Sunday, July 23, 2017

A strangely selective Russian collusion investigation

I have had a couple of simple questions on the Russian collusion that many in the media, Mueller, and the investigating committees in the House and Senate do not seem interested in asking despite over a year of investigations.
If the Obama Administration, the FBI, and the intelligence community actually were worried about Russian collusion, wouldn't they have investigated and spied on Hillary along with Trump, especially since they knew that the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation had accepted huge amounts of money, and Putin in return got uranium?  I would think Putin would have played both sides, especially since everyone expected Hillary to win.  So why no interest in Hillary?
If conversations were inadvertently picked up with Trump associates because of listening in on Russian officials, wouldn't there also be conversations with Obama officials, people surrounding Hillary, and other members of Congress besides Sessions that we would see?
It is absolutely astonishing that the only unmasking is of Trump people – unless it is specific targeting and not inadvertent. 
It should be embarrassing to reporters that they are specifically trying to trash and destroy Trump instead of doing their job to hold the powerful to account no matter which party.  They clearly have an agenda.



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