Sunday, September 18, 2016

What Is A Globalist?

Isn't Obama pushing Globalism? I think he is and with the Trade deal that helped push Ford out of U.S.  The link below also shows that Germany is not happy with it and Trump doesn't want it.

If you've been following this election at all, you have probably heard the words "globalist" and "globalism" thrown around a lot.
As The Rebel's Lauren Southern explains, some of the people using it are nationalists, or patriots(they see globalism as a threat to the sovereignty of their nation... whichever nation that happens to be)Others argue that the term "globalism" is just a scary catch-all word invented by Trump supporters, or the alt right. A word that means nothing at best, and is a racist code at worst.
The reality is that globalism means something very specific, and very dangerous, if you value democracy, individualism, or any of the values of Western civilization.




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