Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tapper Calls Out Schumer for Blaming Obamacare Woes on Trump

This shows how this Dirtbag will still flat out LIE to suck up to his "Base". Obamacare was failing way before the Election

CNN host Jake Tapper called out Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) on Tuesday for blaming problems with Obamacare on President Donald Trump.
Tapper and Schumer were discussing health care reform when the senator said that Democrats will not work with Trump and Republicans on overhauling health care as long as they want to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Tapper asked Schumer if he recognized some of the major problems with Obamacare.
"But you recognize that insurance companies are pulling out of Obamacare exchanges, that premiums have gone up, that despite President Obama's promises a lot of people who liked their doctors didn't get to keep their doctors, they liked their plans, they didn't get to the keep their plans?" Tapper asked.
"Look, the reason that the exchanges are having trouble is because of what the Trump administration and the Republicans are doing," Schumer said. "If they were today to say we're not repealing, that's caused a lot of consternation, insurers like, they like certainty. They don't plan for a year, they plan for several years."
Tapper called out Schumer for blaming Trump.
"The insurance companies were pulling out long before Trump," Tapper said.
Schumer responded that the health care market was stabilizing before Trump pushed for Obamacare repeal, although Republicans have been pushing for repeal since the law was passed in 2010.
Democrats have recently been blaming Trump for problems with Obamacare, despite insurers pulling out of the law's exchanges long before Trump became president.


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