Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton carries on Margaret Sanger's legacy of class and race hatred

The specter of Margaret Sanger's eugenic beliefs hovers over Hillary Clinton's recent unfiltered and aggressive vilification of Americans.  Not only has Hillary Clinton unleashed the wrath of Trump-supporting Americans, but she has openly articulated the notion that certain elite individuals like herself and her idol, Margaret Sanger, have the right to determine if people are irredeemably deplorable and undesirable or socially and intellectually superior.  This attitude mirrors the dominant mindset of the power elites in the 1920s who befriended Sanger and bankrolled her racist goals. 
Clinton has made no secret of her admiration for the radical socialist Sanger.  In 2009, she received Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger Award, saying she admired Sanger "enormously – her courage, her tenacity, her vision ... taking on archetypes, taking on attitudes and accusations[.] ... I am really in awe of her."
When confronted with the facts about Sanger from media sources, facts that included Sanger's advocacy of forced sterilization in the 1920s; appointing rabid, Hitler-loving eugenicists to her American Birth Control League board; and authorship of books pushing for the elimination of "undesirables" and the socially unfit, Clinton responded by comparing Sanger to Thomas Jefferson.
In 2009, answering questions before a House Committee hearing, Clinton toldRep. Jeff Fortenberry she "deplores" certain statements Sanger made, but, like slave-owner Thomas Jefferson, Sanger was a "flawed human being with "things that we admire and things we deplore."
Clinton went on to dismiss Sanger's race-cleansing ideology because of the latter's contributions to women's reproductive health.  Yet Sanger herself wrote that birth control "is practically identical in ideal with the final aim of Eugenics."  In 1933, writing for her Birth Control Review, Sanger called Slavs and Hebrews "dead weight of human waste[.]"  "Blacks, soldiers and Jews," she continued, "are a menace to the race[.] ... [E]ugenic sterilization is an urgent need[.] ... [W]e must prevent Multiplication of this bad stock."
Clinton carries on Sanger's mission today.  By divvying up Trump supporters into two baskets, one filled with  low-info, frustrated lemmings and the other with hateful, deplorable racists not even human enough for redemption, Hillary's calculated hate-speech resembles her hero.
As with Sanger, Clinton's anti-working class sentiment and overt snobbery stems from the Left's early racist and ethnocentric biases.
In 1925, Sanger, at the suggestion of her eugenics funders, used her clinics in the poor and low-income neighborhoods to collect data and conduct eugenics inquiries into the backgrounds of the women seeking help.  Her clinical recordsshowed the nationality, heredity, race, religion, occupation, and trade affiliation of patients going back three generations.  The information was then used to demonstrate that her clinics reached a large number of poor women in order to shore up support for the eugenicists' aim of killing off future generations of the unfit. 
It is not a stretch to equate Clinton's 21st-century neo-eugenic war against Trump supporters with Sanger's 20th-century KKK speeches, where she advocated for the improvement of the white race through eliminating blacks, Asians, Jews, Catholics, and the poor.  Similarly, with the use of the word "deplorables," Clinton has targeted Main Street Americans from all religions, economic sectors, and race groups.  Essentially, she suggests, they are unfit to cast a vote because of their alleged prejudices.
She and Sanger share a similar agenda when it comes to politics.  In a 1926published speech, "The Function of Sterilization," Sanger wrote, "[W]hen we view the political situation and realize that a moron's vote is as good as an intelligent, educated, thinking citizen, we may well pause and ask ourselves, 'is America really safe for democracy?'"
Clinton has certainly internalized Sanger's legacy of racism, elitism, and kowtowing to her wealthy eugenicist backers.  The candidate's anti-Main Street and elitist attack in front of the one percent the other day is evidence of their shared approach to stemming the tide of undesirables heading to the polls.  If millions and millions of Trump's "deplorables" and Sanger's "morons" turn out on November 8, 2016, Clinton, along with her century-old agenda, may be finished.




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