Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Twitter Users Threaten To ASSASSINATE Tom Brady After Super Bowl Win

This again shows how these Dirtbags are Sick and Demented and getting worse. Getting bent out of shape from a game that made NFL history and the left can't handle it again. Piece below also has an Inbred Dipshit showing his Liberal Stupidity and got caught

People Call For Tom Brady To Be Assassinated

People cope with loss in all sorts of ways. Resorting to violence and threatening to kill someone is by far the least healthy way to cope with loss, it’s also illegal.
Still that didn’t stop numerous people from taking to Twitter calling for the assassination of Patriot’s Quarterback Tom Brady.
Below are screenshots of tweets and embedded tweets that are still on Twitter.


Student Arrested For Making Terroristic Threat Because Patriots Won The Superbowl

High School Student Threatens To Shoot Up School Over Patriots Victory

A teenager has been arrested over comments he made on social media where he threatened to shoot up his high school because he was upset that the New England Patriots won the Superbowl on Sunday.
The teenager is 17-year-old Jashon Taylor, a student at Belton High School.
From Fox4KC:
A probable cause statement says Taylor was mad that the Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday night, so on Snapchat he threatened to shoot up Belton High School. The court document states he said in part: “Bro i hate the patriots and every fan they have… OMG im f****n pissed. Let it be known im shooting Belton tomorrow or tuesday whenever i go back. Imma find every hoe bragging and blast them.”
One of Taylor’s Snapchat followers took a screenshot and emailed it to police. When officers went to Taylor’s home and asked if he knew why they were there, he replied: “It’s about what was posted on Snapchat.” His mom asked him about what he posted, and he replied: “about shooting up the school.”
Taylor was arrested and admitted that he wrote and posted the statement on Snapchat. He took the post down after only 15 minutes because multiple people had contacted him urging him to take it down.
Fox4KC also reports that online court records show that Taylor was released on a signature bond and no future court has been set.

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