Sunday, August 14, 2016

ALERT – Leaked Report Exposes DNC Muslim Dad’s Nasty Plot

It seems to be getting harder all the time to find a “Moderate Muslim”. They do not seem to exist. And the more you study the background of DNC speaker Khizr Khan, the more you begin to think he might not be as moderate as he claims either.  
Khan is heavily involved in an organization called the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and they are very supportive of the “Muslim Brotherhood” an organization that is devoted to bringing “Civilizational Jihad” into America, per AllenBWest.com.
So, besides the fact that Khan helps wealthy Muslims circumvent immigration laws by utilizing cash to acquire Green Cards into the United States, he is also associating with an organization that has terrorist ties. ISNA is seeking to bring Jihad from within by corrupting our country.
This year’s theme of ISNA is “Turning Points: Navigating Challenges, Seizing Opportunities” and they are particularly inspired this year by the Khans.
One speaker in particular was impressed with the “seven-minute silence” of Ghazala Khan and said it has given “voice to the voiceless.”
Beyond the obvious fact that I am puzzled at how a woman remaining silent would give “voice to the voiceless” that has to be the most inane comment I have ever heard in my whole entire life. She gives “voice to the voiceless”? Really?
So she gives voice to the millions of people who live under the dictatorial weight of Sharia law? She gives voice to the millions of people who have been persecuted at the hands of Muslims? She gives voice to the woman who are not allowed to divorce an abusive husband under this medieval and backwards set of laws?
Of course, in order to fully understand the impact the Muslim Brotherhood and ISNA desire to have in America, it really is best to read their own words. You will then realize that so far, they are succeeding with their Jihad mission.
If Hillary Clinton is elected it will be strengthened, confirmed, and soon America as you know it will be no more.
What do YOU think about the Khans’ participation in a group that is so closely related to terrorism?

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