Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hillary’s bogus ‘unprecedented’ complaint about Comey

Hillary is not the first, She's just the latest..............

Hillary Clinton is saying it is unprecedented that the FBI would inject itself this close to Election Day and many of her media supporters just go along as they do with everything else she says or does.
Hillary knows full well that special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh actually indicted Casper Weinberger four days prior to Bill Clinton's election in 1992. As with almost everything Hillary does, she lies.
As for unprecedented: Never before have we had a presidential candidate who:
- As Secretary of State used a private server and broke the nation's security laws by trafficking classified documents on non-secure devices
- Unilaterally decided which E mails to dump. Does anyone actually believe that the number she destroyed was only 33,000? These E Mails were bleach bitted after a Congressional Subpoena. Does anyone believe only personal E mails were destroyed?
- As Secretary of State approved the sale of uranium reserves to the Russians and diverted money from the Haitians to her friends and family. She has taken kickbacks throughout her adult life starting with the $100,000 for cattle futures almost 40 years ago.
- When answering questions to the FBI and Judicial Watch her most favorite go-to answer was I do not recall. This has been her favorite answer throughout her adult life. She is repeatedly described as extremely intelligent. Did she actually not recall or did she lie? If she didn't lie does anyone want anyone with that poor a memory as President?
- Had a White House, State Department, Justice Department and others who also violated security laws and therefore spent their time protecting the Presidential candidate instead of working for the American people.
- Had subordinates, who like her, were willing to commit perjury to protect themselves and her.
- Had an FBI director and Attorney General who essentially admit that she violated the law but decided that she might not understand the law so wouldn't charge her. That is mind-boggling.
- Had a media that was so in the tank that they have never cared what she actually did or said. Can anyone imagine the reporting on WikiLeaks if it were her opponent’s secrets being revealed?
Now, all of a sudden this candidate who has spent her entire adult life hiding and lying demands pretends that she wants complete transparency from the FBI.
The media, Democrats and Hollywood knew who they were getting with Hillary, a law breaker, perjurer and serial liar, and they always looked the other way.  But now they are outraged that someone in Government might actually do their job because they want power, nothing else.
The news media knew most or all of this before they endorsed her. They have made a great effort to keep the public uninformed on what Hillary has said and done. They should be embarrassed that they endorsed her. Now they are essentially saying the election is rigged because the FBI might actually do its job. 






Corruption is like a Cancer in this "Regime"




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