Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Obama, Hillary, and George Soros

I am not usually one for Conspiracy Theories but after seeing things happen in the news it makes you think.   George Soros wants a one World Government, basically a border less world. Is Soros wanting to be that leader? He was giving Orders to Our Money Grubbing Whore sellout Secretary of State. She is definitely bought and paid for or a Puppet like Obama is to Soros since he is pushing his money into the Dems. He is pushing for violence and collapse like he has caused in other countries and now this headline comes out in which we already knew. Obama and Hillary wants massive immigration like Soros is telling other Countries to do and to accept it. Again no borders, put up with it according to him. Obama releases Taliban trained terrorist and a third of the others already released are back in the field. Trend; pandering to his Muslims and terrorist countries and to hell with the American people. So it kind of looks like everything these Anti American Shitbags are doing is pushing a Soros Agenda and collapsing the economy with the welfare State and getting voters. Hillary now is using Illegals to get out the vote. They are against voter ID. One more thing you hear this trade agreement is a "Global" thing meaning what? Is it part of the bigger picture?









One moe thing on this. we remember when Obama and Hillary was angry about Britain pulling out, giving them their own Sovereignty again. This went against their open border agenda.  


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