Tuesday, May 2, 2017

DNC Open Borders Chairman Tom Perez: “No Human Being Is Illegal” (VIDEO)

This Dip Shit doesn't believe in current laws or even Borders. Sounds like he is part of the Soro's One World no borders society. Mexico will remove you real quick if you go there for other reasons other than visit. Why don't we? The Dems look like they really are staying far left with these two DNC leaders and Obama's  new recruiting coming up. hopefully the Country sees how crazy these Bastards are now.

Democrat Chairman Tom Perez spoke to an immigrant and workers rally in Washington DC on Monday across from the White House.

Chairman Perez cheered illegal immigrants during his rant which switched from English to Spanish.
“Our most important power is not the mister in the White House, I can’t even mention his name, the power is with all of you… No human being is illegal, we must treat everyone with dignity.”

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