Monday, October 24, 2016

FLASHBACK: Hillary Didn't Accept The Results Of The 2000 Election

Today this douche Bag is out trashing Trump for not wanting to accept the outcome

With talk of a "rigged" system as a centerpiece of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, many have begun to ask whether or not he'll accept the election results on November 8th. While some on the left are complaining that questioning the legitimacy of a presidential election is unprecedented, it wasn't long ago that many of them were doing just that--including Hillary Clinton herself!
In October of 2002, during a heated midterm election, then-New York Senator Hillary Clinton declared that President George W. Bush had been "selected" and not "elected" in 2000.
In 2002 Newsweek reported:
At a private fund-raiser in Los Angeles for Democratic Sen. Jean Carnahan of Missouri, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told the crowd that President Bush merely had been "selected" president, not elected, Newsweek reports in the current issue.
Clinton was alluding to the results of the 2000 election in which Democrats demanded a recount of the state of Florida. Their attempts fell short with the Supreme Court and the Florida results were certified with George W. Bush as the winner over Al Gore. It appears that even two years later, Clinton refused to accept the fact that Bush had been legitimately elected.
In 2009, Clinton again implied that the 2000 election was illegitimate at a town hall in Nigeria.
Answering a question about Nigeria's election, which was fraught with irregularities and claims of dirty tricks, Clinton said, "In 2000, our presidential election came down to one state where the brother of the man running for President was the governor of the state. So we have our problems too."
Guess things are different when the shoe is on the other foot.


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