Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Obama brags about this one thing at fundraiser; INSTANTLY regrets it

Again showing his Arrogance

If there’s one thing just about everyone can agree on, regardless of where you stand politically, it’s that President Obama has what you might call, a “healthy self-image.”
He truly does believe he’s the bee’s knees.
Our commander in chief never misses an opportunity to toot his own horn, in what appears to be a vain attempt to justify the inflated ego he carries around with him on a daily basis.
Unfortunately, it seems an ever-growing segment of the population has a very different view of the president, one that would seem to act as a sharp needle to pop that ego like a child’s balloon.
Obama was recently participating in a fundraiser, and true to form, took a few moments to bask in his own glory by trumpeting how awesome he is for negotiating the Iran nuclear deal and opening up diplomatic relations with Cuba.
No doubt he was expecting the crowd attending the event to immediately fall to their knees, bowing before his greatness.
Yeah. That didn’t happen.
via WZ:
So the president goes into this thing, walking up to the podium with his usual arrogant swagger, expecting folks to give him a slow clap for his awesomeness, only to be shot down by the sound of crickets in the audience.
The reason no one clapped is because it’s sort of stupid to brag about allowing Iran to have the capability to produce nuclear weapons to use on our allies in the region, or, heaven forbid, on us.
No one is going to celebrate a country full of crazy radicals who routinely shout “Death to America,” having full access to weapons of mass destruction.
What’s tragic is there’s little doubt the president was totally baffled by the fact no one fell on their faces before him, demonstrating the delusional image this man has of himself.
It’s looking like more and more people are starting to wake up to reality, which means they’re seeing Obama and his failed administration for what it really is.
A complete and total joke.


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