Sunday, July 16, 2017

CNN Pundit: Impeach President Trump, Hold Special Election And Run Hillary Clinton

Here we have another Absolute DipShit that is Clueless and of course on CNN!

CNN’s Sally Kohn has completely lost her marbles over conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump and Russia.
Now, the liberal pundit is suggesting to impeach Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Then, hold a special election, run Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton, and elect Hillary Clinton as president.
What a disaster!
Take a look at her original tweet from today:
The media and Sally Kohn are going off the rails with wild conspiracies, claiming there needs to be investigations into Trump and Putin’s connections, despite no evidence suggesting they have any connections.
Here are some responses to her tweet:

Weeks ago, it was Trump’s immigration orders that had the media in hysterics.
Now it’s Russian conspiracies!
Liberals will never stop their attacks. They have a fantasy of Hillary somehow still winning. 

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