Saturday, August 13, 2016

WATCH – Hillary Says Trump’s DEATH Could Stimulate the Economy By…

This says it, where is the media outrage?

Where is the outrage? Where is the media coverage? Why aren’t people talking about this?!
Today, while Hillary was firing shots off about Donald Trump still not turning over his tax returns, which most of us could care less about, she suggested Trump dying and allowing the government to be able to redistribute his wealth would be a good thing!

Trump has suggested a very radical tax cut plan that would be the first of its kind since the days of Ronald Reagan
Hillary, and Bill for that matter, have made millions upon millions off speaking engagements as they cash in on their public service. Yes she claims to be worried about the everyday person, something she has not identified with since she started cashing government checks!
Her point was if we could have the government get Trump’s cash after he dies, she could to all kinds of good things with it!
Hillary even had the audacity to suggest using it for veteran programs and law enforcement programs, of which we already know she has no interest in. If she did, our veterans would not currently be dying in line while they are waiting for care and our law enforcement officers would already be fitted with the best protection money can buy.
 Need proof?
Just a few days ago there was a horrific shooting of an officer in Arkansas, but this time by a white man.
This was the first time Hillary actually reached out via social media to comment on such a shooting and my guess is because it was in fact done at the hands of a white man.
When police were shot by Black men, there was no kind words and the words that were said had a hidden message to better understand the Black community.
She could care less about the police, but this gave her the opportunity to almost appear human for once.
Why were no such words used about the poor White community issued in this response?
Once again, Hillary panders to her crowd, tells them what they want to hear, and pays no price for doing it!
She suggests Donald Trump dying would be good for the country and no media backlash ever happened compared to the nuclear storm that was unleashed on Donald Trump after his Second Amendment comment.
And, at the heart of it all, we know she is lying anyway.
In all likelihood, that money would to go some shady country or to fund entitlement programs for the five million immigrants she wants to give amnesty to.
I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of this woman literally getting away with murder!
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