Sunday, June 11, 2017

Trash-mouth Kirsten Gillibrand needs help coming up with Trump's accomplishments

Such Potty Mouths on the Left 

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When Kirsten Gillibrand says Trump hasn't kept any of his promises, she shows that she isn't paying any attention.  She actually said, "F---, no!"  She must be listening to the news instead of actually doing her job in D.C. if she hasn't noticed. 
A short list of things he has done in 150 days.
  • Approved the pipelines.
  • Opened up drilling.
  • Helped coal companies.
  • Backed out of TPP.
  • Backed out of Paris deal.
  • Shored up relationship with Mideast countries.
  • Is getting NATO countries to pay their 2%.
  • Slowed border crossings substantially.
  • Incited the House to move to get rid of Dodd Frank.
This article shows many more. 
Democrats and the media obviously don't like what Trump has done, but he is working fast and focusing on what he promised on the campaign trail.
I bet the Democrats and media would have trouble coming up with Obama achievements in eight years, in both domestic and foreign policy, so I thought I would help.

-Obamacare, which is collapsing rapidly.  It took away choice from 100% of us and increased costs and the deficit. 
  • Increased U.S. debt by $10 trillion.
  • The Iran deal, which made the world a much more dangerous place.
  • Allowed uranium to go to Russia which then went to Iran. 
  • Terrorism deaths increased substantially while Obama was president.
  • Allowed a secretary of state to violate security laws for four years.
  • Targeted political opponents via the IRS.
  • Spied illegally on American citizens for years. 
  • Kept an attorney general who committed perjury. 
  • Stopped enforcing immigration laws
  • Forced school districts to allow boys in girls' restrooms and locker rooms. 
  • Got the labor participation rate to a 40-year low.
  • Moved homeownership to a 50-year low. 
  • Achieved the slowest economic recovery in seventy years despite almost zero interest rates and a massive increase in government spending. 
  • Blocked pipelines that passed environmental muster. 
  • Wrote expensive, job-destroying regulations as fast as he could
I am having trouble thinking of much. 
I will certainly take Trump's 150 days of accomplishments and compare them to Obama's, and I will try to refrain from using profanity when describing Obama. 


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