Wednesday, August 10, 2016

IDAHO: First a mentally disabled 5-year-old was raped & urinated on by Muslim migrants in Twin Falls, now a Muslim sexually abuses a mentally disabled woman

Another ????    Media silence???

MUSLIM MIGRANT Mohammed Hussein I. Eldai was arraigned in Twin Falls County Court on a charge of sexual abuse of a vulnerable adult. At least he didn’t get to rape her, but admitted he was planning to.


Magic Valley (h/t Nimrod)  About 3 p.m. Saturday, police were dispatched to Madison Circle in Twin Falls when the woman’s mother called police. The woman, who lives with her mother because of her disability, told police she went for a walk Saturday but became hot and tired and stopped to lie down on the sidewalk for a nap, court documents said. She said Eldai stopped to ask if she was OK, and he said she would take a nap at his house.

The woman went to Eldai’s house, where he made her a drink; she refused it after tasting, court documents said. That’s when Eldai repeatedly tried to lie down next to her on his bed and began touching her inappropriately, she told police. She told Eldai she didn’t like it and wanted to go home, court records said.


 Eldai continued to touch her, she told police, but she eventually left his house and ran home.

The woman showed police Eldai’s home; when asked, he told them he invited the woman over, offered to let her stay and touched her under her clothing, police said. He also told police he took off his clothes and was planning on having sex with her.

A preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 19, and Eldai’s bond was set at $10,000.(That’s all?)




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