Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dear protesting women.

If you are really about rights for women perhaps you would do better protesting:

1. Treatment of women under Sharia Law.

2. Purchasing oil from countries where women have zero rights, like Saudi Arabia and pushing for oil from North America where women make their living side by side with men.

3. Not excluding women who stated they are Pro Life feminists. After all, should their voices not be as important as yours.

4. Not walking around with vaginas on your head. Do you honestly expect to be treated like an equal when you showcase the very thing that you feel makes you oppressed.

5. Slamming Conservative women who go out and prove every single day that their vaginas do not hold them back.

6. Recognizing that personal decisions, like taking a Liberal Arts degree instead of a trade where there are jobs is the greatest cause of the wage gap, not your vaginas.

7. Use it to bring attention to the sexualization of women in the media. This is still a problem and sets unrealistic standards to young girls and to young men.

8. Stop glorifying your body parts and start celebrating women who are working day to day alongside men.

Just my thoughts


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