Monday, August 22, 2016

JUST IN: FBI reveals BRAND NEW Hillary discovery…

Let me guess, her deleted Yoga emails?

During the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server use, she deleted over 30,000 of her emails, later claiming it was because she had “no reason to save them.” What interesting timing she chose to finally get around to deleting them indeed.
Donald Trump said he hoped the Russians who hacked the DNC would find those deleted emails, but the FBI may have unearthed some of them already. As The Hill just reported:
The FBI has uncovered almost 15,000 previously undisclosed documents sent directly to or from Hillary Clinton, State Department lawyers confirmed before a federal judge on Monday. The documents were found during the course of the FBI’s investigation into the Democratic presidential nominee’s use of a personal email server during her time as secretary of State. The number is almost 50 percent more than the 30,000 work-related documents that Clinton’s lawyers turned over to the State Department in 2014.
The agency has pledged to release the approximately 14,900 documents and State Department lawyers told District Judge James E. Boasberg on Monday that the agency is “prioritizing” the appraisal of the new emails.  But it remains unsettled whether the full set will be out before the presidential election on Nov. 8. Lawyers for the conservative watchdog group that has demanded the release have accused the agency of slow-walking the production.
“FBI found almost 15,000 new Clinton documents. When will State release them?” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tweeted Monday morning.
The agency is currently assessing whether any of the new documents — which the FBI turned over to State following the close of its investigation — are of a personal nature or duplicates of previously released emails. Following that assessment, it is reviewing on a rolling basis whether the pages are subject to federal records laws.
The first stage of the process is slated to be completed within a month. But it is the second part of the review process that will have a more direct impact on when the documents will be made publicly available.
When it comes to the contents of those emails, time will tell. Stay tuned for when those emails are eventually released.



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