Sunday, June 4, 2017

What Is The Real Meaning of Trump's Presidency?

A powerful, thoughtful article by Holman Jenkins recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal suggesting that the Democrats "may be unpleasantly surprised" by Robert Mueller's investigation of Russia's election meddling.  The investigation may backfire, and the illegal leakers who are passing along various tidbits of confidential interactions or messages to the press may be exposed.  Further, the ability of the Russians to manipulate James Comey may be another outcome not desired by the Democrats or their anti-Trump accomplices in the press.  The independent counsel may uncover the vulnerabilities of the vicious fifth column of Democrats and the MSM who are trying to bring down Trump and even the USA in the process.  Jenkins suggests that the inedible garbage the Dems and the media promote may actually lead surprisingly to some delicious truths.
The hope of positive conclusions being reached that will vindicate the Trump administration and embarrass the lefty Democrats and their media accomplices seems ill founded to this writer.  The fifth column dedicated to the overthrow of Donald Trump and of American political institutions will never accept a narrative that depicts its original narrative as false.
It cannot be stressed enough or understood deeply enough that we have in the months of these attacks based on innuendo the emergence of a core of hatred of Trump and of the American system that elected him. 
If conclusions vindicating Pres. Trump emerge from the independent counsel's investigation, those conclusions will not be embraced either by the Democrats or the MSM.  To believe that they would be publicly accepted implies that the Democrats are looking for impartial research to uncover the truth about the innuendo they have been promoting.  But the Democrats are not looking for truth.  Rather, since the very beginning of the narrative, the drumbeat has been one of accusation.  And what is the fruit of this drumbeat of accusation to be?  It is to undermine confidence in this administration and in the republic that elected Trump to office.  It is an accusatory narrative by the fifth column denouncing Trump as subversive, as engaged in an incredibly complex and malicious cover-up, and as venal to the Nth degree since it is in support of longstanding financial interests in Russia by President Trump and his associates.  The narrative is that in pursuit of wealth, Trump has coordinated an attempt to subvert the legal and foreign policy interests of the United States, and that he was trying to get elected on the back of covert Russian support against the Democrats, against Hillary Clinton, and against the world community of nations that depend on a more impartial U.S. government.
Thus, there is a hateful desire for revenge against Trump and against the USA for electing him.  All those stinking deplorables mobilized to an unacceptable degree to defeat Hillary.  And since those deplorables, just because they are deplorable, are poor judges of character and of the proper goals for the USA, the accusations against Trump are being leveled with mind-boggling persistence, without any supporting facts.

The vox populi acting through our unique constitutional format has repudiated the MSM and the Dems.  They cannot believe it.  They cannot accept it.  They are reacting with the distemper of cornered rats or rabid dogs.  Thus, since the Democrats and the MSM are operating out of a subversive and intemperate mindset, any assumption that they will quietly accept any conclusions that do not jibe with that mindset and "go quietly into that good night" is not likely.
However, this writer would like to take us one step farther.  The election of Donald Trump may seem to be the last straw in a string of defeats for the cultural Marxists.  Over the past eight years, more than three fifths of the states are now governed by the Republicans. The Republicans won the House of Representatives in 2010 and the Senate in 2014.  Now they control the Executive Branch as well.  Decades of left-wing stealth and politically correct manipulation of the society and of political processes are dying before their eyes.
Cultural Marxism seems so often to have become a permanent and ineluctable force in the American social and political landscape.  Tens of millions have asked themselves if these "changes" can really be turned back.  Trump's election seems to turn a corner in giving an affirmative answer to that question.  In fact, it is adefinitive repudiation of decades of drift towards the left. 
Thus, Trump's ascendency to the presidency is not the final step to the restoration of America to its God-given identity as a constitutional republic supporting liberty, personal autonomy, responsibility, the sanctity of property, and the Bill of Rights.  It is an announcement of events to come.  That is the real reason for the spewing forth of so many unfounded, bitter accusations.
In ancient Babylonia, the handwriting on the wall that appeared in the palace of Belshazzar, king of the Chaldeans, announced the end of the Babylonians' rule and the victory of the Persians over them.  In parallel fashion, the Trump presidency announces to the entrenched left that their days are numbered, and that an even greater renewal of America, a profound, encompassing repudiation of the left-wing ideology and mindset, is on the horizon.


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