Monday, February 13, 2017

MORE WINNING! ICE immigration raids are rounding up and deporting illegal aliens

Notice the Douche Bags say "Anry Trump"  He is actually enforcing laws on the books. Nothing angry about that.

U.S. Immigration (ICE) authorities arrested hundreds of illegal aliens in at least a half-dozen states this week in a series of raids that marked the first large-scale enforcement of President Donald Trump’s Jan. 26th order to crack down on the estimated 11 million invaders living here illegally.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents this week carried out numerous actions in California, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Texas and other states. (Hey, how about Minnesotastan and Maine where there are a lot of Muslim criminals, both legal and illegal)

Dallas News  The raids, which officials said targeted known criminals, also netted some immigrants who did not have criminal records, an apparent departure from similar enforcement waves during former President Barack Obama’s administration that aimed to just corral and deport those who had committed crimes. FEAR heightened after Thursday’s deportation of an undocumented Arizona mother of two who was making a routine visit with immigration officials. 

CNN  Across the United States, some unauthorized immigrants are keeping their children home from school. Others have suspended after-school visits to the public library. They have given up coffee shop trips and weekend restaurant dinners with family.

Some don’t answer knocks on their doors. They’re taping bedsheets over windows and staying off social media. Nervous parents and their children constantly exchange text messages and phone calls.

Be afraid, be very afraid, bitch.

From New York to Los Angeles, a series of immigration arrests this week have unleashed waves of fear and uncertainty across immigrant communities.

ICE said Friday that about 160 foreign nationals were arrested during the week. Of those, 150 had criminal histories, and of the remaining arrests, five had final orders of removal or were previously deported. It actually gets better than that  150 of 160 arrested in ICE raids had prior felony convictions for child sex crimes, other ‘violent’ offenses.

As reports of immigration raids and roundups have rocketed across Twitter, Facebook and texts around the country, undocumented immigrants, their lawyers and advocacy groups are bracing for the increased enforcement that Trump has called for.

Trump has pledged to deport up to 3 million unauthorized immigrants with criminal records. Last month he also made a change to the Obama administration’s policy of prioritizing deportation for convicted criminals, substantially broadening the scope of who the Department of Homeland Security can target, to include those with only minor offenses or those with no convictions at all.

Immigration officials confirmed that agents this week raided homes and workplaces in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, the Los Angeles area, North Carolina and South Carolina, netting hundreds of people.



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