Monday, May 15, 2017

VIDEO=> Watch Democrats Parrot Same Talking Point on Russia Conspiracy

No proof of any Collusion but yet these Idiots are still carrying on the narrative. You have Schumer and Dicky Durbin wanting a special prosecutor to look into this?   For what?  A prosecutor works on a crime. No crime  here  or ever happened. 

Watch Democrats Parrot Same Talking Point on Russia Conspiracy–

They really want to “get to the bottom of this” non-scandal.

Democrat after Democrat went out in interview after interview to ape this line on the talk shows over the weekend.
They’re digging hard to reach the bottom — but they’re not there quite yet.
Via FOX and Friends:



Remeber, these Inbred bottom Feederswanted Comey gone until Trump let him go, then they cry like the little baby bitches they are


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