Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The scandal-plagued Trump regime

Headline misleading but good points here. Democrats are wishing it?

This week, the same people in the media and the Democratic Party leadership who applauded then-senator Obama's world diplomatic tours in 2008 managed to take their first Trump administration scalp: that of General Michael Flynn – and based on little more than rumor and innuendo at that.
Meanwhile Obama is said to be plotting leftist resistance to Trump, the media is encouraging hate and violence against Republicans, thousands are publicly weighing a Trump assassination against what might have been had Beppo Romer and Nikolaus von Halem succeeded in ridding the world of Adolf Hitler in 1934, and an activist judiciary seems to be gearing up to partner with the bureaucracy to resist and reverse every policy and every initiative the American people want the federal government to act on.
This is inappropriate, untenable, and likely to get worse – within weeks, the ridiculous title of this rant is going to be Accepted Truth on major media outlets from CNN and the Washington Post to Salon and the Economist.
Sometimes enough is already too much – and this is one of those cases.  Somehow, Congress and the administration have to act before there's significant bloodshed and the rifts the far left is trying to shred into the culture become permanent.  There are those who wish to turn the other cheek, to do nothing in the belief that the left will rebalance itself, but I disagree.  This isn't going to get better until Dresden and Hiroshima burn – until, that is, the people now in control of the Democratic Party are so weakened that saner voices can make themselves heard.
To lance the boil, here's what I'd like to see:
  1. Total Obamacare repeal.  Pick a timeframe and legislate complete reversion to the status quo ante as of some future date with no ifs, buts, or maybes.
  2. Obviously, the funding implications for Medicaid and Medicare, the problems at the VA, and conservative alternatives for health care insurance can be worked out in the interim and handled in separate bills – but, for now, pick an Obamacare drop-dead date, legislate it, and stick to it.
  3. Immediate full repeal of Dodd-Frank: complete status quo ante, no exceptions and no promises.
  4. Initiate a congressional investigation into politically motivated wrongdoing at the IRS, EPA, DOJ, SEC, and numerous other agencies or departments.  Think of this as a truth and reconciliation commission whose job is to restore trust in government – while destroying trust in the media and those "Democrats" now running that party.
  5. Appoint a special prosecutor to direct and act on the FBI's investigations into the Clinton Foundation and the allegations about Hillary Clinton's national security and trust (pay to play) abuses while secretary of state.  Publish everything.
  6. Initiate a congressional investigation into all forms of electoral fraud – including into candidate eligibility and malfeasance at the DOJ, into various PACs and related organizations, and among secretaries of state.  Publish everything.
Basically, what the Democrat leadership is doing today is deeply offensive.  Don't these idiots know that the Nazis were environmental socialists?  That the same political views tht led people at The Economist, the New York Times, and CBS News to treasure Mr. Hitler, Uncle Joe, and Chairman Mao for their progressive beliefs and commitments to human rights now motivate their hatred for Trump?  No?  Well, they won't listen, but we can show everybody else by hanging the corruptocrats out in public and shining a bright light on everything from data falsification at the NOAA to Obama administration links to Hitler's Muslim Brotherhood, domestic terrorist groups like the Weathermen, and the mad mullahs in Iran. 


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