Thursday, May 11, 2017

Time for Trump to appoint a special prosecutor

The Justice Department should appoint a special prosecutor.  The prosecutor should investigate fully the following: 
1. Hillary approving the sale of twenty percent of our uranium to a Russian company by a Canadian company, followed by contributions to the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation, aka the William Jefferson Corleone Foundation, and the Russians paying Bill Clinton $500,000 for a speech in Moscow.
2. Hillary's use of a private unsecured email system in violation of various federal laws and regulations.  Unlike in recently fired FBI director James Comey's investigation, this prosecutor will empanel a grand jury to subpoena documents and witnesses under oath.
3. The meeting between Attorney General Lynch and Bill Clinton days before Comey interviewed Hillary, not under oath, and days before  Comey announced he did not recommend indictment of Hillary.  The prosecutor should investigate why Comey believed that Lynch was compromised to the extent that Comey took it upon himself to publicly announce the results of his investigation and to recommend no charges.  The procedure is for the FBI to turn over its investigation results to the Justice Department for review and decision as to whether to indict.  Why did Comey usurp the power of the attorney general?
4. Comey's use of the "dossier" by the ex-British spy who compiled a gossipy, unverified attack on Trump.  This was given to the FBI by Senator John McCain, who says he got it from a former British ambassador.  Why was it given to McCain, a critic of Trump?  Why wasn't it given directly to the FBI?

James Clapper, the former director of National Intelligence, testified that his office could not corroborate the sourcing of the dossier.
5. The basis for the FISA warrants and results, specifically Susan Rice's role in reviewing the warrants and results and unmasking the names.
Susan Rice has refused to testify before the Senate on this.
This is the same Susan Rice who appeared on all the Sunday morning news shows to tell us the Benghazi attack was provoked by a video and was not an Islamist terrorist attack.  She lied.
The Opposition Party, consisting of the mainstream media and the Democratic Party, has criticized and attacked Director Comey since he notified Congress on October 28, 2016 that the was re-opening the investigation of Hillary's email use to review emails found on the computer of Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger.  Now the Opposition Party suddenly likes Comey because Trump fired him and it can use the firing to attack Trump.
Comey was fired upon the advice of Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who was confirmed on April 25, 2017.  Simply stated, Comey usurped the power of the attorney general by publicly announcing there would be no indictment of Hillary, then proceeded to list all the facts that warranted prosecution.  Comey still insists he was correct despite near universal disagreement with how he proceeded.
The Opposition Party knows that Comey was fired for valid reasons.  It knows that the election was not affected by the Russians.  Even if the Russians obtained the emails that document Hillary's lies and corruption, Hillary has not disputed the veracity of the emails.  Further, the DNC refused to allow the FBI to inspect its computers that were allegedly hacked.
But now, the Opposition Party is using Comey's discharge to further attack Trump and keep alive the "Russia" story.  As usual, the Opposition Party is interested only in hardball politics.


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