Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Kiss Aetna Healthcare Goodbye Thanks to Obamacare

Another Fail or is it the way it was planned to get single payer?  Taxpayer bailout? I say hell no!

Aetna Healthcare is hemorrhaging. You remember all your liberal friends telling us to give Obama a chance and our criticisms on Obamacare were invalid? Where are those people now? What we said about Obamacare was true and Aetna Healthcare is the latest example.
Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini said that this was supposed to be a break-even year for its ObamaCare business. Instead, the company has already lost $200 million, which it expect that to hit $320 million before the year it out. He said the company was abandoning plans to expand into five other states and is reviewing whether to stay in the 15 states where Aetna (AET) current sells ObamaCare plans.
Barack Obama and his band of merry Marxists designed Obamacare to drive insurance companies like Aetna Healthcare from the marketplace and force us into single payer healthcare (completely government run).

Aetna Healthcare is just one company in a long line of many who have fallen because of Obamacare.

This was the plan all along. There’s a lot of politicians on both sides to blame including Obama for the demise of Aetna Healthcare. You can also thank House and Senate Republicans for completely funding Obamacare in order to bring us to point where we are now. If Republicans defunded Obamacare perhaps we would be talking about Obamacare’s last breath instead of Aetna Healthcare and other major insurance companies being driven from the marketplace.

Right now Aenta Healthcare is seeking  a government bailout. 

Aetna’s proposed ‘solution,’ as expected, is for the taxpayer to pick up the tab. It’s not that insurers haven’t received enough in bailout funds already. As I have noted in prior work, insurance companies stand to receive over $170 billion in bailout funds over the coming decade. For instance, the Obama administration has flouted the plain text of the law to prioritize payments to insurers over repayments to the United States Treasury. But still insurance companies want more.
Back in the 90’s when we were talking about Hillarycare, insurance companies were blasting it and Republicans were joining in the chorus. The public outcry soundly defeated Hillarycare. Obama, this time around, sought to cut back room deals with Insurance Companies and feed them a bunch of half baked lies. The problem with Aetna is that they jumped on board with the idea of Obamacare. That means Aetna carries part of the blame. Now that Aetna Healthcare is seeking a bailout, Obama and the Democrats will use that opportunity to demonize them and place all of the blame for skyrocketing premiums on “greedy insurance companies”.  The truth is, all along the blame belongs squarely with Obama and his administration who manipulated the healthcare marketplace with Obamacare to cause skyrocketing premiums.

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