Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Brett Baier ran a special on this earlier. We should be hearing more of this. Iran is starting crap as if they don't abide by Obama's deal. Oh wait, they are a terrorist country and don't care about us. They want us dead. Obama f^cked up and the world knows it but he won't admit it. Look at North Korea. No Nukes with the Bill Clinton deal.

You know the saying, when it rains, it pours. And so it is for the continual disrespect of the United States from the Iranians. Heck, I guess the Iranians figure why not? Our own professional football players don’t respect our country. President Obama was over in Laos referring to Americans as lazy, once again denigrating us before a foreign audience. And furthermore, the Iranians must believe this is all good, since they get paid billions of dollars in laundered cash.
And now they’ve given us yet another one-finger salute.
As reported by Fox News, “Iran threatened to shoot down two US Navy surveillance aircraft flying close to Iranian territory in the Persian Gulf over the weekend, the latest in a series of recent provocations between Iran and the US military in the region, three US defense officials with knowledge of the incident told Fox News.
“Anytime you threaten to shoot someone down, it’s not considered professional.”
The official said the Iranian behavior was characterized as “unprofessional.” Another official said the incident was not considered “unsafe” because there were no Iranian missile launchers in the area, according to the latest intelligence reports.”
This is not about “unprofessional” behavior. This is about disrespect that has accumulated over a period of time, resulting in “buzzing” our ships, harassment, and open threats. Now, some will say, so what, let the Iranians say what they want. We must act responsibly and not be provoked. Or here is my favorite obfuscation: they’re goading us into reacting and escalating the confrontation. All of this reminds me of someone saying, if you allow the bully to continue to hit you, eventually he will tire and his hand will start to hurt. I’m sorry, but I don’t submit to the notion of “passive aggression.”
There are times, definitive moments, when aggression must be met in kind. A bully will continue down the path of assaulting, harassing, and disrespecting you until you force them to stop. And what we’re witnessing on the global stage is a total display of disregard towards America.
It’s like that scene in the movie “Tombstone” when, after losing his brother Morgan and his brother Virgil is wounded, Wyatt Earp goes after the cowboys. One of Earp’s crew remarks that he understands revenge for his brothers, but Doc Holliday responds, it’s not about revenge; it’s about the reckoning.
The Iranians are emboldened, and who wouldn’t be, considering everything Barack Obama has given them? We know the Obama administration manipulated the media, courtesy of the admission of one Ben Rhodes, in order to garner media support to the nuclear agreement.
The Iranians are the beneficiaries of the foreign policy folly of the Obama administration, which has taken them from the brink of sanctions collapse to regional hegemony.
“Last month, Iranian fast-boats harassed US Navy warships in the Persian Gulf on at least five occasions. One incident resulting in three warning shots being fired from a US Navy coastal patrol craft, when an Iranian vessel ignored repeated radio calls to change course. On another occasion, an Iranian boat stopped 100 yards in front of a US Navy ship forcing it to take evasive maneuvers.
Over the weekend, a senior Iranian military commander dismissed claims that his vessels had harassed US Navy ships in in the Persian Gulf saying his nation acted in accordance with internationally recognized maritime law.
“Iranian boats continue to act based on defined standards and are well aware of the international laws and regulations, so the claims are not only untrue, but stem from their fear of the power of Iran’s soldiers,” said Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri, deputy chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces, according to state news agency IRNA and reported by AFP.
“This is principally the [Iranian] regime leadership trying to exert their influence and authority in the region. And they are trying to do it in provocative ways,” said Gen. Joe Votel, commander of US Central Command at a Pentagon press briefing.
So, the Iranians have the gall to say we’re lying about the harassment — of which there is video. Furthermore, this Brigadier General Jazayeri claims we’re lying because we fear the power of Iran. Again, some will say, so what? Well, imagine the state-controlled media in Iran and their propaganda following the capture of our ten Sailors. And obviously General Votel understands psychological warfare and how perception can eventually lead to reality, as Iran does indeed use provocation as a means to exert their authority.
But the question we need to understand is how does this all play out in the Middle East? Let’s just flip the roles for a minute and imagine if it were Iran with the stronger and more powerful navy, and America was playing cat and mouse. Do any of you believe this game would be a very short one, if it were Iran with the capability and capacity we possess. In the Middle East, strength and might is respected, and those who have strength and might and refuse to utilize it find even worse disdain — that is the culture.
Just remember Operation Praying Mantis – that’s how a “superpower” reacts. When a mosquito is buzzing you, you don’t just allow it to suck your blood telling yourself, it can’t suck out too much. The same mosquito could be carrying Dengue fever, malaria, or Zika — so you kill the mosquito. When little Iranian fast-boats are buzzing around our naval vessels, you smack them, or else a worse virus may be occur.



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