Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Deplorable' is when liars withhold critical information

Hillary and Bill Clinton have a remarkable history of friends who are willing to lie, obstruct, and withhold information that would expose them.  Webb Hubbell, Hillary Clinton's former law partner and former associate attorney general in the Clinton Justice Department, went to jail and still refused to give evidence against her.
Bernard Nussbaum, a prominent lawyer, then White House Counsel, initially agreed to allow the Department of Justice to review the documents in Vince Foster's office for evidence that might shed light on the cause of his death.  That evening and the next morning, Nussbaum; Hillary Clinton; Susan Thomases, her personal counsel; and Maggie Williams, her chief of staff exchanged 10 separate phones calls.  That morning, according to the DOJ employees, Nussbaum changed his mind and refused to allow the DOJ prosecutors to review the documents; instead, he reviewed them himself and segregated several as "personal" to the Clintons.  Thomases and Williams just couldn't remember a thing when subpoenaed.
Federal officials complained that White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum thwarted a proper search of Foster's office and files.  Nussbaum was forced to resign.
Susan McDougal served prison time as a result of the Whitewater controversy for failure to answer "three questions" for a grand jury about whether President Bill Clinton lied in his testimony during her Whitewater trial.  McDougal received a full presidential pardon from outgoing President Clinton in the final hours of his presidency in 2001.
More recently, Loretta Lynch, the attorney general, did not dispute Bill Clinton's outrageous claim that during a "serendipitous" meeting on an airplane, Lynch and Clinton did not discuss anything other than "grandchildren."  FBI director Comey risked a sterling reputation to spare Hillary Clinton any legal consequences for the e-mail and classified information scandal. 
Now we have the case of Hillary's health and the most recent syncope episode on Sunday September 11, 2016.
Why is critical information on Hillary's health being withheld from the public?  And by whom?
Her minions are now flooding the news with pictures of Hillary emerging from her daughter's home...smiling, chatting and repeating: "I feel fine...such a lovely day in New York."
 Questions remain:
When she fainted and was lifted into the van, was she unconscious?
Was she carried up to her daughter's home?  There are no pictures of her entering her daughter's home.
Who went inside with her?
What medicine or medicines were administered in her daughter's home?
If her doctor, a reputable internist named Dr. Lisa Bardack, diagnosed pneumonia the Friday before, why was Hillary still planning a tour of the West, and why did she attend the ceremony at Ground Zero?  Any doctor would have proscribed such activities in a senior with pneumonia.
What medications is she taking for "allergies" and pneumonia?
Are both lungs affected?  Is she contagious?  This is pertinent, since she exchanged hugs and kisses with so many dignitaries.
Is she taking medications other than hormones for hypothyroidism and Coumadin?
What accounts for her strange episodes of documented strange head, eyes, and open-mouth grimaces?
What were her symptoms when she was hospitalized for a blood clot in the brain in December 2012, when her daughter was so visibly shaken? Why did initial reports omit the fact that she had had a previous episode in 1988, after developing a clot behind her right knee?  Does she have a medical predisposition to clots?  Would that affect her travel and schedule?
Furthermore, a 48-hour stay in the hospital for diagnosis and treatment seems very short for such a complex condition.
Will we ever know?  Or will doctors or members of her inner circle succeed in hiding, obfuscating, deleting facts, and lying to keep her candidacy viable? 




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