Sunday, June 11, 2017

Maxine Waters Reverses Past Comey Criticism: ‘The President Is Lying’

Here again we have an American Representative Nut Job that doesn't know that she really is an Idiot every time she opens her mouth.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) asserted that President Donald Trump is lying and James Comey is telling the truth, even after she once said that Comey "has no credibility."
MSNBC host Chris Hayes reminded Waters of her statements about Comey, and he asked who should be trusted in a "battle of credibility." Waters, however, softened her judgment of Comey’s character that she made regarding the Hillary Clinton investigation.
"Comey has a tendency to fumble, and it seems as if he has a difficult time really making a decision and using the best judgment," Waters said. "However, the president is lying."
"The president absolutely asked him to discontinue his investigation into Flynn in the way that he did," Waters added.
She said she didn't believe there were any "tapes," which have alluded to by Trump.
"He didn't want other people to know exactly what he was saying, and the fact that he was interfering in the investigation," she said. "And so if there are tapes, you can believe they won't see the light of day because now what the president is setting up is a he said-she said."
Waters came back to the question of credibility, where she again said that Comey was trustworthy compared to Trump.
"I believe on this one, Comey is telling the truth, and the president is absolutely lying that he tried to get him to back off of the investigation of Michael Flynn. I believe that," she said.

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