Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Morning After

This is based on NBC telling the Country that Hillary has the electoral votes to win now so the election is done. I say what a bunch of Pandering Suckass Pussies. This below is like the nightmare that would happen if Hillary gets it.

It’s Wednesday November 9, 2016. It has been officially confirmed that Hillary Clinton has just been elected as the next President of the United States of America.
Starting today, some have just come to the realization that there will be some serious unintended consequences. For instance:
The entire discussion of building a wall on the southern border has finally been put to bed, once and for all. In fact, there is now discussion of tearing down the existing border fences and walls and allowing a completely open border.
The time has finally come to grant all illegals and their families full amnesty. Hillary promised to grant such amnesty to all illegals within her first 100 days either through Congress or by executive action. We are about to welcome millions of new citizens, most of which will feel they owe a debt of gratitude to Hillary and will forevermore vote Democrat.  
The mainstream media is in full celebration mode, knowing they won, and that they successfully represented the very best interests of our Big Government and everything else that goes along with it. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, the New York Times will party like drunken sailors. Plus, they have finally showed the world where the real power lies in the United States.
We will quickly forget about Trump’s idea of negotiating better trade deals; we will keep things just as they are. It will be deemed of no need to risk upsetting other countries, especially those that won’t allow US goods into their countries.
ObamaCare will get even more onerous. All of our new Hispanic and Mexican citizens will be entitled to this, too. Even though health insurance premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed under ObamaCare and will get much worse. Hillary has promised to double down even if that means even higher taxes, higher premiums, and higher deductibles.
We will continue paying Iran the money they bargained for regardless of how much they hate us, and regardless of whether they have the flexibility within the Obama Iran agreement to build nuclear weapons on the sly. No doubt we will also pay ransom for captured US citizens of the correct political persuasion.  
Taxes are going up across the board. Even though many in our country pay no taxes while others pay tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, those taxes still aren’t ‘fair’ by Democrat standards. Rather, Democrats insist the rich need to pay their ‘fair share’. As a result, virtually all taxes will be increased to help fund an even bigger government.
Of course, the whole idea of sovereignty will be trashed once and for all. We will accept the notion that other countries in the UN and global community will help the U.S. make its decisions, from a global perspective, so we can rely less on making our own (selfish) decisions that are only in our country’s best interests. The vision of globalization versus sovereignty, even though it’s is likely a lose/lose proposition for the U.S. in almost every way, will be the new mantra. It will make us all feel better about ourselves and about our earth.
Black Lives Matter will continue to have an open door at the Clinton White House and serious discussion will begin about what BLM really wants, namely, reparations paid to all blacks by the white man.
Climate change will be considered ‘fact’ and ’established science’, and there will be no further public debate permitted on the subject. Any scientist that denies climate change will be disqualified from any teaching job in any public university, and his/her career risk being totally at risk and at the least, discredited. Someone along the lines of an Al Gore will likely accept a role or czar job within the Clinton administration to further the Carbon Tax agenda.  
Loretta Lynch will likely have her job as attorney general extended and will continue to turn the other cheek when Democrats commit serious crimes, but she will vigorously enforce law and extract penalties for those of conservative leanings. Along that line, it will be essentially understood that you can break the law and get away with it as long as you are a Democrat. On the reverse side, Heaven only help you if you’re a Republican.
We will allow countries and any other parties with ample financial wherewithal to pay the U.S. government or “Clinton Foundation-type” organizations for favors, even if they are detrimental to the interests of the U.S. population. 
Last, the Supreme Court will be altered forever because the Democrats believe that our Founders lived in a different time and thus that the U.S. Constitution is outdated. In its place, all new justices will be liberal left-wing activists who will reinterpret the U.S. Constitution to better reflect the populace and lifestyles of the 21st century. Things like free speech will be changed so that nobody can freely talk about matters anti government, or any number of politically incorrect topics. Action will be taken to void the 2nd Amendment and eventually outlaw guns.
Best of all, though, the all-powerful Mainstream Media has ruled that all of these things, as distasteful to some of them may be, is still a hell of a lot better than having someone like Donald Trump in office. Even though Trump promised the antithesis to every single one of these things, according to the MSM, Hillary and the #NeverTrumpers, he was unqualified. Unfortunately for him, he was never able to convert from a shoot-from-the-hip businessman to a politically correct politician… And besides, we all knew better: He never really intended to make America Great Again like he preached. We now see that his campaign was always about him, his wealth, and his drawing of even more visitors to his properties around the world. We knew he could care less about the future direction of the United States of America.  
If all this happens the Morning After, we can only pray we’ll be here to discuss brighter prospects the Year After. 


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