Saturday, July 1, 2017

John Podesta Flipped Out On Fox And TRANSFORMED Into What He Really Is

Former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta got very angry at Fox Business Host Maria Bartiromo when she asked him about his own ties to Russia. You got to watch this interview. It’s incredible. Then see the surprise that we have below supplied by Liberty Writers.

Bartiromo asked why the media doesn’t pay attention to Democrat ties to Russia. It’s a fair question. There are many instances of Hillary Clinton specifically making deals with Russia.
“[Y]ou’re picking through my emails that were stolen by the Russians and released by Wikileaks, and creating a story that is not true,” Podesta said.


Here is the Podesta-surprise. Podesta sat on the board of Joule, which is an American company that got investments from Russians. According to Breitbart, the company received $35 million from a Putin government fund. This happened when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State under Obama.
“Maybe you’re looking at widely reported information from Infowars,” Podesta sneered at the end of that interview.
“Well look, you’re talking to the wrong guy,” Podesta continued, turning the conversation back to President Donald Trump. “You should be talking to his people about whether they colluded.”

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