax code in all its glory, and has suddenly recognized that not only do the rich pay their fair share in taxes, but they pay more than their fair share – as this editorial in Investor's Business Daily today gleefully points out.
Up until now, the left's "narrative" has been that the rich don't pay their fair share in taxes, and the poor and middle class are the most burdened.  That's their rationale for politically agitating for more tax hikes as they do.  And naturally, like Willy Loman, they go for it where the money is: from the rich.
It just goes to show that facts are stubborn things, and once they are examined, they have a way of getting in the way of assorted leftist narratives, those dreary memes and treacly story fixtures that work together to advance the left's real agenda.  IBD points out that the left has been shilling this line about the need to tax the rich ever since the George Bush years, but actually, it's been a bit longer than that – they've been dining out on the idea ever since Ronald Reagan, and probably even before him.
It doesn't work and the left has been to that well too many times.  Maybe that's why the HuffPo let this piece documenting how the rich pay more than their fair share of taxes slip through.  One wonders what's got into those guys – and whether any of them will be dropped in the shark tank once they realize they've written the truth.



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