Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Manning Commutation’s Vast Hidden Evil

This past week President Barack Hussein Obama stood at the podium in the White House Press Briefing Room, speaking of his recent commutation of Private Bradley Manning’s prison sentence:
"It has been my view that given, she went to trial, that due process was carried out, that she took responsibility for her crime.”
Manning’s actions, the leaks of classified information, his prison sentence and the commutation are distractions from the real story. These provide a smokescreen for the earthshaking actual story which rests upon two simple three letter words. Two meek little pronouns: she and her.
This was the first time a United States president referred to a man as a she andher and nobody laughed. Nobody in the press room dared laugh. The gathered erudite, the urbane, the sophisticated sat silent.
Those humble little pronouns were not humble. They were bold and brazen. The president, the nation’s commander-in-chief, weaponized them; against natural law, against complementarity, against truth, and against the Gospel. Yet for the most part it slipped past the radar, and is already yesterday’s news. 
Obama's race provided cover for evil to ascend
This was not a by-the-way, incidental event of an outgoing president. This was an audacious, impudent final act, a grand finale, a climax of evil capping eight years of devolution of church, country, and religious liberty. The man elected president in order to absolve America or her original sin -- slavery -- did no such thing. Instead he poured gasoline on smoldering fires. Quite diabolically, the man’s race provided cover for evil to ascend.
  • Barack Hussein Obama, long time member of a church where charismatic Pastor Jeremiah Wright once proclaimed, “Not God bless America, God damn America,” sat in the pews week after week for many years, yet claimed he never once heard anti-Semitic and anti-American rhetoric for which Pastor Wright is infamous. He willingly misrepresented himself -- with impunity.
  • Barack Hussein Obama, who as a member of the Illinois State Senate, never failed to oppose the destruction of human life, either inside or outside the womb. AP reporter Amy S. Clark filed a story, “Obama Record May Be Gold Mine For Critics” before the Obama campaign took off in 2007. Here are some key excerpts:
“One vote that especially riled abortion opponents involved restrictions on a type of abortion where the fetus sometimes survives, occasionally for hours. The restrictions, which never became law, included requiring the presence of a second doctor to care for the fetus.
“Abortion opponents see Obama's vote on medical care for aborted fetuses as a refusal to protect the helpless. Some have even accused him of supporting infanticide.
Obama — who joined several other Democrats in voting "present" in 2001 and "no" the next year — argued the legislation was worded in a way that unconstitutionally threatened a woman's right to abortion by defining the fetus as a child.
"It would essentially bar abortions because the equal protection clause does not allow somebody to kill a child, and if this was a child then this would be an antiabortion statute," Obama said in the Senate's debate in March 2007,” (Springfield, Ill., Jan. 17, 2007), [emphasis added].
Yet they are children. The complete absence of empathy for a child born during a botched abortion is staggering.
In 2006, Amanda B. Carpenter, writing for Human Events, penned, “Obama More Pro-Choice Than NARAL.”
“Sen. Barack Obama (D.-Ill.) portrays himself as a thoughtful Democrat who carefully considers both sides of controversial issues, but his radical stance on abortion puts him further left on that issue than even NARAL Pro-Choice America.
“In 2002, as an Illinois legislator, Obama voted against the Induced Infant Liability Act, which would have protected babies that survived late-term abortions. That same year a similar federal law, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, was signed by President Bush. Only 15 members of the U.S. House opposed it, and it passed the Senate unanimously on a voice vote.
“When the federal bill was being debated, NARAL Pro-Choice America released a statement that said, “Consistent with our position last year, NARAL does not oppose passage of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act (12/26/2006). Yet Senator Obama did[emphasis added].
The man, Barack Hussein Obama, favored allowing children to die. Alone. On a cold metal tray. In a closet. Where no whimper might be heard. Yet we elected him president. His race provided cover for evil to ascend.
During the 2008 campaign, Pastor Rick Warren asked Candidate Obama: “Forty million abortions. At what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?”  
Mr. Obama: “Well, you know, I think that whether you’re looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade.”
That was the moment I, as a the father of biracial children, then living as a gay man, realized that the candidate I favored -- despite the attractive telegenics and the soaring rhetoric -- possessed a diabolical underside. He was obfuscating, to avoid a true answer that would appall most Americans. It wasn’t that the question was above his pay grade; the question was inconsequential to him because issues of human life and human dignity weren’t part of his chosen job description. Nearly nine years of continued observation have only strengthened that conclusion.
  • The lies never stopped rolling off his tongue. Obama, we had been told, had “never favored same-sex marriage.” Yet, as reported in the Washington Post, David Axelrod told us in Believer: My Forty Years in Politics:
When President Obama said during the 2008 campaign that he did not support marriage for same-sex couples, he only did so because it was politically expedient.
Obama publicly opposed same-sex marriage for years after that, in fact, until aninterview with ABC News in 2012, which also just so happened to be the first year the support for gay marriage crested opposition, data from Pew shows, and the year Obama was campaigning for reelection.
  • This is the first president whose administration sought not to advance religious liberty, but to squash it, turning even the Little Sisters of the Poorinto enemies of the state.
  • And finally, according to a recent Pew Report, faith and religion plummeted among Americans during this presidency. Summed up at Brietbart:
In a new study of President Obama’s legacy, the Pew Research Center found that religious affiliation and practice dropped off dramatically during his two terms in the White House.
When Barack Obama took office, those who identified as atheists or agnostics along with those who said their religion was “nothing in particular” totaled only 16 percent of the U.S. adult population. On leaving office eight years later, the non-religious in America now make up nearly a quarter of the population.
Eight Years Sending Us A Few Millennia Backwards
This is the president who will go down in history as having presided over the great unraveling of respect for human life and human dignity; over the devolution of marriage; over the eradication of gender; over the end of men and women as the sole comprisers of the human race; over children as a gift from God transforming them into nothing more than commodities, into chattel, into disposable objects of adult entertainment and satisfaction, nothing more. Nothing more.
This is the first presidency that rather than advancing our culture, attaining greater heights of human relations and understanding, has set us back. While it was never his job to advance Christianity or any religion in any way, he has had an uncanny knack for dragging us backward to pre-Christian, pre-Judaic times, when human dignity and human life were mostly unformed, unconsidered concepts. As it turns out, while seemingly agnostic to religion -- any religion -- he is thoroughly pro-pagan and he leaves our nation in a tailspin, falling, plummeting into the darkness of a new, but ancient, paganism.


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