Thursday, January 19, 2017

The boycotters' betrayal

What does one say about these Democrats boycotting the inauguration that has not already been said?  That they are sore losers is a given.  That they are behaving in the manner of spoiled children who did not get the toy they wanted?  Also a given.  Clearly, they are un-American.  How else to describe ignoring a process that has defined our nation for 240 years: the peaceful transition of power?
It is a fair guess that none of those elected Democrats vowing to boycott Trump's inauguration has read the Constitution much.  If they had, and if they grasped the nature of its magnificence, they would not be doing what they are doing.  They are brazenly demonstrating for the entire country that they are ignorant of this nation's founding documents and the distinction with which those documents distinguish the United States from every other country on the planet.  Each and every one of them should be ashamed of himself.  But they're not.  They are proud of their ridiculous and pathetic stand against the nation whose Constitution they each took an oath to uphold.  They are all in safe seats, or they would not be doing this, which does not speak well for their constituents.  Do those voters who elected them realize the folly of this stunt?  Probably not. 
"Foolishness is more than being stupid.  It is that deadly combination of arrogance and ignorance," said Paul David Tripp.  The boycotters are all of the above: foolish, arrogant, and ignorant.  They are demeaning themselves and their country.  This is what Obama has wrought over the last eight years: disrespect for the nation even among its elected officials on the left.  After dividing people into victim groups, he made anti-Americanism fashionable among them all.
Despite the left's desperate assertions to the contrary, Trump won fair and square.  No one on the left saw his victory coming, so over-confident were they in the power of the billion dollars Hillary spent on trying to win.  And the people who voted for him could not have cared less about those Podesta emails that proved what they already knew: that Sec. Clinton was criminally liable for an enormous pay-to-play scheme that everyone in Congress knew about and had looked the other way from for years.  The emails only proved how malicious and trivial everyone within her campaign was; they never discussed what was right for the country, only what they could do to slime Bernie Sanders in order to win.  It never crossed their minds that Trump could win.  That is how out of touch they were. And now that they have lost many hundreds of Democrat seats over the Obama years, they are enraged to the point of insanity.
"Betrayal is the only truth that sticks," wrote Arthur Miller.  It is also common among people without conscience.  The boycotters think they are being so brave, but they are just being who they are: foolish, arrogant, ignorant, faithless, and anti-American. 


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