Friday, September 16, 2016

Not Clinton versus Trump – it's Clinton versus Obama

No, it's not about Clinton vs. Trump, and it's not about elections.  It's about a set of leaked emails from Colin Powell that show us (the secret of Polichinelle!) Hillary's disdain for her boss, the future former U.S. president, Barack Obama.
In a series of email messages between Colin Powell and Jeffrey Leeds, his business partner and a top Democratic party donor, there are mentions about Clinton's "hate" about the president, who is called "that man" and, on the other hand, about the Obama team not minding too much if Clinton were to lose the presidential election.
Back in 2008, it was notorious that Obama's party nomination came as a thing hard to swallow for Hillary, who saw herself at the time (and keeps seeing herself now, too) as the Democratic Party's anointed one.
These new revelations cannot come at a more devastating moment for Clinton, who has been fighting recently with:
- the Government, through the FBI, for the investigation of her personal server;
- the American people, half of whom she considers "deplorable," who "need understanding and empathy"; and
- her own self, through her health issues (pneumonia, concussions, blood clots, vision problems, fainting, etc., etc.).
The truth of the matter is that Hillary considers the people around her ungrateful, since they have deprived her of things she is entitled to.  This, for a woman who has spent 32 years (a whole generation) in the corridors of power without leaving much behind: 20 years as a first lady (12 years for Arkansas and 8 for the U.S.), 8 years as a U.S. senator, and 4 years as a U.S. secretary of state.
For starters, she hates her husband, Bill Clinton, for cheating on her and putting her in the shameful position of defending herself before the American people with the "vast right-wing conspiracy" gimmick (the code name for Bill's affairs).
She hates the U.S. government for putting her in the disgraceful position of being almost criminally charged for her private email server.
She hates president Obama (practically an unknown before 2008) for putting her in the inconvenient position of serving under his administration and not vice versa (a necessary sacrifice to preserve her public presence and avoid her being, otherwise, doomed to oblivion after losing her party's nomination).  And let's not forget her husband's remarks to Ted Kennedy in the 2008 elections, describing his views about Obama this way: "A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags."
She hates her Democratic Party for its ineptitude (see Debbie Wasserman Schultz's leaked emails) that put her in the humiliating position of having to fight almost until the end with a socialist septuagenarian (Bernie Sanders), who was not even a party member until 2015.
And with all her hate against the people in her intimate circles, one is worried about her disdain for Donald Trump?  You have got to be kidding!  The woman hates everybody around her.  Maybe with the exception of Chelsea.  And Huma Abedin.


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