Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Who Killed DNC Staffer Seth Rich? Does the Truth Even Matter?

I heard this today and thought Wow. He gave an awesome breakdown on this. Despite what anybody thinks of Glenn I hope you listen to this. If this is true its sad to see how far this Country has been degraded.

In a recent interview, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange made a claim that caught everyone’s attention, including Glenn’s. “That is quite a charge to make in the United States of America. But that is exactly the charge that Julian Assange has made from WikiLeaks,” Glenn said Wednesday on his radio program. RELATED: WATCH: Assange Implies Murdered DNC Staffer May Have Been Wikileaks Source He wondered aloud if the United States might have crossed the line, and Assange’s claim that it wasn’t an attempted robbery that killed DNC staffer Seth Rich, but something much more sinister. “We are now a country that everybody in politics, everybody with power knows, the truth doesn’t matter anymore. You can get away with absolutely anything, and no one cares,” Glenn said. When the heads of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State can perjure themselves in front of Congress and no one cares or does anything about it, it sends a clear message. When secrets are leaked and private servers are kept, when we leave people behind to die in Libya and lie about it, it sends a clear message. “You’re teaching people that nobody cares. The truth doesn’t matter. You can get away with anything. Well, when you think you can get away with anything, you start to open up your options of those anythings that you can do. This is what happens in a country run by oligarchs. This is what happens when somebody has enough power and enough money — if somebody gets into their way, you kill them,” Glenn said. Assange backtracked on the accusation, but the damage was done. “He’s never actually said he was a source. So, you know, do you believe Julian Assange?” Glenn asked. Protecting confidential sources was an honored tradition among investigative journalists, protected by the First Amendment, but standards have changed. “It is different now. I am convinced, after talking to people in the government and talking through others to sources, I am absolutely convinced that people feel this way. That if I say anything, you know, it used to be, I’ll lose my job,” Glenn said. “But that’s the good part of it. Have we crossed the line where our government or our politicians or political institutions now feel comfortable enough to where they will kill you? Now, that sounds crazy. But are we not moving towards Russia?” Glenn then told a story about five whistle blowers he’d interviewed. “Do you remember the five that sat on our couch, that blew the whistle during the Bush administration? One of them had the federal government come into their shower. They were in the shower. Broke into their house, walked right into their bathroom, and pointed a gun to the guy’s head while he was in the shower,” Glenn said. And what is America doing? “We’re arguing over nonsense,” Glenn said. Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:




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