Wednesday, August 17, 2016

HAH! Designated terrorist group CAIR says Donald Trump’s proposal to subject MUSLIM immigrants to an ideological “test” is a violation of American values.

This is American, we have borders. We have laws. We have immigration policies that the current clown is not enforcing. This is what he has said all along but the left spins and twist it. Cair is a designated known terrorist group, why  would we listen to them, unless these are Obama's buddies.

CAIR says Trump’s proposal for a commission that would identify for Americans the tenets of radical Islam crosses the line into government interference in religious beliefs. Who will Trump appoint to decide what constitutes radical Islam? His current stable of  Islam advisers indicates that this commission would be packed with anti-Muslim experts.

Trump pledged to establish an “ideological screening test” for new Muslim immigrants to root out “members or sympathizers of Islamic terrorist groups,” those Muslims “hostile” toward America, and those Muslims who “support bigotry and hatred (against non-Muslims)” in a speech on Monday. 


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