Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Breaking: Berkeley Mayor Told Local Police to Stand Down So Conservatives Could Get Pummeled During Riots

I bet this Mayor didn't go out in the middle of this violence and I bet the Liberal Pussy had armed protection if he did

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Jesse Arreguin  With Socialst Bernie Sanders

This is horrific.
Berkeley officials called off police officers so Antifa terrorists could unleash their wrath on conservatives this year.

Even women were beaten with poles during the rioting by leftists.
Dozens of conservatives were beaten with poles, pepper-sprayed, cold-cocked, pummeled by leftist terrorists this year in Berkeley, California.
The far left mayor — who supports the Antifa terrorists — told local police to stand down against violence that was not immediately life threatening.
Dozens of men, women and children were injured by far left thugs.

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