Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Is the man, who ran down and nearly killed three police officers in Phoenix, linked to Islamic terrorism?

According to the latest news reports, the suspect’s name is Marc  Payne (also known as Ntare Kalid Ali El-Shabazz). If the Facebook page for these dual names is, in fact, the suspect’s below, there are several photos there of people with Muslim names. Would appreciate any input from my BNI sleuths.


BizPac Review  In what appears to be another unprovoked attack by black militants on police officers, Marc Laquon Payne (aka Ntare Kalid Ali El-Shabazz), according to his assumed name, is facing three charges of first degree murder after he appears to have deliberately plowed his car into three police officers at a Phoenix QuickTrip convenience store.

Miraculously, the officers survived and are currently recovering from injuries sustained in the attack.

Phoenix police chief Joe Yahner elaborated on what police are calling an “intentional” attack.


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